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The Magus Era - Chapter 226


Chapter 226 - News of his death

The bloodline power of Senior Magi was as great as a dragon. As for Magus Kings, their bloodline powers were as terrifying as hundreds of dragon ragingly fighting against each other in the ocean, causing even sky to darken.

Once he heard the news of Ying Yun's death, Ying Yunpeng let out a muffled moan, then streams of blood simultaneously darted out from his ears, nostrils and mouth. Accidentally, two close followers of his, who had been standing on each side of him, were hit by the streams of blood that had a slight mix of cyan colour and had spurted out from each of his ears. Without even letting out a slight sound, the two peak-level Senior Magi were shattered by the streams of blood.

’’Damn it!’’

After all, Ying Yunpeng was an elder of the Ten Sun Country, who had been sent to the Pu Ban City and was in charge of all the administrative work of this Ten Sun market. He suddenly lost control of his own blood and accidentally killed two of his most trusted followers. Seeing that the streams of his blood were spurting even further and were about to cause more serious accidents, he hurriedly opened his mouth and took a great deep breath.

Those streams of blood that had already spurted to over a hundred zhang distance, were immediately sucked back towards his mouth along with muffled swishing sounds.

Thousands of people who had been standing around, all were screaming out. They were all frightened badly when Ying Yunpeng let out those streams of blood. A Magus King losing control of his blood, could kill all living creatures within the area of ten miles in radius.

That was why, the guests that had been watching this great show in excitement, hurriedly activated their life-saving magic talismans, which had been given to them by their own elders, in an attempt to survive the explosion of the bloodline power of Ying Yunpeng. However, Ying Yunpeng hadn't turned completely mad. He had instead sucked those streams of blood back. Those people who had activated their life-saving talisman, now began silently cursing him.

Even for a Magus King, it was extremely consuming to make a life-saving talisman that could block attacks launched by Magus Kings. To make such a life-saving talisman required large amounts of materials and energy. Each of those people had wasted a precious life-saving magic talisman. If it hadn't been for the fact that they were afraid of Ying Yunpeng's Magus King level of power, they would have leapt up, pointed their fingers at Ying Yunpeng and cursed him loudly.

Ying Yunpeng felt as if his heart had been broken. It was similar to having someone sliced his heart with a sharp dagger. He took a glance at the poor two Senior Magi, who had been shattered into pieces by the stream of blood. He gnashed his teeth and slapped the face of the Senior Magus who had come with this news of death.

A great part of this poor guy's face had instantly been smashed by Ying Yunpeng, but not so long after that, his blood of Senior Magus level gushed into his skull, healing it quickly. The Senior Magus who had been slapped into dizziness by Ying Yunpeng, thudded heavily onto the ground and screamed with a trembling voice, ’’Ying...Ying Yun had captured a Gold-Winged Blood Eagle a couple of days ago, and he had been training the bird during the past few days. Today he tried to fly that bird for the first time, but...’’

Ying Yunpeng was quivering intensely as well, while darting towards where Ying Yun had fallen. He had instantly forgotten about the death of Great Gale Ling.

Great Gale Ling was not any important person but only a talented kid of the Great Gale Clan. His death was not a huge deal, even unrelated to Ying Yunpeng. However, the young man called Ying Yun, was the most beloved son of Ying Yunpeng. Ying Yunpeng had this son in his nearly a thousand years old life, therefore, he had always been trying to take especially good care of Ying Yun.

When Ying Yun had still been in the womb of his Amma, Ying Yunpeng shed his own spirit blood to nourish his son, which allowed Ying Yun to have the intelligence that was no worse than that of any ten year old kids when he was a newborn baby. Besides, Ying Yun was able to walk and run right after his birth and had peak Junior Magus level strength.

Ying Yunpeng had awakened all Ying Yun's inherited power meridians with his own power, and had fed Ying Yun with all kinds of precious magic medicines and nourished him with countless natural treasures. Ying Yun had awakened his first Magus Acupoint when he was only ten years old, after which, Ying Yun maintained the amazing record of awakening a Magus Acupoints every ten or fewer days. Within only four years, Ying Yun had awakened over three hundred Magus Acupoints.

With those three hundred Magus Acupoints, Ying Yun was definitely one of the best among the younger generation of Senior Magi. Not to mention that, in order to strengthen Ying Yun's body, Ying Yunpeng had even risked his own life and went to the Far East Ocean and killed a pureblood evil dragon. He had showered Ying Yun's body with dragon blood, which allowed Ying Yun to reach the peak of the Senior Magus level at such a young age.

After he had killed the dragon, a conflict between the Ten Sun Country and the dragon kind, living in the Far East Ocean, had been started. The dragon kind living in the Far East Ocean were seriously enraged. Billions of ocean creatures had brought up a tsunami and launched an attack on the Ten Sun Country. If hadn't been for Emperor Shun who had gone to the Eastern Wasteland himself and mediated the conflict, the Ten Sun Country might have suffered great damage.

Ying Yunpeng had put too many hopes and ambitions on Ying Yun. He even wanted to raise Ying Yun into the youngest and powerful divine Magus in the entire Ten Sun Country. He even wanted to push his son into the divine Magus level before he broken into that level himself.

But all those hopes and ambitions had been broken today.

The cultivation Ying Yunpeng did to his son that cost over ten years and almost all of his wealth, had gone without leaving even a trace.

’’Fallen and dead, hehe, fallen and dead,’’ while walking, Ying Yunpeng murmured like a crazy old woman, ’’He had the body of a peak-level Senior Magus, over three hundred awakened Magus Acupoints, and was able to roll on the backs of those fighting birds since he was a little baby. My son, Ying Yun, how could he possibly just fall and die?’’

To Ying Yunpeng, this was less possible than seeing real ghosts, ten-thousand times.

Ying Yun was a peak-level Senior Magus, even if he had been thrown down from the air million of feet high from the ground, he would at most break a few ribs, but would never be killed just like that.

Did you have any idea how great the life force of Senior Magi was? Once, a human Senior Magus had taken a bet with a God, and had directly jumped down from the top of the Mountain Buzhou, which was called 'sky-holding pillar' back then. That human Senior Magi had finally fallen on the ground after a big half of a month. He was badly injured and nearly dead, but eventually survived.

A Gold-Winged Blood Eagle could fly five million meters high tops. Could such a small height made a Senior Magus fall to his death? A Senior Magus like Ying Yun, who was fed with countless different kinds of natural treasures and been strengthened with the blood of a real dragon?

’’All guards, servants, who have been staying with Yun these days, kill them, kill them all, along with all of their relatives, all of them,’’ said Ying Yunpeng while walking fast, with his hands constantly shaking, ’’Kill, kill them all. Feed their flesh and soul to evil spirits, I want them all to perish, both their bodies and souls.’’

Ying Yunpeng abruptly spat out a big mouthful of blood, then began coughing. At the same time, two lines of blood-red tears gushed out of his eye sockets.

’’Yun, my little boy, my could you just fall to your own death like that? You were murdered, must be murder...whom...who murdered, my poor little boy?’’ Ying Yunpeng had now completely fallen into insanity. In his eyes, Ying Yun was so powerful and talented, the one who had easily killed him must be a Magus King level person.

In his head he searched those Magus Kings who had a hatred for him and would dare to murder his son, but he helplessly discovered that there were quite many of them.

Ying Yunpeng staggered at a quick pace out of the Ten Sun market with a large group of people coming to the small hill outside the market that was thickly dotted with red and white flowers.

Beside the small hill, Ying Yun was stuck straight in the ground, with his head upside down. Between his straight-stretched legs, a purely golden-purple bamboo shoot that was covered with blood, could be seen.

A group of Senior Magi had already begun checking the scene carefully. There were all extremely experienced. If anyone had done anything to Ying Yun or this area purposely, they could certainly discover it.

After Ying Yunpeng arrived at the scene, a Senior Magus hurriedly kneeled on the ground, and while quivering, reported what he had discovered.

Ying Yun had been training the newly captured Gold-Winged Blood Eagle in the air, but accidentally, the eagle was stung by a poisonous bee on the corner of its eye. Therefore, the enraged Gold-Winged Blood Eagle began flapping its wings madly in the air, and slapped Ying Yun off from its back.

Ying Yun fell down onto the ground with his head upside down, which was not a big deal at all. However, a purple-blood bamboo shoot that had grown out last night, was standing on exactly the spot he had fallen on.

Ying Yun hadn't seen the bamboo shoot until he fallen very close to it. He didn't have enough time to react, therefore, the bamboo shoot punctured his entire upper body along with his spine, instantly killing him, without leaving any opportunity for rescue.


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