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The Magus Era - Chapter 240


Chapter 240 - Kill Meng Ao

’’Kill, kill, kill!! Kill them!’’

Over a thousand muscular men whose bodies were covered completely in black hair, were yelling loudly while waving roughly crafted stone axes and spears, rushing towards Man Man. When they were still over ten miles away from her, seven to eight Senior Magi amongst these completely naked strong men, threw their weapons out with all of their strength.

Those heavy stone axes and spears swiftly flew across the air along with muffled swooshing sounds towards Man Man.

Man Man popped up her watery eyes and silently raised one of her hammers, swinging towards those weapons. Followed by a few thunderous bangs, three to four stone axes and over ten stone spear was shattered into pieces, while Man Man's tiny body slightly shook as well, stirringly taking a few steps back.

Huge drops of cold sweat gushed out of Man Man's forehead. Her body was slightly quivering and suddenly a stream of blood flowed down from the corner of her mouth, within which, a black thing that seemed to be alive was twisting and wriggling.

Man Man's other hammer had gone missing, and her left hand was wrapped around by a faint layer of smoke. A stream of green light was revolving around her left shoulder, firmly blocking the black smoke and preventing it to reach Man Man's heart. Her left arm was hanging softly on her shoulder, it could only slightly swing along with her movements, but was completely without strength to move even for a slightest bit.

On her left wrist were three visible pinholes. Wisps of black smoke continuously gushed out of those holes along with shrill noises. Every time those black smoke would rise into the air, one or two fierce ghost faces would appear within the smoke, then dissipate silently in the wind.

’’Kill them all!!!’’ Those muscular hairy men shouted out once again, ’’Food! Animals! Weapons! Armours! And white, soft women!! Kill them, we will have everything!’’

Ho! Ho! Whooho!

Over a thousand hairy men growled simultaneously, crazily rushing towards Man Man and the others. Another tens of stone weapons swooshed over, this time, Yu Mu let out a great shout, waved his pair of huge fists while swinging his layers of fat and stepping forward.

His fists seemed as heavy as small mountains, bumping hard against those heavy stone weapons. Those weapons were instantly sent flying away, however, clear bone cracking sound came out from Yu Mu's fists;his fists were suddenly broken, after which they quickly were nourished by Senior Magus's life-force and recovered.

’’Man Man! Hop onto my back! I'll carry you, let's go!’’ Yu Mu rubbed his own hands and said in a deep voice, ’’But first you have to throw your hammer away, I can't possibly carry this hammer of yours.’’

’’No!’’ Man Man yelled while gritting her teeth, ’’They lied to Man Man! How could they?! Man Man was nicely trying to help them, but they grabbed Man Man's little purse away and poked Man Man four to three times with some damn poisonous needle! I have to smash them! Amma said, if anyone lies to Man Man, smash them!!’’

Letting out a great shout, large streams of raging flame rose from Man Man's body, however, within a blink of an eye, those flame dissipated completely in the air, only wisps of faint smoke remained.

Shaosi pressed her hand on Man Man's shoulder and said gently yet with a bland face, ’’Man Man, listen to us. At this moment, we can't fight head on against them.’’

Man Man gnashed her teeth and closed her cherry-like lips tightly, then dropped her hammer. Yu Mu grabbed her shoulder and threw her onto his own chubby soft back, then quickly locked his fingers together and changed a few hand motions. Wisps of green smoke spread over, in the meanwhile, dark clouds gathered towards them.

A heavy green rain abruptly poured down from the sky. However, when those rain drops were still hundreds of zhang away from the ground, a fist-sized white pearl swished over from the sideway and circled in the air, instantly, all the poison contained in the rain had disappeared, causing only clear and cold rainwater to drop on the ground.

Yu Mu let out an angry shout, turned around, carried Man Man and rushed out.

Shaosi glanced at that white pearl gloomily, grabbed Taisi and followed right behind Yu Mu.

Feng Xing was standing quite far away from them. He pulled his longbow open, quickly let out large amounts of arrows that swished towards those hairy muscular man like a rain, every arrow would pierce right through one muscular man's forehead, and those men who had been continuously rushing over, fell on the ground one after another. Even their souls had instantly been shattered by Feng Xing.

However, none of those hairy men were frightened by the death of their fellows. They continued shouting and yelling while rushing madly over. Feng Xing ran out entire three quivers of arrows, still failed to stop them from crazily chasing after Man Man, Yu Mu, and Shaosi.

He growled angrily, slowly pulled his longbow open again. A cyan gust of wind-arrow condensed on the string, and followed by a thunderous boom, the wind-arrow suddenly darted out, transforming into a dragon-shaped gust of fierce wind, roaring towards those crazy and muscular men.

However, that white pearl descended from the air again, hovered around and stopped right in front of the gust of fierce wind. The pearl and the wind bumped against each other, the wind-dragon instantly exploded into tens of spinning whirlwinds, spreading out towards all directions.

Over a hundred barbarian-like men were rolled into two whirlwinds, their body were stirred into pieces and large clouds of blood rose in the whirlwinds. The white pearl flew across the blood mist, but didn't get even slightly stained by the blood.

Feng Xing let out another angry curse, turned around three to five miles away from Shaosi and Yu Mu, fleeing towards a piece of jungle, hundreds of miles away from him. However, the landscape of that piece of jungle was even more complex and dangerous and could provide hiding spots for more enemies.

From over a hundred miles away, another group of muscular men, whose clothes couldn't even cover their entire bodies, rushed towards them. From another few different directions, more weirdly-shaped, human-like creatures were quickly moving over. It seemed that these enemies were planning on encircling them.

These weird, hairy muscular men, who didn't even have enough clothes to cover the vital parts of their bodies, were all vagabonds living in the Midland, with complicated backgrounds. They didn't like farming, nor were they willing to be herding. Instead, they were more used to violently robbing others in order to gain their living resources. Just like carrion dogs, moving around the entire Midland without a resident area, and harming anyone who were living in their vicinity.

Because these people were used to robbing, they were quite powerful and had high battle efficiency, therefore, sometimes some clans or organization would pay them a very low price for doing some evil things for them. Normally, some food, armours, or poor women who were kidnaped from their homes, could make these violent and animal-like men risk the lives of their all the warriors in their clan.

On a fiery cloud, floating in the air afar, Prince Xu and Ku Xuan were sitting side by side, on an entirely red chariot, with satisfied smiles on their faces.

Ku Quan was holding a jade bowl in his hand that contained clear water. A lotus petal floated on the surface of the water, and the petal tip was pointing at Ji Hao's teammates all the time. He laughed and said, ’’Dear Prince, you should worry no more, with my secret magic, they will never be able to escape.’’

Prince Xu laughed out aloud for a few times, took a glance at Meng Ao and the two young men, who were standing on the fiery cloud, nervously and cautiously making a grin to him, slightly waved his hand and said, ’’We have to prove them guilty. These few kids were evil and horrible, for three fake confessions, they have tortured you, and even accidentally killed you by doing that.’’

Meng Ao and the two young men suddenly popped up their eyes and leapt up from the fiery cloud. However, before they could yell out, a few fully armoured warriors stood behind them had punctured their chests with heavy swords, from their backs.

’’Dirt to dirt, ashes to ashes, you should just go in one piece. Sooner or later, those kids will all go down there, to accompany you,’’ said Ku Quan gently with a faint smile on his face. He then slightly waved his hand and continued, ’’Well, human lives are filled with bitterness, you're now luckily free from such bitterness.


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