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The Magus Era - Chapter 221


Chapter 221 - Counterplan


Ji Hao howled out in pain while falling from the air with both of his feet wrapped around by dense smoke.

Within the span of only tens of breaths, the fiery feathered boots had consumed all of Ji Hao's power. His Magus Acupoints and meridians were now completely empty. Just like black holes, it felt like his meridians and Magus Acupoints were about to suck his bones and flesh in.

Fiery crow feathers were rising from out of the smoke one after another, then merged quickly again with Ji Hao's calves in the form of tattoos. Ji Hao's feet and calves were burned red, with waves of hot air rising from his skin. While dragging a pair of burned feet that were swelled up like balloons, Ji Hao staggered a few steps into the grassland, causing all the plants within the radius of a few zhang to wither instantly.


Mr Crow had run out of power as well. Its beady little eyes were fixed worriedly on Ji Hao's feet.

The fiery feathered boots were an inherited magic treasure that had belonged to a divine Magus. Although Ji Hao had already broken into the Senior Magus level, it still felt so difficult when trying to activate the fiery feathered boots. With all of Mr Crow and his powers combined, he had managed to maintain the active period of the fiery feathered boots for only the span of tens of breaths. Besides, the amount of power he had managed to activate was less than one percent of this magic treasure's real power.

Even if so, Ji Hao had fled three thousand miles away within this span of tens of breaths, even Ji Hao was badly shocked by such an amazing speed.

Completely out of Ji Hao's control, the fiery feathered boots had automatically taken Ji Hao this far. However, in addition to depleting Ji Hao and Mr Crow's power, this powerful treasure had almost grilled Ji Hao's feet.

Ji Hao hurriedly rubbed his hands together and activated the power of his Golden Dan, followed by which, faint water mist gathered quickly towards him from all directions. Not long after that, a huge dark cloud with a radius of over ten zhang had formed above Ji Hao's head. Cool raindrops fell from out the dark cloud, pouring on Ji Hao's calves and feet. Along with sizzling noises, his red and swollen up feet and calves gradually recovered back to normal, while letting out clouds of steam.

While gasping quickly in pain, Ji Hao took out a bottle of medicinal liquor from his storage bag with a pair of trembling hands, poured the liquor on his feet and calves, then rubbed them hard for quite a while. After finishing all this, Ji Hao took out a jade talisman and injected the slight little bit of power that he had barely restored, into the talisman.

The talisman began buzzing and vibrating like wings of bees, floated up into the air with its vibrating power. Streams of invisible power spread out towards every direction from the talisman. Yu Mu, Feng Xing, Man Man, Shaosi, and Taisi all had similar talismans that were connected with Ji Hao's talisman. Therefore, as long as they all stayed within the area of a hundred thousand miles in radius around Ji Hao, they would be able to follow the special stream of power and find Ji Hao's location accurately.

Having roughly dealt with his burned shanks, Ji Hao took out a bottle of Three Birds and Nine Beasts pills, poured the whole bottle of pills into his mouth and swallowed. A great amount of spirit blood of beasts were soon being digested by the two multicoloured flames in Ji Hao's lower abdomen, and transformed into streams of power that gushed into his Magus Acupoints.

In the meanwhile, all of Ji Hao's awakened Magus Acupoints had opened up widely and were greedily absorbing natural powers from the surrounding area, even forming a few whirlwind-like streams of power. These absorbed streams of natural powers were continuously being transformed into Ji Hao's internal power, then stored in his Magus Acupoints. His power was quickly restoring, and Ji Hao gradually turned less worrying-looking.

The two baby Fiery Magic Snakes leapt onto Mr Crow's body and opened their tiny mouths. Each gripped a thorn that had pierced out from Mr Crow's body, and pulled those over two foot long thorns out of Mr Crow's body with quite some difficulty, even when using all of their strength.

Those sharp and solid thorns were crafted by a master blacksmith of the Qi Qiong Clan, in the Western Wasteland. They were incomparably sharp and were filled with metal-like powers. The two baby snakes bit those thorns with their tender jaws. The corners of their mouths were easily sliced open by those thorns, and blood dripped out from time to time.

The two baby snakes quickly flipped their tails because of the pain, however, the pain had enraged these two naturally fierce magic fiery snakes, making them hiss louder and louder, and tried even harder to pull more thorns out of Mr Crow's body.

Mr Crow was cawing out in pain as well. Even all of its feathers were standing straight up in the pain, eyes glowing in great anger, and a pair of pupils that had turned so red, it was as if they had been soaked in blood.

’’Good boys, good boys,’’ Ji Hao hurriedly grabbed these two warmhearted baby snakes off from Mr Crow's body, worriedly patted them, and fed each of them a Three Birds and Nine Beasts pills, then took out two fresh pieces of beast meat from his storage bag, feeding it to them.

After having swallowed the meat, the two baby snakes were lying quietly on Ji Hao's shoulders, with popped up eyes. They would thrust out their forked-tongues from time to time.

Ji Hao carefully pulled out those thorns from Mr Crow's body one after another. Mr Crow quivered intensely in pain, while its black feathers clashed against each other and let out metal-clashing-like sounds.

After all the thorns had been pulled out, Mr Crow let a long caw out filled with rage, and its entire body was instantly wrapped in a faint layer of fiery light. All its wounds recovered within a second, and Mr Crow soon got its strength back.

’’Damn you! Meng Ao! In order to ingratiate himself with Gong Gong Wuyou, he had actually launched a deadly attack on us,’’ Ji Hao growled deeply while feeding Mr Crow pills, ’’Mr.Crow, we have to make Meng Ao pay for this! As soon as possible!’’

After big half an hour, Man Man carried her pair of hammers and rushed over. Behind her, Shaosi dragged Taisi, the same way someone would drag a dead body and walked over as well.

Seeing Ji Hao and Mr Crow, Man Man immediately dropped her hammers and rushed up to Ji Hao, held Mr Crow up from the ground and yelled, ’’Mr Crow! Are you okay?! I saw that Meng Ao attack you! I will certainly smash his head up!’’

Taisi was embarrassedly dragged up to Ji Hao by his blood-related younger sister, gasped quickly for air while taking out his bone cane and yelling angrily, ’’This...this isn't over yet...Ji...Ji Hao, they framed us, claimed that we fled away for our own safety, and attempted to blackmail the Lie Mountain family...this isn't over!’’

Another big half hour later, Yu Mu rushed over while trying so hard to catch his breath, and with his huge pot carried on his head. Once he saw Ji Hao's face, he dropped the pot and heavily thudded his butt against the ground, and howled out.

’’Holy, holy cats! Ji Hao, time, just do...don't run this far, an...and so quickly! God, my legs, my waist...and my poor fat!!!’’

Looking at Yu Mu, who was seriously maxed out, his sweat even spurted out from his pores, Ji Hao couldn't help but twitch the corners of his mouth.

’’Yu Mu, eh...although you're fat and not good at running, you're a Senior Magus after all, it's just around three thousand miles, not that far,’’ said Ji Hao.

Yu Mu instantly showed the whites of his eyes and screamed out, ’’You have flown for three thousand miles! Gosh! We had to run on the ground, couldn't just cut a straight line on the ground and fly over like you! I have run for at least five thousand miles!’’

Ji Hao paused, let out a cough and hurriedly changed the topic, asking, ’’Where is Feng Xing?’’

Yu Mu waved his hands, answered while gasping, ’’Feng Xing is best at observation and tracking, he stayed back there, keeping an eye on Meng Ao. Once you escaped, Meng Ao was dragged into the Rong Mountain Clan's new village by Prince Wuyou and Prince Xu, there'll be a trouble.’’

Ji Hao's face darkened right after he heard Yu Mu's words. If Prince Wuyou and Prince Xu forced Meng Ao to go back to the Magi Palace and frame Ji Hao and his teammates, Ji Hao and his teammates wouldn't be able to get out of this accusation easily.

Judging from Meng Ao's style of acting, he didn't even needed to be forced to do anything, as long as Prince Wuyou was willing to give him a little bit benefit, he would break all the rules without any hesitation and put all false accusation on the heads of Ji Hao and his teammates.

Taking a deep breath, Ji Hao felt that his legs and feet had recovered back to normal, and his power had been restored to thirty percent. He leapt up from the ground while yelling harshly, ’’We can't let him go back to the Magi Palace alive, contact Feng Xing, capture him on his way back!’’

Yu Mu was slightly shocked, hurriedly asked, ’’What? Although he's bastard, but, after all he still is a Deacon of the Magi Palace.’’

Ji Hao looked at Yu Mu and said seriously, ’’So what? He is indeed a Deacon of the Magi Palace, but he has attempted to kill us. Dare to kill him?’’

Yu Mu paused for a second, then dense green poisonous smoke suddenly rose from his body like roaring water during tide, while his eyes started glowing like an enraged wild beast.


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