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The Magus Era - Chapter 230


Chapter 230 - Special Abilities

Ku Quan's fingers released a bright magical white glow, instantly breaking the weird curse on Ying Yunpeng's body, which made Prince Xu feel a bit unpleasant.

Prince Xu had been sitting in front of Ying Yunpeng for such a long while, but had failed to perceive any abnormal sign coming from his body. However, a middle-aged man wearing crappy clothes, looking as weak as a chicken, and with an odd name that didn't contain any personal information of his, such as where he had come from, had noticed and easily broken the curse that Prince Xu had not even noticed. This made the middle-aged man seem more powerful than Prince Xu, and Prince Xu was not happy about it.

Sneering, Prince Xu held a glass of wine and gulping it down. Then he stood up, held his hands behind his body, and gave Ku Quan a serious and proud look.

He ignored the sorrowfully yells of Ying Yunpeng, and said with a cold voice, ’’Elder Yunpeng, this is?’’

Ying Yunpeng gasped quickly and deeply. Several of his blood vessels were visible under his skin of his forehead. He silently chanted the spell that had a calming effect and was taught to him bu Ku Quan, after which he gradually calmed down. He then smiled and said, ’’This is a magically powerful man and a very good friend of mine, Mr. Ku Quan.’’

After pausing for a second, Ying Yunpeng then continued with a gentle voice, ’’During all these years, Mr. Ku Quan has been helping me with building this Ten Sun market. Without his help, the Ten Sun market would never grow into such a thriving market.’’

Prince Xu glanced at Ku Quan scornfully, while keeping his cold look and said, ’’Help you? Elder Yunpeng, you are supported by the Ten Sun Country and you hold the resources of all the productions of the majority of the Western Wasteland. With such amazing resources, the Ten Sun market would have grown by itself anyway, why do you need any help?’’

Shaking his head, Prince Xu continued, ’’From such a lowly person?’’

Ying Yunpeng smiled, but remained silent. Ku Quan bowed slightly to Prince Xu, and seemed very peaceful and friendly. He was not angry at all.

Before Prince Xu said anything else, Ku Quan put his hand into his sleeve, and took out a piece of stone.

He slightly blew towards that stone, removed a layer of dust covering it, then threw it up and took it back for a few times, after which, he showed the stone to Prince Xu and said, ’’This, my respectful guest, this is a piece of stone.’’

Prince Xu angrily yelled, ’’This is indeed a piece of stone, I am not blind!’’

Ku Quan grinned, slowly and gently nodded at Prince Xu, still not angry at all. He then slowly blew towards the stone once again, but this time, the air breathed out of his mouth had a faint gold colour. Countless gold powder mixed in the air blew out of his mouth and spread on that stone. Instantly, the stone held in his hand let out wisps of golden lights. Within one to two breaths, the piece of stone remained exactly the same shape, but its complexity changed in quality.

At this moment, the object held in Ku Quan's hand was a piece of pure gold. It had exactly the same shape as that piece of stone, even retaining all the natural patterns and cracks on it.

Ku Quan walked up to Prince Xu with a satisfied look. They eyes of Prince Xu had popped wide and his mouth also hung wide open. Ku Quan handed this piece of gold to him and said, ’’Now, this is a piece of gold. I, Ku Quan, guarantee with my own life that this is a piece of pure gold is without any impurities and doesn't need any purification processes.’’

’’This, this,’’ Prince Xu was totally stunned, while staring at this piece of gold, without being able to let even a sentence out.

All Senior Magi had incredibly great and destructive power, and an amazingly strong life force. Maguspriests were capable of using all kinds of weird magic, which could achieve all kinds of magical effects. Some powerful Maguspriests were even able to change the seasonal weather of an entire area, which had a radius up to a million miles. Through blood offering ceremonies, they could even move mountains and oceans with only a thought.

However, with Prince Xu's knowledge and experience, he had never heard of people capable of such things. Turning a stone into gold!

That was right, this special magic or ability should be called 'turning stone into gold'. But not a single Maguspriest he knew could do this. Besides, gold was a very important resource. It could serve as the most useful balancing metal that the processes of building all kinds of magic tools, weapons, and magic formations, even altars and large-scale weapons that were specially designed for wartime, they would all require great amounts of high-quality gold.

Therefore, gold mines were always valued by people, and had gained quite a high price through all these years. As long as you knew how to extract and purify gold and make high-quality gold with high-purity, wealth would come to you by itself.

What if...

Prince Xu's heart began drumming. If he had a few people who could do something like this, working for him, he would daily be able to turn a gigantic pile of stone into gold, into pure, pure gold. Stones were everywhere, but this kind of highest-grade gold, they were billions times more valuable than stones.

’’Mr Ku Quan,’’ said Prince Xu with a nice and friendly tone, and when he looked back at Ku Quan, his expression had turned much warmer than before.

Ku Quan smiled slightly and flicked his sleeves. Along with his move, twelve weirdly shaped, platinum thorns that were all three-foot and six-inches long, flew out from his sleeve. These thorns were extremely sharp, had cyan and cold light faintly sparkling on their points. Ku Quan pitched one of these thorns and swept slightly across the gold piece in Prince Xu's hand. The piece of gold was immediately split into two.

The cutting edge was as smooth as a mirror, without any rags. The colour and texture of the cut surface showed clearly that this piece of gold was solid and whole, instead of some camouflage.

Prince Xu stared stunned at Ku Quan, and Ku Quan turned his wrist around, piercing that thorn hard into his heart. Along with a noise that sounded like a needle poking into a fresh fruit, the thorn went into Ku Quan's body and came out from his back, however, not a single drop of blood was left on that needle.

’’This,’’ Prince Xu shook his head. He didn't feel anything special about this at all. It was nothing but piercing a sharp object into a human body. Any ordinary Senior Magus would be able to do so. Senior Magi had great and thriving life force anyway, they could even quickly grow broken limbs back anytime they wanted, and Ku Quan had only pierced a needle into his own body.

But right after he had pierced the first thorn into his chest, Ku Quan silently pierced all the remaining eleven thorns into the vital body parts. Every single thorn had complete punctured his body and came out from his back, perfectly clean without any stain of blood. Ku Quan even pierced one thorn into his head, without showing slightest bit of pain on his face.

Prince Xu was stunned again. The brain being punctured by a sharp metal weapon, even Senior Magi wouldn't be able to guarantee to survive doing so. After all, the brain was closely connected with the soul. Even a Magus King couldn't say for sure if his or her soul would remain unharmed after his or her brain had been punctured.

While grinning, Ying Yunpeng slapped his hands together, followed by which, four guards who had been standing in the hall, hurriedly walked over. They pulled out their long swords and started madly hacking towards Ku Quan.

Once again, Prince Xu was deeply shocked. Judging from the sense of power released by him, this Ku Quan was only a new Junior Magus, but facing the full strength hacks of four Senior Magi, a faint layer of white light slowly rotated around Ku Quan's body, and the four heavy metal swords brought up large amounts of fire sparks against the white light, however, not even a hair of Ku Quan was harmed by those swords.

The four Senior Magi hacked Ku Quan for an entire twenty minutes. Finally, when they were nearly out of breath, Ying Yunpeng told them to stop. After that, Ying Yunpeng told a servant to bring over a blazing ingle, which was a large metal bowl, fully containing a blazing and sticky oil.

This kind of oil had been purified by special magic, which allowed it to maintain and strengthened the flame. As for the cyan coloured flame, although it looked quite average, but in fact, this flame was brought out from the earth core, and capable of melting almost all kinds of metal in this world. Even an amazingly solid body of a Magus King would slowly melt in this kind of flame, after being burned for a certain span of time.

Ku Quan kept his calm and peaceful look on his face and stepped into the flame bowl, showing absolutely no fear. He then sat down in the flame bowl with his legs crossed, looking at Prince Xu with a smile.

Being burned by the flame for half an hour, not even a hair of Ku Quan was burned. He showed no sign of having activated any protecting magic talisman or tools, which meant that he had been enduring the flame solely with his body.

Prince Xu was now sincerely convinced by Ku Quan. He bowed deeply to him and said, ’’Mr. Ku Quan, please take a seat, please. We have this small problem that might eagerly need your help.’’


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