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The Magus Era - Chapter 218


Chapter 218 - A false countercharge

Prince Xu.

Ji Hao stared coldly at Meng Ao. This guy, who was born in one of the most powerful clans of the Western Wasteland, the Qi Qiong Clan, which was known by the rest of the world because of their madness and their military qualities, had all the way been cold and proud like a powerful lion king, but now, his pride and rage suddenly went away without leaving even the slightest trace, and he had turned into a nice and obedient dog.

’’Prince Xu,’’ Meng Ao bowed abruptly his straight waist. His cold face was suddenly filled with a grin again. He grinned like a blooming petunia, while his facial expression turned extremely polite and gentle.

’’I had never thought that I would meet your highness in person here, Meng Ao feels so...’’ Meng Ao's eyeballs rolled quickly in his eye sockets while he was searching for some nice words in his head.

’’You stupid lowly idiot!’’ The tall and handsome young man, whose face was as perfect as a sculpture and without any flaws, was releasing a commanding and special sense of power and said harshly and coldly, ’’Don't explain. Just now, you insulted the Rong Mountain Clan, are you trying to provoke our Lie Mountain Family? I will send an inquiry regarding this to the Magi Palace.’’

Hearing this young man's words, cold sweat gushed instantly out of Meng Ao's forehead. He laughed hollowly while his eyeballs rolled in his eye sockets. He bent his waist deeper, making his body now look like a huge meatball. The ego and pride he had been showing to Ji Hao during their journey to over here, had long gone.

’’You're no one but a Deacon of the Magi Palace, not even an elder. How dare you yell at us arrogantly and declare Iron Mountain guilty without any evidence?!’’ said Prince Xu. He held his hand behind his body. His light-silvery, silk cloak was sparkling under the sun rays. The quality of his cloak was way too great. If looked from Meng Ao's angle, Prince Xu was wrapped around by an over one-foot thick layer of silver glow.

Within the glow, countless fly-head-sized spell symbols darted out, from time to time, exploding in the air like tiny fireworks. Then they transformed back into faint silvery wisps of smoke and merged with the silvery glow once again.

Without a doubt, this silver cloak was a magic treasure that had especially great defensive power. Ji Hao believed that this silver cloak, which seemed thin and soft, had even greater defensive power than his tight armour.

As for the reason why Meng Ao suddenly turned into such a lickspittle, just like a dog that didn't even dare to talk, Ji Hao had more or less some clues.

Prince was not a title that you could freely add onto yourself.

The Flame God, one of the first three generations of Kings of the humankind, born in the Lie Mountain Family, was currently nowhere to be found. No one could tell for sure if the Flame God was still alive. However, at least, people knew that he had left the Midland already, which was a fact upon the table. Therefore, the current princes of the Lie Mountain Clan were certainly not sons of that legendary Flame God. Instead, all young men, who had gained the title of prince in the Lie Mountain Clan, were elite distant relatives of that Flame God, and were carefully selected by the family. These princes were then cultivated by the family with all the resources available.

The reason why they had been titled prince was that every single one of them had the potential to become the next generation of Flame God. They all had enough potential to reach the level of Flame God, which was the real meaning hidden behind their title of prince.

Since he had already gained the title of prince, this prince Xu was certainly quite talented and powerful. Besides, he definitely had a large group of elders of the Lie Mountain Family supporting him, and an even larger group of powerful Magi from the Lie Mountain family or their branch clans working for him. He surely had an elite army under his direct command. Moreover, he also had a vast personal territory with billions of taxpayers.

Every prince of the Lie Mountain Family was an especially powerful being.

If Meng Ao would have been one of the inheritors of the Qi Qiong Clan, he would still be able to keep his waist straight in front of Prince Xu, but sadly, he was only an ordinary clansman of the Qi Qiong Clan. A chess piece that had been sent to the Magi Palace by the Qi Qiong Clan, seeking for the clan's profit. As a small chess piece, how could Meng Ao even dare to show any disrespect or a slight trace of anger in front of such a powerful prince? He could only bend his body down and pretend to be a nice dog.

Ji Hao sighed, leapt down from the back of the eagle, stood in front of the fence wall, raised his head looking at Prince Xu, then said calmly, ’’Prince Xu, I am Ji Hao. Elder Iron Yan had trapped us underground and attempted to kill us, only for a magic crystal mine. With regard to this, the Rong Mountain Clan has to confess their guilt to our Magi Palace and show their apology.’’

Both Ji Hao's attitude and words had frightened Meng Ao to the point that his entire body was even soaked in cold sweat. He hurriedly screamed out, ’’Ji Hao, who do you think you are?! How dare you yell around here?! Just shut up! Don't you dare cause us any trouble!!’’

’’You shut up!’’ Prince Xu threw a majestic glance at Meng Ao and said, ’’This has nothing to do with you, you should just keep your mouth shut and stay right there, just watch. I will not give you any trouble. Later, you can just go back to the Magi Palace and tell your elders what actually had happened, you just need to let them know exactly what had happened around here, that is your only job.’’

Slightly smiling, Prince Xu bowed slightly, and looked down at Ji Hao, nodded gently and said, ’’You said that you were trapped in the underground mine but how did you get out?’’

Ji Hao could now clearly see Prince Xu's face. It was an especially handsome and manly face. The glow of his eyes were so bright and dense, it seemed as if you could even touch it. When he was talking, the sharp-lined lips of his moved only slightly, which made him look like an especially firm-hearted person.

Every time Prince Xu talked, an especially great sense of power that felt as strong as a tsunami, would swoosh over towards Ji Hao. With the help of his spiritual power, Ji Hao sensed clearly that not even a single grain of sand was pushed away by this great sense of power. But indeed, he felt a great pressure that pressed hard on his body. Ji Hao felt like being abruptly smashed by a mountain. Followed by a muffled boom, his shanks had sunk entirely into the ground.

The terrifying pressure was continuously being added on Ji Hao's body from all directions. It was like quicksand, which pressed his body down into the ground bit by bit. Gradually, this horrible power began to drill into Ji Hao's body through his ears, eyes, nose and mouth. It was obvious that Prince Xu didn't want Ji Hao to talk.

Ji Hao took a deep breath with some difficulty, gathered his power into his lungs and began talking loudly after a sneer.

’’How did we get out? Well, that's because even the real gods in heaven couldn't bear to watch us being trapped dead under there. They let the stone wall crack slightly, showing an underground river. We got out along the river.’’

Prince Xu seemed to be slightly shocked by Ji Hao. It was as if he couldn't believe that Ji Hao still was able to talk under the great pressure released by him.

Remaining silent for a while, Prince Xu let out a bland smile and responded, ’’You have just lied. Ji Hao, you have become such a skillful liar at such a young age, what a shame. Indeed, a magic crystal mine is located in this area but all this has nothing to do with you.’’

You were entrusted by the Magi Palace, but faced with groups of fierce wild beast, you have abandoned your responsibilities and fled away for your own safety. You left the Rong Mountain Clan people behind. Elder Iron Yan was thinking about going to the Magi Palace and sue the six of you. However, after all, Elder Iron Yan is a very generous and thoughtful elder, he didn't want to ruin your great futures just like this, so he had decided to let this go.’’

’’But none of us had thought that you were shameless enough to come back here after you had fled way. You might have heard about the discovery of the magic crystal nine, and shamelessly came back, coveting a share of the crystal mine. You even dared to bring a false charge against Elder Iron Yan.’’

’’This is why people say that the human heart is not what it had been in the old days. For the greed inside your heart, you have actually done something like this.’’

Prince Xu raised his head, let out a long sigh and said, ’’In this case, you shouldn't blame me for sending you back to the Magi Palace under guard and seek for some justice from your Magi Palace elders.’’

This long speech made by Prince Xu, which had completely confused right and wrong, had enraged Ji Hao. His tendons were starting to stand out under the skin of his forehead, one after another.


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