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The Magus Era - Chapter 212


Chapter 212 - Magical Space

Shaosi took out a cyan-coloured bone cane.

The bone cane was pure green-cyan, as bright as the sky after a storm. She gripped the bone cane and began a Maguspriest dance, executing it gracefully, in the underground cave. Along with her movements, all the others felt that a certain kind of magical power started to gather from all the directions towards her.

’’Such a shame that it's useless to me.’’ Taisi looked at Shaosi with a sad expression, while crossing his arms in front of his chest and murmuring, ’’Abba, Amma, please bless us. Let us find something nice and useful. At least, let us find a way out.’’

Shaosi raised her bone cane high, along with which, a visible white beam of light appeared in the air above the head of all her teammates, except of Taisi and Shaosi herself, then silently darted into their heads. Even the two baby magic fiery snakes had each received a beam of white light.

Yu Mu, Feng Xing, and Man Man didn't know what had happened. They had been running around the underground cave, carefully checking the stone wall, and had yet to sense any effect of Shaosi's magic. However, Ji Hao, who had activated his |Gold Crow Pupils| fully, was observing this underground cave through [Sky Opening] over and over again, trying to find a slight tear on the stone wall. All of a sudden he felt that the completely sealed stone wall in front of him had lit up and somehow began chanting.

For some mysterious reason the stone wall in front of Ji Hao's eyes cracked abruptly similarly to how flowers bloomed. Quite a few little cracks appeared on the stone that had completely consolidated and previously seemed impossible to crack.

In this world, anything and anyone had their weaknesses. Not a single thing or one was perfect.

Murmuring according to the instruction of the mysterious man, Ji Hao focused his eyes on a little crack on the stone wall that was where the concentration of exposed magic crystals had been the highest and was right in front of the sealed entrance. The following moment, he pulled his black dagger out and threw a hack with his full strength at the crack.

Because it being an inherited magic treasure of the Gold Crow Clan, the black dagger let out a slight and shrill, screaming-like sound. As a Senior Magus, a [Sky Opening] launched by Ji Hao was now ten times more powerful than it had been before. But, the counterforce of the [Sky Opening] had increased by ten times too. Although the black dagger was made from extremely precious materials and had been enchanted with incredibly powerful spells and spell symbols, it still got damaged by the counterforce.

Man Man, Shaosi, and the others were only able to see an arc beam of light trailing behind the dagger and flashing across the sky. Right after that, the stone wall trembled slightly, then a one zhang tall and five foot wide crack appeared on the stone wall.

A series of cracking sound started to come from the wall. The power of [Sky Opening] was rupturing the wall continuously. A tunnel, pitched at a 45 degrees angle, was opened up, extending further along the the cracking sound of the wall. Huge amounts of rocks and magic crystals were falling down from above.

The spell symbols that were released from the talismans, which were activated by the Rong Mountain Clan people to strengthen the stone wall, and had been flashing across the stone wall, began to shatter. But, the natural power in this underground cave was extremely rich and pure;each spell symbol that had shattered to recover immediately by nourishing it with the dense natural power. Gradually, large amounts of spell symbols gathered around the entrance of the tunnel, along with which, the stone wall began moving, attempting to reseal the tunnel.

’’Come! Follow me! All of you!’’ shouted Ji Hao loudly, ’’If you don't want to be trapped in here and be disposed by the Rong Mountain Clan people later, follow me!’’

A fierce wind that was transformed from pure and dense natural power, blew out from the tunnel. The natural power contained in the gust of wind was extremely rich and pure, just like wine that had been cellared perfectly for thousands of years, only smelling it would make people feel tipsy. After letting out the shout to the others, Ji Hao rushed into the tunnel as the first one, while waving his black dagger, throwing out arc light beams one after another, slicing those spell symbols, which were moving continuously towards the tunnel, into clouds of smoke and fire sparks.

Man Man carried her pair of hammers and walked into the tunnel while swaying her body, right behind Ji Hao. She always trusted Ji Hao without any hesitations.

Shaosi grabbed Taisi's shoulder, carried him like a jack of straw, and walked into the tunnel as well. At the same time, she turned her head around and said to Yu Mu and Feng Xing, ’’This is your luckiest moment, you can freely pick the nine magical plants, it should be fine.’’

Feng Xing and Yu Mu glanced at each other, then simultaneously let a shrill shout out. Yu Mu immediately grabbed his giant pot, which was shot broken earlier and roughly repaired by himself. Now it could barely hold a potful of soup. He used all his strength and scooped into the small milky white liquid pool. He scooped all the nine magical plants along with the entire pool of milky white liquid that had been condensed from the natural essence power into his pot. Then he hurriedly thrust his pot into the storage bag tied around his waist. After that, Yu Mu and Feng Xing ran side by side into the tunnel.

Along with a heavy thud, Yu Mu's huge body barely squeezed into the tunnel, but Feng Xing, who had rushed side by side with him, was pushed aside by Yu Mu's body. He bumped his head against the stone wall quite embarrassedly.

Feng Xing growled angrily. Yu Mu stepped back out of the tunnel regretting rushing first and let Feng Xing in first. Then he squeezed his body with some difficulty into the tunnel again. This tunnel opened by Ji Hao was only around a zhang wide and less than three meters tall, therefore, Yu Mu, who was taller than three meters, had to bend down and shrink his body, moving barely in the tunnel.

Countless spell symbols re-emerged on the stone wall. Along with slight sounds of rock movements, the stone wall began squirming and resealed the entrance of this tunnel right behind Yu Mu's body, without leaving even a single crack on the wall.

Ji Hao rushed downwards as fast as he could following the tunnel while holding the black dagger. The natural power of the wind blew continuously against his body. The further he moved, the stronger the wind became. Ji Hao felt as if he returned to the time he had first arrived at the Midland from the void. Similar to now, he had to move against the fierce wind transformed from great natural power, step by step with extremely difficulty.

The natural power wind flow clashed against Ji Hao's body and let out fire sparks. The tight armour worn by Ji Hao activated automatically, releasing a bright layer of clear light and wrapped Ji Hao's body up to prevent him from being crushed by the tremendous natural power contained in the wind.

Not long after that, the wind became way too strong. Ji Hao couldn't even move forward anymore. He failed to fend against the strong natural power wind with his own power. Man Man growled out, raised her pair of gigantic hammers and pressed them against Ji Hao's back. She took advantage of this 45 degrees tilted tunnel and added with her terrifyingly great strength she helped to keep Ji Hao moving forward.

Shaosi pressed her hand on Man Man's back, then Yu Mu and Feng Xing followed it up from behind. At last, even Mr Crow joined. It stretched its wings and laid all its strength on Ji Hao's body. With all of their powers combined, Ji Hao moved downwards along with the tunnel with quite some difficulty, against the horribly great natural power wind, which grew stronger and stronger, for over a thousand miles, then finally reached the end of the tunnel.

Even Ji Hao was shocked of himself that he had just opened such a long tunnel by a single [Sky Opening]. Not that his power was truly this great, but when he had launched the [Sky Opening] earlier with his black dagger, he had accidentally broken a certain spot in that stone wall, which allowed him to coincidentally open up this tunnel, which had existed behind that stone wall before.

A hazy layer of light blocked the exit of the tunnel, through which, one could see streams of natural power twisting and rolling in swirls.

Ji Hao gritted his teeth, turned around and took a glance at the tunnel, which had already been resealed for over hundreds of zhang behind them, then rushed into the layer of light. Followed by a loud boom, all the others rushed into the light as well. Once they stepped out of the tunnel through the layer of light, their bodies became light and floated in the air.

The natural power contained in this space was way too dense. It could even hold human bodies up like the buoyancy force of the water, keeping them floating in the air.

This was another underground cave that had a radius of miles. On the stone wall of this underground cave were countless thumb-sized holes that were spurting dense and pure, visible streams of natural power into the underground cave.

In the middle of this underground cave, a stalagmite and a stalactite were located on the ground and the roof, only tens of zhang apart from each other. Right between the stalagmite and the stalactite, a stone sword, was floating silently in the air. The stone sword looked extremely dignified, majestic, had a squared shape and in ancient style. Every single moment this sword would absorb the natural power from the air.


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