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The Magus Era - Chapter 235


Chapter 235 - Jail

Controlled by Hao Tao, Ji hao had completely lost the power of resistance;different from him, Ying Yunpeng was compliantly pushed by Hao Tao walked out of the hall.

Hao Tao gave people an extremely upright and honourable feeling, and his face was as serious and stiff as flagstones. He took Ji Hao and Ying Yunpeng walked out of the hall and onto a broad path, for over two hundred zhangs, after which, Ji Hao saw a wide and busy road.

When he came here, he was carried by Si Xi and flew at a high speed, therefore, he didn't even notice this road;now, take a close look at this broad road, Ji Hao found many people hurriedly coming and going, and heavy traffic on the road, this road was even much busier than the ten main paths of the Magi Palace.

On the road side, was over a thousand thatched huts, built in a line.

The so-called thatched huts was built only by four bamboos stuck on the ground, supporting a thin top made from straw. All thatched huts were only a zhang in a square, without any wall and completely empty, only a straw mat was thrown on floor of each hut.

In many thatched huts, some muscular and scary looking men had been either lying or sitting on those straw mats, occasionally, you would see some seemingly weak women or kids lying there. Saw Ji Hao and Ying Yunpeng took over by Hao Tao, a few muscular men, who had been releasing the senior-level sense of powers, instantly leapt high from the ground, excitedly began yelling while pointing their fingers at the two of them.

’’Oi! New prisoners! What have you done?!’’

These men yelling and shouting, asked Ji Hao and Ying Yunpeng what did they do that made them be sent to this jail.

Ying Yunpeng threw a few cold and threatening glances at these men, said blandly, ’’this old man standing in front of you, named Ying Yunpeng, I am the chief elder, accredited to this Pu Ban City, by the Ten-Sun Country.’’

Those muscular men, who had been waving their hands and yelling at Ji Hao and Ying Yunpeng were all shocked, headed down one after another, sat back on their straw mats, as if they has seen some horrible beasts, they kept their heads down and never dare to even look at Ying Yunpeng again.

Hao Tao pushed hard on Ying Yunpeng's back, sent him into an empty hut and harshly said, ’’elder, please watch your language! You are now indeed still an elder of the Ten-Sun Country, but if we find out you have done any illegal thing, such as frame others, after that, you will only be a prisoner.’’

Ying Yunpeng let out a sneer, narrowed his eyes and sat on the straw mat, remained silent.

Ji Hao curiously looked at Hao Tao, then walked into another empty hut himself. On the road, some passengers began pointing at Ji Hao and whispering to each other.

’’What a handsome boy, how could he be kept in here?’’

’’Hm, just wondering what kind of serious mistake he had made. Normally if people like us accidentally break some rules, they would at most reprimand and warn us, how could he end up here in this jail?’’

’’Such a great shame, what a pretty body, looked young as well, but yet, he sensed quite powerful, must will grow into a marvellous Magus. Why won't he learn to be nice and honest?’’

’’Well, kids always be confused, it's impossible for kids to completely keep themselves in-laws, but an elderly man like this one, how could he end up in this jail as well? Must be a big old sinner!’’

Soon, Ying Yunpeng became the topic instead of Ji Hao. Those people stopped walking, standing surrounded his hut and discussing about him;moreover, some of them even threw a few mud balls out from the crowd, towards Ying Yunpeng's body, however, before those mud balls could touch his body, Ying Yunpeng slightly waved his hand and shook those mud balls into ashes.

’’you people, don't cause yourselves disasters!’’ Ying Yunpeng didn't even opened his eyes, sat on the mat and yelled fiercely,’’ I am...’’

Hao Tao interrupted his words and yelled harshly at him, ’’Ying Yunpeng! No one in this jail is allowed to shout! You, ban!’’

While speaking, Hao Tao locked his finger together into a weird motion, then let to a slight grow, flicked his fingers then pointed at Ying Yunpeng. Instantly, a wisp of black smoke rose from Ying Yunpeng's throat, he opened his mouth, but couldn't make any more sound.

Ying Yunpeng was raged, leapt up from the mat, waves his arms but no one knew what he tried to say.

Hao Tao proudly looked at Ying Yunpeng, said a word by a word, ’’no matter how much power you have out there, once you get into there, I can execute you immediately according to the law if you don't listen to me. Please don't get yourself killed.’’

Speak of the word 'execute', a three-foot long matter automatically flew out from the sheath hung around his waist, the bright and sharp dagger edge let out three shrill sound and released a bone-piercing cold power;large amounts of plants around the hut were instantly cut into pieces by the fierce dagger power, some of them were even stirred into ashes.

Ying Yunpeng immediately lost his rage, he grinned and cupped his hands, saluted to Hao Tao for a few times, then nicely sat back on the mat.

Ji Hao looked at Ying Yunpeng's move, slightly smiled and said, ’’since we have already got into this jail, we must obey rules of this jail. Hm, lord Hao Tao, I am certainly very mannered. But, don't you afraid that prisoners would escape from this jail, I mean, you don't even have walls...’’

When he was a young man in his previous life, he was arrogant and imperious, never listened to anyone, therefore, he had to be kept in jails for countless times. Facing a jail, especially a jail as rough and simple as this one, Ji Hao didn't feel any pressure, instead, he even felt quite familiar and warm.

The only question bothering him now was that, this so-called jail, with cell made from four bamboos and a straw roof, could this even be count as a jail?’’

Heard Ji Hao's words, Hao Tao smiled, remained silent, raised his hand and slightly patted Ji Hao's head, then turned around and left.

A muscular man in the hut next to Ji Hao's nut laughed out aloud, waved his hand to Ji Hao and said, ’’kid, what have you done that sent you here? I assume that you haven't heard about how powerful this Pu Ban city's jail is, have you? Not to mention no one even dare to try to break out from here, if you intend to run away...hehe, I'm afraid that, even divine Magi couldn't possibly do that.’’

Ji Hao was slightly shocked, looking at the surrounding area of this jail.

Couldn't possibly escape from here? Not even divine Magi? Is this jail really that powerful? Ji Hao frowned, raised his hand and carefully reach a bamboo next to him, the bamboo touched smooth and bouncy, just like any ordinary bamboo, nothing special at all.

After which, Ji Hao slowly and carefully reached his hand to the air out of this hut.

When his finger was about to reach out of the hut, a sizzling sound suddenly rose from his fingertips, along with which, a lightning bolt flashed across the air in front of Ji Hao, burned his finger that even let out a puff of black smoke. After which, no matter how hard Ji Hao tried, he would felt an invisible power blocking his finger, that even if he use all of his power, he would eventually fail to reach the outer space with his hand.

’’Wow, Pu Can city's jail!’’ Ji Hao staring at Hao Tao's back, seemingly thinking of something.

After he learned the Sky-Opening from the mysterious man, Ji Hao had gained a slight little bit, shallow understanding of the great and magical natural law, within that lighting bolts, which had burned his finger just now, Ji Hao clearly sensed a trace of the natural law.

This small hut looked simple and rough, however, as long as the king of the humankind set if as the jail, it will be the most unbreakable jail in the world. Spirit of the natural law lingered around here, therefore, this jail was incomparably firm and unbreakable, not even divine Magi could escape from it.

If he truly intended to break out from here, he could only try with the power of the Sky-Opening, discover a slim chance, and try to break the durance of this jail with it;only in this way, he could probably break out from this jail.

’’Extraordinary jail.’’ sat on the straw mat, Ji Hao smilingly said to Ying Yunpeng, who had been sitting in the hut next to him, ’’what have Prince Wuyou and Prince Xu gave you, that made you willingly frame me for them? you just simply hate me?’’

Ying Yunpeng's throat was still wrapped in a gust of black smoke, he could only staring at Ji Hao in an impressively resentful expression, but couldn't say even a word.


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