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The Magus Era - Chapter 24



A group of warriors were walking out of Ji Hao's home and complaining loudly.

’’He had to borrow power from an 'inhirited magus treasure' to beat our brother Xia... I can't believe he's our leader now...’’

’’'inhirited magus treasure' ...Hmm, If many of our elders hadn't...sacrificed for protected our homeland and lost those ancient 'inhirited magus treasures' of our own...How could that bastard win?’’

’’Look at his delicate face... He doesn't even look like a man...such a coward.’’

’’That man doesn't have a good reputation...You should hear how other clans talked about...what he did...’’

All these people were Holy Land warriors. They were also close friends of Ji Xia, they always treated each other like brothers. They would rather die than follow Ji Shu. But they couldn't do anything to change the fact that Ji Shu beat Ji Xia at the ceremony and became their leader.

A lot of people came for Ji Xia and Qing Fu, who were still in the coma. Everyone went raging when they saw what Ji Shu did to Ji Xia and Qing Fu. For decades, Ji Xia took the lead and fought the enemies, conquered many lands. All of Fire Crow people admired him deeply for his contribution to the clan.

As for Qing Fu, she had an amazing medical skill. She cured countless ill and injured people. In the Fire Crow Clan, She was even more famous than Ji Xia.

These people clearly aware of that Ji Shu harmed Qing Fu and Ji Xia intentionally. They have made their mind, they will never follow Ji Shu's lead.

After the last guest left, JI Hao sat down beside Qing Fu. He put his hands on her temple and triggered the 'Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell'.

Wisps of Shamisen fire were pulled out of Qing Fu's temple and absorbed by Ji Hao's palms. Ji Hao felt a burning in his Dan Tian, he soon began sweating. Luckily, the Shamisen fire were swallowed by the multicoloured flame in his Dantian before it could do any harm to Ji Hao's body.

The faint multicoloured flame suddenly grew bigger. Ji Hao surprisingly felt that his strength was quickly improving.

’’It's the dragon blood.’’ Ji Hao heard the mysterious man's voice came from his spiritual space. ’’The dragon blood gave you a perfect human body, which means your physical strength won't get limited by your body. Hmm... You should eat more, you know? You can even be as strengthful as a Senior Magus at this stage, only if you eat enough.’’

Ji Hao showed no interest in the man's advice. How much he'd eat in order to become as strengthful as a Senior Magus?

Soon, Ji Hao pulled out all of the fire force from Qing Fu's body;he then did the same to Ji Xia.

After jI Hao dealt with the fire force inside their bodies, he stood up, locked his hands together and triggered the power of one secret word, 'Zhe'.

Once Ji Hao triggered 'Zhe', Ji Xia and Qing Fu started slightly shivering their bodies. JI Hao took control of their bodies with the power of 'Zhe', released their internal power and life force which were naturally contained in their bodies.

Then he changed his hand gesture. The air surrounding their bodies started to glow, slowly formed into a faint light-river, flew into Ji Xia and Qing Fu's bodies.

'Zhe' is the most mysterious secret word among the 'Nice Secret Words', which containing the most strong life force in the world. Ji Hao controlling the power of 'Zhe', carefully sending life force into Ji Xia and Qing Fu's bodies, continuously healing them.

Ji Hao then triggered his spiritual power and observed inside their bodies. He found out that even their damaged 'magus caves' were slowly healing by the power of 'Zhe'. Ji Hao might even cure these dead 'magus caves'.

Ji Xia and Qing Fu's bodies were wrapped by the warm faint light. Their facial expression gradually changed from suffering to pleasingness.

Ji Hao looked at his parents and let out a sigh with a relief.

Then he heard a knocking sound came from the window. He turned around his head, saw a two feet tall crow was standing on the windowsill, knocking the window with its beak.

Ji Hao walked up to the window, petted its head and fed it with a piece of dry meat. He then gently asked the crow: ’’Do granddaddies want to see me?’’

The crow nodded and cawed, flapped its wings and flew away. Ji Hao glanced at his parents, who were quietly laying on the bed, then leaped out of the window, followed the crow to the mulberry woods down in the valley.

In the wooden dome, where Ji Hao fought Ji Wu for the first time;Ji Kui, Ji Tu and tens of other elder Magusreists were sitting around a bonfire. Ji Kui saw Ji Hao came, tapped the ground next to himself and said with a warm smile on his fave: ’’Come, sit here. Hao.’’

Ji Hao sat down next to Ji Kui, looked around and found that these Magusreists are all wearing serious faces. Ji Hao said respectfully: ’’Dear granddaddies, Is there anything that you want to say to me?’’

Ji Kui dropped his eyelids and said: ’’You know...Ji Shu is one of your father's cousins...Specifically, we have a hundred and twenty-seven different Fire Crow Clan branch-bloodlines in total, except your dad, Ji Shu and his people had the purest bloodline among the others.’’

Ji Kui let out a heavy sigh and continued: ’’However, they're too close to the Bi Fang clan...Some of their...some of the things they did...we couldn't agree. We thought they would do no good to our clan. That's why they've never got the chance to compete for the highest power.’’

’’Granddaddy, but this time...Abba...’’ Ji Hao gave a bitter smile and said.

Ji Kui put his scrawny hand in Ji Hao's shoulder, paused for a second, then said seriously: ’’It's already happened, let use see what they really want. But, the most important thing at the moment, is...Hao, we all fell that you're going to make a great achievement in the future, you're talented and kind...So we won't let anything happen to you. We must ensure that.’’

’’But Ji Wu's death...was partly because of me. Ji Shu, Jiang Yao, and their people, they won't let it go this easy.’’ Ji Hao said frankly.

Ji Kui gave a mysterious smile, then said: ’’We knew that...So, we've got the permission from our ancestors at the ceremony...Hao, though you're not a Senior Magus yet, our ancestors said that you can now make an agreement with a Fire Crow. The crow will become your fighting beast, you will fight side by side, always protect and support each other.’’

Ji Hao popped up his eyes and stared at Ji Kui, he couldn't believe what he just heard. Fire Corws, a mysterious and powerful creature of the Gold Black Mountain. Even Ji Xia was not qualified enough to make an agreement with a Fire Crow, now he has been told that he can have one.

’’Grand...granddaddy, did our ancestors know about this...’’

’’Er...we're the Mugusreists, we do what our ancestors said...’’ Other Magusreists gave the same mysterious smiles and said. ’’Exactly, ancestors' wills are always delivered by us...So...Hao, we said that you can make an agreement with a Fire Crow, it's because our ancestors' said so...’’

Ji Hao was fully aware of what these granddaddies did for him. He nodded and stayed silent.

The heavy wood door then opened. A gigantic fire crow - the one always flying around in the jungle with Ji Hao, slowly walked in.

The crow saw Ji Hao and cawed pleasantly. A blood drop raised from its mouth, transformed into an odd spell symbol in the air and quickly flew into the skin between Ji Hao's eyebrows.

Ji Hao suddenly sensed Mr Crow's power, which made his blood boil. He slightly shook his body, a gold fiery light darted out from his back, quickly blazed up into a flame.


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