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The Magus Era - Chapter 232


Chapter 232 - Presenting oneself in front of the king

The roof of the cabin was made from ordinary straw. The owner had probably changed those straws recently, because a nice herbal scent was still lingering on the roof.

The walls of this cabin was built with mud that was mixed with wheat bran. The scent of the wheat bran merged with the scent of mud caused it to smell natural and nice. Although it was not as appealing as the fragrance of flowers, it still was capable of making people feel peaceful when sitting in the cabin.

The floor was paved with flagstones, and in the middle of the room was a zhang in square fireplace, within which, a thumb-sized fiery magical crystal had been placed in the flame to maintain the flame. Large pieces of firewood was blazing, and a water-tank-sized clay pot was hanging above the flame. The spring water contained in it was boiling happily.

Si Xi grabbed a handful of tea from a jar in the corner of the room, threw it into two wooden mugs, then sat back beside the fire, pointing his finger at the clay pot. Followed by his move, two streams of boiling water flew up from the pot and poured into the two mugs. Soon, two steaming and nice smelling mugs of tea were done. Si Xi handed a mug to Ji Hao, smiled and said, ’’Kid, drink! Haha, this tea was collected by myself from the mountain, in this spring!’’

The spring water was sweet and the tea had a dense and strong aroma. Although it tasted not as flavourful as other kinds of high-grade tea, it was intense and hot enough that once Ji Hao took a sip of that tea, he felt a gust of hot air gushing directly into his stomach. Soon, his forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat.

’’Uncle,’’ Ji Hao put the mug down, saluted Si Xi politely and said.

Si Xi put his hand into the scorching hot charcoal ash in the fireplace and took out a few balls of mud from the pile of ash. He patted each mud balls for a short while, then flicked those mud balls, breaking it with his fingers and showing the well grilled, sizzling and oily white pigeons wrapped in the mud.

’’Drink the tea, and here, have some meat! Oh, and, don't call me uncle.’’

Si Xi handed Ji Hao a grilled pigeon, which was grilled so well that even the bones had become crispy, then rubbed his own clean and tender chin that didn't have even a single beard, and said to Ji Hao, ’’Don't call me uncle, call me brother Si Xi, hahaha, I'm not as old as an uncle yet!’’

Ji Hao held that grilled pigeon, becoming quite speechless, while staring at Si Xi, without knowing how to even respond to that.

He called Si Wen Ming 'Uncle Wen Ming' and this Si Xi here was Si Wen Ming's blood-related father, how could Ji Hao call him brother?

Si Xi look at Ji Hao with a grin, while completely wolfing his grilled pigeon, including the bones, only leaving the pigeon's head that didn't have too much meat on it. He threw it into the flame and let it burn. He then held the mug up, looking quite satisfied, and took a gulp of his tea, then grinned and said, ’’Ignore that Wen Ming kid, he likes to be an uncle, let him be. I am different from him, you can just call me brother.’’

He then breathed a big mouthful of hot air out, then said while smiling, ’’Well, Si Wen Ming has not been in the Magi Palace lately. There are some small troubles in Liang Zhu. He and his niece went over there, preventing the city from a real big trouble. You're Ji Hao, I know, I know about you, Wen Ming has told me. He asked me to take care of a few kids for him, you're one of them.’’

Putting the mug down, Si Xi continued seriously, ’’Well, what kind of trouble have you encountered? I know, you wouldn't have come to me if it hadn't been a huge one.’’

Si Wen Ming went out of the Magi Palace for an emergency task, but he didn't forget to ask his own father to help look after Ji Hao. Ji Hao couldn't help but silently feel touched by this.

Calming himself down, Ji Hao told Si Xi everything that had happened to his team lately, from when they had left the Magi Palace to the Rong Mountain Clan, helped them with exploring and exploiting the new territory, then the Rong Mountain Clan turning against Ji Hao and his teammates for an all-adapting magic crystal mine, after which, Prince Xu and Gong Gong Wuyou stepped into all, framing his team together. Ji Hao told Si Xi every detail.

’’Elder Wulong has been called in Pu Ban City by the King of the humankind for an important meeting. I have failed to get in contact with them these days. Uncle Wen Ming had said that if I encounter any trouble that I couldn't solve with my own power, I could come to you, Si Xi.’’

The corners of Ji Hao's mouth twitched slightly when he said 'brother', it felt so strange.

Si Xi grabbed another grilled wild pigeon, wolfed it down as well, then drank up the tea in his mug. He wiped his hand with his own cloth, then grabbed the three written confessions made by Meng Ao and his two accompanies, which Ji Hao handed him over, and carefully read all three of them.

’’Ha, what the heck? What kind of bastards are these?’’ said Si Xi, while gnashing his teeth, ’’When the Magi Palace was built in the beginning, the sole purpose of it was to preserve the knowledge that belonged to our humankind and to maintain and develop the culture of our humankind, Therefore, every generation of Kings of the humankind has spent quite an effort on supporting the Magi Palace.’’

’’What now? Look at that Magi Palace now, too many dirty things, dirty people have been hiding in it. Damn bastard like Meng Ao, who dared to even gang up with outsiders and frame our own apprentices. That kind of bastards have taken important positions of the Magi Palace, how ridiculous is that!’’ yelled Si Xi while punched hard on his own lap, ’’If we still do nothing, our humankind will perish soon.’’

Ji Hao opened his mouth, but couldn't say a word.

He didn't really feel that Meng Ao framing him had anything to do with the future of the entire human race, but if this was connected to the current atmosphere of the Magi Palace, then indeed, it seemed related to the future of the human race.

’’We can't let these bastards do whatever they want!’’ said Si Xi in a cold voice, ’’Do they think that this world is at peace? Ridiculous! If not that...Those people have forgotten about the terrifying and horrible things that happened long ago, but I haven't, and my clansmen haven't either!’’

Swooshing up from his seat, Si Xi yelled at Ji Hao, ’’Ji Hao! Follow me! Let's go meet Emperor Shun!’’

Ji Hao was nearly freaked out by Si Xi's actions and words. He instantly leapt up from his seat. He looked at Si Xi in both shock and confusion and asked, ’’What? Si Xi, meet Emperor Shun? Have you said that or have I misheard you?’’

Si Xi looked at Ji Hao as if he was looking at a weirdo. Confused, he shook his head and asked back, ’’Why? Is there anything strange about meeting Emperor Shun? He is a human, with one head and two shoulders, just like you. He doesn't have two more fingers or one more eyeball than you, why do you act so strangely?’’

Ji Hao was only as tall as Si Xi's waist, therefore, before Ji Hao could say anything, Si Xi had grabbed his shoulder and carried him up. He walked out of the cabin in big steps then instantly flew up into the air.

Ji Hao stared at Si Xi stunned. This was the first time that he was being carried into the air by a powerful Magus who was at even a higher level than Magus Kings.

Ji Hao didn't sense any movement of natural power in the air. When Si Xi was flying, all natural powers were as stable as usual, totally different from when Ji Hao gathered natural power, trod on clouds and flew. Si Xi was purely depending on the great power contained in his own body, excluding the gravity of the earth and pushing himself up into the air with a certain kind of magical power, which allowed him to fly in the sky like a free bird.

This was an instinct.

What was meant by this was, when a Magus cultivated himself till he reached Si Xi's level, flying would become an instinct, just like walking, that could automatically happen without the help of any outside power. A powerful Magus like Si Xi could freely travel across the void anytime he wanted.

Ji Hao's head was suddenly filled with all kinds of thoughts. He thought of many things within a moment. He thought of the dragon race, which was born with the ability to travel across all kinds of spaces, and the phoenix race that were born with the ability to fly as well. He began wondering when a human cultivated himself until a certain degree and was able to instinctively fly like dragons and phoenixes, whether that was an evolution or a return to the real human instinct?

Si Xi was flying at a truly great speed and was countless times faster than Mr Crow.

Within only ten minutes, Si Xi had flown to a beautiful mountain area and landed in front of a large, seemingly residential area, with featured civil architectures built in lines.

Ji Hao didn't have enough time to look around because Si Xi carried him right into a huge wooden building, which was huge enough to contain tens of thousands of people for a meeting.

After having walked in, Si Xi loudly yelled out at a middle-aged man, sitting in the middle of the hall.

’’Shun! Someone framed my little brother! What do you think we should do?’’

Hearing Si Xi's loud and unconstrained yelling, Ji Hao nearly vomited a big mouthful of blood out.


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