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The Magus Era - Chapter 227


Chapter 227 - Sudden Death

Purple-blood bamboo was a natural treasure.

It would take a thousand years for purple-blood bamboo to bloom, and another thousand years to yield fruits. The fruits would take a thousand years to mature, then stretch their bamboo-leaves-like wings, and fly up into the air along the wind. The bamboo fruits would then fly to the outer circle of the Midland, into the fierce natural power wind, and after ten thousand years, these fruits would gradually grow dense and heavy, falling slowly back to the ground.

After having fallen back to the ground from the fierce natural power wind, these fruits of the bamboo would sink into the ground three thousand zhang deep, where it would absorb the natural power contained in the ground for three hundred and sixty years, then sprout out.

After every time it was being nourished by the rain or thunder during spring, the roots of bamboo seed would increase a zhang length. In such manner, after three thousand times of rains and thunders during spring, the roots of the bamboo would have grown a few hundred zhang under the ground, after which it would finally emerge from the ground.

Before the bamboo shoot had emerged from the ground, no one would be able to find the slightest trace of it. However, once the bamboo shoot emerged from the ground, even powerful Magi at the level of divine Magus would go all out to possess it. Usually they would occupy a large territory around the bamboo shoot, nurture it with all kinds of precious liquids, in order to make it grow as quickly as possible and eventually make it reproduce purple-blood bamboo wood.

Mature purple-blood bamboo were hundreds of zhang tall, slim and beautiful, and was capable of gathering natural power. A small purple-blood bamboo wood could naturally form a perfect cultivating ground. More importantly, these bamboos were incredibly solid and could even easily pierce through the bodies of Senior Magi. Also, this kind of bamboo had special spiritual power, which was destructive to ghosts and spirits.

The bamboo shoot that had killed Ying Yun, hadn't been noticed by anyone before Ying Yun had fallen on it.

Obviously, this was a new bamboo shoot that had just emerged from the ground. It was even possible that this bamboo shoot had emerged from the ground at exactly the same moment when Ying Yun had fallen from the air. This sharp, straight and solid bamboo shoot directly pierced into Ying Yun's skull and came out from between his legs.

What kind of unlucky person would die in such a weird way?

The tender branches of any other magic trees or plants would never be able to kill a Senior Magus. The only plant that was capable of killing a Senior Magus when it first sprouted from the ground was this magical and powerful purple-blood bamboo.

Ying Yunpeng was standing beside Ying Yun's dead body, staring at the badly damaged body of his precious son, with a bland expression.

This beloved little boy of his, on who once all of Ying Yunpeng's hopes and ambitions had been resting, had died like this, in such a misfortunate, weird and accidental way, which might even make others want to laugh. If he was killed in the battle against non-human monsters, by powerful enemies, Ying Yun could still at least have earned honour and reward for his family. However, he had died when training his own newly captured battle bird. He had fallen down from the air and been pierced to death by a bamboo shoot.

Ying Yunpeng couldn't even start to imagine how he should explain the death of his son to others, there was no way to explain!

If next time, Emperor Shun asked him, 'Elder Yunpeng, I heard that your boy died, how did that happen? Was it that those non-human monsters had heard about his talent and achievements, and sent assassins into the Pu Ban City to murder him?

How would Ying Yunpeng explain it? He could only say, 'No, no, my king, that stupid boy of mine was playing with his bird, accidentally fell down from the back of that and was poked to death by a bamboo shoot.'

What would happen after he told the truth? A series of loud laughter let out by the Emperor and the other elders and ministers?

Thinking about that ridiculous and extremely embarrassing scene, Ying Yunpeng truly wanted to pull out that inherited magic longbow of his, and use the string of the bow to strangle himself to death bit by bit.

’’Yup is not possible that he just fell and died like that,’’ murmured Ying Yunpeng slowly, ’’Someone was jealous of him, for his talent. Someone was afraid that when he would grow into a powerful man, he would be a threat to their status, so they murdered him.’’

Ying Yunpeng then said to those Senior Magi, who were kneeling on the ground in front of him, without daring to move even a bit, with a bland tone, ’’Your mission is to find this murderer. I don't know who he is, but you have to find him. If you can't find the murderer who killed my son, you scums and all your relatives will die along with my boy.’’

Taking a deep breath, Ying Yunpeng continued, ’’Yun is dead, he must be so lonely. He will be glad to have some of his old friends to accompany him.’’

Those Senior Magi were terrified by the words of Ying Yunpeng. Cold sweat was pouring down their foreheads in huge streams, some of them even lost control of their bodies and fell on the ground, with legs quivering intensely and egesta flowing out from between their legs. They had already checked the scene, but had failed to find any trace of a magic attack, neither could they detect any power of curse. In other words, they hadn't find any sign that could prove that Ying Yun had died by murder instead of it being an accident.

The whole thing was an accident.

Although none of them could explain why Ying Yun had fallen down from the air, right onto a thumb-thick bamboo shoot, it did indeed happen and that too by damn accident.

Quite a few people riding on different kinds of fighting birds had flown over. They were hovering around and seeing what was going on with Ying Yunpeng and his people. The five senses of all Senior Magi were amazingly sensitive, which allowed them to see and hear clearly what was happening from tens of miles away.

Soon, the news about Ying Yun dying in an unbelievably weird way had spread out to every corner of the Pu Ban City. More people, who were gloating over Ying Yunpeng's misfortune, personally hated Ying Yunpeng, or simply liked to watch the scene of bustle, gathered from all directions.

All of a sudden, another Senior Magus rushed over while staggering. A fierce gust of wind was swooshing around him while he was running, and he had a pair of gigantic, cyan wings flapping behind his back. Apparently, he was coming from the Eastern Wasteland.

Before this Senior Magus had rushed up to Ying Yunpeng, Ying Yunpeng let out a great growl to him from a long distance

’’What now?!’’

The great growl transformed into a visible white airwave, fleetingly swished towards the Senior Magus along the ground. The poor Senior Magus rushed directly into the airwave and the followingt moment, his entire chest turned hollow, which made him vomit a big mouthful of blood and flew backwards for miles.

This Senior Magus struggled up from the ground with great difficulty, kneeled in front of Ying Yunpeng, then lied on the ground with his stomach downwards and screamed in a high-pitched yet hoarse voice, ’’Lord Ying Su died!! He, he, he was hanging out in the Regretting Beauty, ha...having se* with a little girl, who was sold to the Regretting Beauty, and...and suddenly, all of his spirit blood was sucked out of his body, he, he died just like that.’’

Ying Yunpeng instantly spurted out a stream of blood. An over ten-zhang in radius, and thousands of feet deep, huge pit was opened up on where the stream of blood had fallen, while a gigantic cloud of dirt rose from the ground. Ying Yunpeng then dashed up to that Senior Magus with a single step, grabbed his head and carried him up from the ground.

’’Ying Su is a peak-level Senior Magus, and can make his breakthrough into the level of Magus King anytime he wants, how could a little girl possibly suck all his spirit blood out within a moment?!!’’

That Senior Magus looked at Ying Yunpeng, with tears spurted out from his eye sockets and his eyes turned blood-red in fear. He responded while trembling, ’’That, that girl, we just discovered, she, she had a slight trace of 'life-seizing beauty' bloodline in her, she, she was mixed-blood of human and a mysterious spirit creature. Lord Ying Su penetrated her body, and unexpectedly activated her hidden bloodline power, which sucked all of his spirit blood out of his body instantly.’’

Ying Yunpeng roared out towards the sky and threw a heavy slap on the face of that poor Senior Magus, sending him flying away for tens of miles.


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