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The Magus Era - Chapter 220


Chapter 220 - Shameless

Prince Wuyou.

Gong Gong Wuyou.

The son of the Water God.

Ji Hao's heart sank instantly. Faced with double amount of pressure that Prince Xu and Prince Wuyou were giving, he looked calmly at both of them and said, ’’Didn't think that only a small magic crystal mine could make you, respectful Prince Wuyou, come by yourself.’’

Since Prince Wuyou had already said that he wouldn't let Ji Hao return alive to the Magi Palace, there was no necessity for Ji Hao to remain polite to both of them. In this case, Ji Hao immediately let out a sentence that insinuated that Gong Gong Wuyou had accepted benefits, given by Prince Xu, to help him frame Ji Hao for this magic crystal mine.

Prince Wuyou's silvery pupils abruptly became a weird dark-blue colour, and looked so deep that it seemed as a bottomless ocean with roaring and rolling waves.

The transparent strings of his music instrument let out a nice tinkling sound. While gently playing the stringed music instrument with his long and pretty, jade-like fingers, Prince Wuyou responded blandly, ’’You shameless little kid, how dare you talk to me, Gong Gong Wuyou, unjustly like that? How could I betray my honesty for such a small fortune?’’

Prince Xu stood beside Prince Wuyou, laughed and said, ’’Filthy and shameless people naturally have filthy and shameless thoughts inside their mind. How can they possibly understand the respectful, honest spirit of a prince like you?’’

Prince Wuyou let out a faint sigh, looked at Ji Hao and said with a gentle yet cold voice, ’’I came here because Prince Xu has built a new outhouse palace. As a guest, I came to congratulate him for the completion of this new outhouse palace. I hadn't thought that I would meet you, a bunch of shameless people who wants to blackmail the Lie Mountain Family in here, so contemptible.’’

’’Well, well, I can't bear to talk even one more sentence to you. You have stained my eyes, my ears and my mouth. Guards, capture this kid and behead him. I will send his head to the King of the humankind myself, and seek some justice for the Lie Mountain family.’’

Resonating shouts came from the other side of the fence wall right after Gong Gong Wuyou had given his order. Tens of muscular warriors, wearing black dragon-scale armours, holding undy-shaped, long sharp swords, were rushing over while releasing great and cold power from all over their bodies. They trod on the ground, but water-ripple-like mist naturally rose from under their feet along with clattering water sounds. These warriors swiftly rushed over, leapt across the fence wall within the blink of an eye and rushed towards Ji Hao.

Mr Crow let out a long and shrill caw, flapped its wings, preparing to transform into a beam of firelight and go up into the sky. These warriors were only ordinary Senior Magi, they couldn't possibly fly. Therefore, as long as Mr Crow rose high into the air, none of these guards of Prince Gong Gong could do Ji Hao any harm.

However, right after Mr Crow had stretched its wings, a fierce gust of wind swished over from behind it. It was Meng Ao, holding a silvery white, three foot, square-shaped long spear, and punctured Mr Crow's left wing. The three foot and two inch long spearhead was thrust into Mr Crow's body through the root of its left wing and came out from its chest.

’’Explode!’’ yelled Meng Ao. Followed with his voice, a beam of silver light flashed across the spearhead, then the sharp spearhead suddenly exploded, turning into countless thorns and pierced into the remaining parts of Mr Crow's body along with high-pitched swishing sounds.

Mr Crow cawed out loudly in pain. All of its internal organs were injured by those long thorns, which happened to contain metal-like powers. Inside Mr Crow's body its muscles, blood vessels, and meridians, everywhere that had been touched by those thorns, all had exploded. Large amounts of blood spurted out from Mr Crow's body. Mr Crow opened its beak wide and tried to caw, but streams of blood immediately gushed out through its throat, disabling it from making any sound.

At least a thousand long metal thorns had pierced through Mr Crow's body. Mr Crow instinctively activated its power and healed those wounds, however, after those wounds were healed, those long thorns still remained in its body.

Mr Crow tried to flap its wings and flew back into the sky, but once it moved its wings, countless sharp thorns pierced out again from inside its body through the already-healed wounds, and more blood spurted out. Finally, Mr Crow lost the control of the left half of its body, and thudded heavily against the ground.

Meng Ao had unexpectedly launched a surprise attack on Mr Crow. Although his attack was not powerful enough to kill Mr Crow, he had been successful in stopping Mr Crow and Ji Hao from fleeing away.


The pupils of Mr Crow had even began to blaze, while it stared at the warriors that had been ordered by Prince Wuyou and it cawed loudly at Ji Hao.

Ji Hao had been accompanying Mr Crow since he had been a little kid, of course, he could tell what Mr Crow meant by its caw - 'Go, run by yourself, just leave me!'

But, how could Ji Hao leave Mr Crow and run by himself?

Ever since Ji Hao could walk, he had started hanging out with Mr Crow, sat on Mr Crow's back and flew around the entire Gold Black Mountain. When he was slightly older and had made some achievement with regards to his cultivation of the [Mantra Dan of Nine Secret Words], he grew brave enough to hang out with Mr Crow all around the jungle, and made a group of non-human friends, such as Heng Luo.

Mr Crow was like a real brother and a tutor to Ji Hao.

Seeing those long thorns that thickly pierced out from Mr Crow's body, Ji Hao's anger instantly exploded inside his heart. He turned to Meng Ao and growled out, ’’Meng Ao! I swear, I certainly will kill you one day!’’

Grabbing Mr Crow from the ground, Ji Hao's Golden Dan suddenly expanded inside his spiritual space. Along with the expansion, a cloud of hazy purple mist gushed out of his body, which immediately broke those streams of cold power that was being released by Prince Wuyou and had been wrapped around his body. Immediately after that, a gale started around Ji Hao's body. Ji Hao held Mr Crow, transformed his body into a gust of wind and merged with that gale, intending to flee away.


The two young men standing behind Meng Ao simultaneously shouted out, while locking their fingers together into a certain motion towards Ji Hao, their pupils let out a dark green glow.

Countless twisted vines suddenly grew out from the ground, covered up the entire area within a radius of tens of meters. Those vines twisted and twined with each other, blocked the wind, even blocked the air, and also broke Ji Hao's [Wind Escape Magic].

Moreover, thousands of hair-thin yet solid and sharp iron-like vines quickly moved towards Ji Hao. It seemed wanting to wrap Ji Hao's body up. Every single one of those vines were thickly dotted with poisonous thorns, without a doubt, even a light touch by these thorns on the skin would cause a really ugly wound.

’’Meng Ao!’’ shouted Ji Hao once again.

All of Ji Hao's awakened Magus Acupoints lit up simultaneously. The amount of power contained in each of these Magus Acupoints equaled the total amount of Ji Hao's power when he was still at the peak of Junior Magus level. Besides, his Senior Magus power was purer, and could be completely activated within a short period of time, making it possible to deliver much greater effects.

Ji Hao's entire body began blazing, spurting out flames nearly crazily.

Mr Crow let out another resonating caw, while putting one of its claws on Ji Hao's shoulder. Its claw ripped Ji Hao's skin open and deeply sank into Ji Hao's body, connecting with the most important Gold Crow bloodline meridian inside Ji Hao's body.

The following moment, all of Mr Crow's power, which was the power of its pure Cold Crow bloodline and contained a slight percentage of the power of the most ancient and original Gold Crows, had been injected in Ji Hao's body.

Mr Crow had lived for over a thousand years, therefore, its bloodline power was way greater and purer than Ji Hao's new Senior Magus power. Although Ji Hao had already awakened all of his meridians, the total amount of Mr Crow's power was still greater than that of Ji Hao, by at least ten times. Judging only from the amount and purity of powers, Ji Hao couldn't even compare to Mr Crow.

Great streams of power of the Gold Crow bloodline was injected into Ji Hao's body, and quickly divided into the two streams by Ji Hao's spiritual power, and gushed into the fiery feathered boots that had merged with Ji Hao's shanks.

The fiery feather boots in Ji Hao's shanks was instantly set ablaze by the streams of great power. Countless blazing crow feathers darted out from Ji Hao's shanks, rapidly forming into a pair of gold-red boots. They were automatically worn on Ji Hao's feet. Right after which, a beam of fiery light suddenly flashed across the air. Along with the light beam, the bodies of Ji Hao, Mr Crow and the two baby Magic Fiery Snakes, all transformed into one fire column and rose straight into the air.

Fiery feathered boots, one of the inherited Magi treasures of the Gold Crow Clan, once it was activated, it would allow the user to travel across any space within the blink of an eye. The user would be able to let out the Gold Crow magic flame that was powerful enough to burn any ordinary object into a puff of smoke to protect its user.

With both Ji Hao and Mr Crow' powers, Ji Hao could only activate the fiery feather boots for a very short while, but it was more than enough for them to escape from this deadly danger.

All the vines around Ji Hao were burned into smoke. Ji Hao let out his fiery wings as well, which allowed him to move even quicker by ten times.

Within a single moment, Ji Hao had darted out over tens of miles, while leaving tens of shreds of fiery afterimages behind him.


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