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The Magus Era - Chapter 238


Chapter 238 - Gui Ling

Showering under rays of the sun and being blown by a breeze, bright-red flowers were flying over together with the wind from an unknown blooming tree.

After many, many years, Ji Hao would still remember this scene.

This was a turning point for Ji Hao. From this point on, he officially started his life in Pu Ban City, within this magical yet primitive Midland world. In other words, he had been pushed or half willingly entered into a huge, tremendous, and gigantic swirl that was crazy enough to turn the sky over.

The one who had just uttered those words was a girl, wearing a long white dress and a black, sleeveless leather coat upon it. Although she seemed to be only a young girl, she was pretty tall, even much taller than Ying Yunpeng, who was sitting beside Ji Hao. Her hair was hanging loosely on her back, a golden hair clasp wrapped around her forehead, and a black and brightly shining pearl was inlaid in the middle of the hair clasp.

This girl was quite beautiful, yet she had a pair of straight, sharp and dense eyebrows, which seemed like two heavy and sharp machetes, hacking towards her own temples. Her two phoenix-like eyes were naturally majestically. Every time she turned her eyes towards certain angles, it felt as if roaring tsunamis were swooshing over. A simple eye-contact with her was capable of making you feel as if a great pressure had been laid onto your chest, causing you to become breathless.

Ji Hao and Ying Yunpeng looked simultaneously at that girl, followed by her voice.

After that, the two of them, both seemed to have been punched hard by an invisible fist, suddenly leaning backwards. At the same time, they lost their eyesights and countless stars were flying in front of their eyes, sparkling in the pure darkness.

The eyes of Ying Yunpeng popped out in shock. If it hadn't been for the warning of Xie Zhi just now, he would have screamed out even with the great amount of power he had. What the heck had just happened? As a respectful chief elder that had been sent to Pu Ban City by the great Ten Sun Country, and a great powerful Magus King, he had been unable to maintain eye-contact with a woman?!

As for Ji Hao, he was staring at this girl, even more astonished than Ying Yunpeng.

He quickly swept his eyes across her long dress, leather coat, the black silk belt wrapped around her waist, and the soft-bottom shoes she was wearing.

Especially the black jade Ru Yi [1] held in her left hand, which was a feet long, leaning against her shoulder, and in her right hand she was holding a long horsetail whisk that had a lotus carved in the handle and was made from the beard of a Flood Dragon. This dress style was quite special and weird in this primitive era.

Besides, she was releasing a magical sense of power, which was not violent and fierce at all. Instead, her power felt gentle yet great, natural and pure, as if her power could completely merge with the nature. In other word, her power was the same as the power of the natural law and could simply be called the power of Dao.

Ji Hao stood up, looked seriously at this girl, politely made a bow with hands folded in front, and said in a deep voice, ’’My dear friend, I, Ji Hao, am lucky to meet you here.’’

The girl, who had been maintaining a straight face all this time, started smiling instantly. Her smile felt like snow had melted and countless flowers started to bloom on the soil that had been frozen for thousands of years. A feeling of warmth and friendliness immediately blew across the face of Ji Hao, after which she said, ’’I know you are a friend. You know our big brother, you have an object that has been made by him on you.’’

’’Brother Po,’’ said Ji Hao, grinning as well while looking at the girl.

’’Ah, brother Po.’’ The girl glanced at Ji Hao with a slightly weird expression, then raised her head and looked at the sky. It seemed as if she was at loss regarding what to say for a moment, but not long after, she slowly let out a long breath and continued with a faint trace of bitter smile on her smile, ’’I was right, you're one of us. Do you know where he is now?’’

’’The Southern Wasteland, he was going to travel across the Zhu Rong Country. I assume he is still in the deepest area of the Southern Wasteland, but I don't know his exact location.’’ Ji Hao kept his honest grin and asked, ’’Can I ask your name?’’

’’No need to mention the humble name, you can just call me Gui Ling,’’ said the girl while looking at Ji Hao with a honest face. ’’I was a Black Turtle living in the Eastern Ocean, luckily I met my dear tutor, who helped me cultivate myself to gain a human body.’’

Ying Yunpeng abruptly sneered aside and said, ’’Well, you're nothing but a spirit animal, in the Pu Ban City, your kind can only pull the vehicles or clean the toilets, after all, you're all of a lowly kind.’’

Ying Yunpeng had seen Ji Hao and Gui Ling chatting quite pleasurably. It seemed the two of them were old friends;apart from that, this Gui Ling was mysterious and powerful to such degree that even Ying Yunpeng couldn't tell exactly how powerful she was. Therefore, he decided to insult Gui Ling with his speech. After all, the friends of enemies were all enemies as well, Ying Yunpeng clearly understood that.

’’Ignorant kid! You asked for this,’’ Gui Ling growled harshly yet deeply, while flicking her left hand swiftly and sending out the black jade Ru Yi directly towards Ying Yunpeng's head.

Ji Hao instantly yelled out in shock, ’’No! Here is...’’

Ying Yunpeng looked teasingly at Gui Ling, this here was the jail set by the Emperor himself, and was being supported by the great power of the natural law. In this jail, not a single prisoner could escape, and not a single outsider could attack the prisoners, unless they were holding some legendary magical weapons, which were beyond the power of nature law, otherwise, no one could even touch a prisoner in this jail.

Along with a beam of black and cold light, the black jade Ru Yi easily flew into Ying Yunpeng's hut, heavily bumping against his face.

Followed by a loud bang, the black jade Ru Yi smashed a big half of Ying Yunpeng's face, hollowing it as if an egg had been hit by a gigantic stone. Even the teeth of Ying Yunpeng had all been broken and sent flying out along with a stream of blood gushing out of his mouth.

’’Your mouth is filled with dirty languages, so I had to clean it for you.’’ Gui Lin looked at Ying Yunpeng in disgust and said harshly, ’’If you ever dare to say something like that, I will directly kill you, as easy as I would kill a chicken. Please, be responsible for your own life.’’

Ji Hao was so happily watching all this from the side. His eyes had even narrowed into a pair of slim lines on his face, because of his big grin.

So violent, so imposing, this acting style, Ji Hao couldn't love it more.

Haha, aha, ha, this girl called herself Gui Ling, and her big brother called himself Po, and Po had said, the name of their tutor was Taoist priest Yu Yu. While laughing, Ji Hao's face suddenly twisted into a mess, and became completely frozen.

Po? Gui Ling? Taoist priest Yu Yu?!

No, no, no, no way, this couldn't possibly be happening. Could it be true? Are these people truly who Ji Hao thought they were?

Gui Ling took the black jade Ru Yu back, without taking another glance at Ying Yunpeng. Probably just as she had said, killing a Magus King was even easier than killing a dog. People like Ying Yunpeng were equal to ants in front of her. She could simply wave her hand and turn him into a puff of smoke,

The seriousness dissipated on her face, Gui Ling then smiled again. She looked at Ji Hao and said, ’’Why have you been kept in here? What have you done? Or, I can just help you out of that hut. Eh, this so-called King of the humankind sometimes are so sloppy. They never are quick and clean when dealing with all kinds of issues.’’

Ji Hao was shocked by her words again, then slowly shook his head with a bitter smile. He thought, if this Gui Ling was the same one he thought she was, it couldn't be more reasonable for her to ceaselessly complain about Emperor Shun like this. At least, judging from age, she was much much older than Emperor Shun.

When Ji Hao was about to say something, he sensed a series of intense vibrations coming from his sleeve. He hurriedly took out a jade talisman and inject a trace of power into it, immediately, Man Man's voice came out from it.

’’Ji Hao! How have you been in Pu Ban city?! Have you found that old guy Count Chong?! We, we're in a trouble! The Lie Mountain Family has sent groups of assassins hunting us!! Ah! Damn, we have to run, no time to talk!!’’

Not long after that, Man Man's yelling came out again, ’’Why on earth can they always find us?! We have been running so hard!! And, why isn't my Abba replying my messages?! Ahhhh!!!’’

Ji Hao's cold sweat instantly started pouring down from his forehead. He abruptly raised his head, looked at Gui Ling and said, ’’Sister Gui Ling, can you do me a favour?’’

Gui Ling paused for a second, then hurriedly nodded and said, ’’Your friends are in troubles, your friends are all my, Gui Ling's friends! I will certainly help them. Hand me that jade talisman, then you don't need to worry anymore.’’

Ji Hao threw that talisman to Gui Ling, she let out a long and deep growl, along with the few younger boys and girls standing behind her, transformed into a beam of cyan light and instantly darted into the air, disappearing within a moment.

[1] Ru Yi: Ruyi (Chinese: 如意;literally: ’’as desired;as [you] wish’’) is a curved decorative object that serves as a ceremonial sceptre in Chinese Buddhism or a talisman symbolizing power and good fortune in Chinese folklore. A traditional ruyi has a long S-shaped handle and a head fashioned like a fist, cloud, or lingzhi mushroom. Ruyi are constructed from diverse materials. For example, the Palace Museum in Beijing has nearly 3000 ruyi that are variously made from valuable materials like gold, silver, iron, bamboo, wood, ivory, coral, rhinoceros horn, lacquer, crystal, jade, and precious gems. The ’’ruyi’’ image frequently appears as a motif in Asian art.


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