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The Magus Era - Chapter 211


Chapter 211 - Trouble

The power contained in the Magus Acupoint of his Dantian had been activated and directly gushed into the Yan Spear inside Ji Hao's right arm.

The silhouette of a spear flashed across the air along with which, Ji Hao's right hand moved lightning fast suddenly. Followed by a series of chain-clang sounds, the chains that Elder Iron Yan had used and locked Ji Hao and his teammates firmly with, were broken by the Yan Spean one after another.

Yu Mu, Feng Xing, Shaosi, and Man Man immediately leapt up. Yu Mu and Feng Xing instantly began to curse ragingly with their faces towards the sealed entrance of the underground cave.

Mr Crow and the two baby Magic Fiery Snakes, which had also been locked by the chain, darted onto Ji Hao's body, spurting out large streams of fire and dense smoke clouds. Especially the two magic fiery snakes, they were born cruel and vicious. At this moment, their pupils were filled with an angry glow. If Iron Yan happened to appear in front of them right now, these two little things - each had grown to a half-foot length - would certainly rush out and tear him into pieces.

’’Hu...hurt...’’ Taisi lied on the ground, his body twisting badly into a weird shape and weakly letting out a groan.

Shaosi walked hurriedly up to Taisi, touched his broken bones with her fingers, frowning instantly. Taisi was scrawny and weak, far weaker than Ji Hao and the others, therefore, the chain didn't only break his joints, but also crushed all the bones near those joints. If he had been a Senior Magus, this kind of wound would have recovered within the span of few breaths, but Taisi was only a Junior Magus. Although his power had already reached the peak of the Junior Magus level, his body was still at the weakest grade amongst all Junior Magi. Coupled with the fact that the life force contained inside his body was helplessly thin, he might need to rest in bed for a few years, in order to let those crushed bones recover.

’’I have 'dragon marrow ointment' here,’’ Ji Hao took out a fist-sized black jade bottle and put it on Taisi's chest, then said, ’’Quick, spread it on Taisi's wounds! In tops, a quarter of an hour he will have recovered. We're still in danger, do not waste any time!’’

Shaosi gritted her teeth, threw a glance filled with seriousness and hesitation at Ji Hao, then hurriedly grabbed the jade bottle and pulled a gold-cyan ointment out from the bottle. The sticky ointment emitted a nice fragrance, smelling like a mix of flower and wine. Shaosi then carefully spread the ointment on Taisi's wounds, where his bones were crushed.

This 'dragon marrow ointment' of Ji Hao was specially concocted by Wulong Yao himself, with his secret magic medicine making skills. Unlike ordinary 'dragon marrow ointment', which usually used marrows of serpents or flood dragons, Ji Hao's ointment was made from the marrow of a real dragon, which were a few evil water dragons killed by Wulong Yao himself. This ointment was truly the highest grade of magic medicine.

Once Shaosi spread this ointment on Taisi's wounds, the ointment transformed into a visible layer of thin mist and quickly wrapped around Taisi's body. A deep roaring-sound of dragon was continuously coming from the mist, along with which, Taisi's hollowed joints began to swell at a visible rate. All the crushed bones moved under the strong effect of the powerful magic ointment and grew back together.

Yu Mu took a careful sniff, then took out a similar-looking black jade bottle, pulled out the plug of the bottle and compared it with Ji Hao's ointment. After that he let out a great sigh and said, ’’Ji Hao, are you a direct relative of an elder of the Magi Palace? Look at my 'dragon marrow ointment', it's made from a thousand years old serpent's marrow, and it's already the best grade we can ever get from the Magi Palace. But yours is made from the marrow of a real dragon.’’

Ji Hao let out a grin, nodded and said, ’’Elder Wulong Yao of the Magi palace, he and an elder of my clan, were old friends. So, he gave me quite a few life-saving stuff, if any of you need anything, just ask.’’

Ji Hao didn't want to talk too much about this. He looked at the stone wall, which still had large amounts of glowing spell symbols flashing across it, and said in deep voice, ’’We have to find a way out before the reinforcements of the Rong Mountain Clan arrives. If we remain stuck here, those people will have countless different way to keep us down here for forever.’’

Hearing Ji Hao's words, the facial expressions of both Yu Mu and Feng Xing, changed abruptly. They instantly stopped discussing the 'dragon marrow ointment', and hurriedly began running around the sealed cave. Feng Xing even pulled out a dagger and threw out nearly a thousand hacks on the stone wall of the cave within a moment, making a series of ear-piercing clashing sounds and creating such a large amounts of fire sparks that the entire cave was lit because of them.

This was an all-adapting magic crystal mine, and the magic crystals that had been found here were all of the highest grade. Even a little piece weighed five-thousand stones. So it was reasonable to say that the stones and rocks in this area were also extremely solid, and that it even had thousand times higher density than ordinary metals. Therefore, it was quite difficult to break through theses stone walls. On top of that, the Rong Mountain Clan people had sealed the entire cave and strengthened the stone wall with a special magic. The over a thousand hacks that were launched by Feng Xing with his full strength, had only left thousands of tiny white marks, which were even smaller than sesames, on the stone wall, failing to knock even a piece of rock off.

’’I can't do this,’’ yelled Feng Xing a bit helplessly, ’’I can indeed move fast, but I don't have enough strength, we need much greater strength.’’

’’Strength! Man Man has strength!’’ Man Man shouted happily while dropping one of her hammers and gripping the handle of the other hammer. She then leapt into the air, raised the gigantic hammer and smashed on the sealed entrance of this underground cave with all of her strength. Followed by a thunderous bang, Man Man let out a scream and rebounded back like a rubber ball. She fell on the ground and howled out in pain.

Clouds of smoke mixed with streams of fire instantly filled the entire cave up. After the smoke and fire had dissipated, Ji Hao and the other teammates hurriedly rushed over and checked the sealed entrance. However, they were disappointed to discover that Man Man's hammer had only left a half-inch deep dent on the stone wall.

Although Ji Hao had always been a calm person, he couldn't help but exclaim silently in his head when he saw the shallow dent. This stone wall was formed by a layer of rock that was nourished by extremely dense and pure natural power for over countless years. Coupled with the fact that this cave had been strengthened by the secret strengthening magic of the Rong Mountain Clan, being locked up in this sealed underground cave had become a nearly desperate situation for Ji Hao and his teammates. Everyone was clearly aware how great Man Man's strength actually was and that her hammers were even more powerful than her, but still, a full-strength hammer launched by Man Man could only knock a slight dent into the stone wall. Even if Man Man could really knock a path out of the stone wall bit by bit, the Rong Mountain Clan reinforcements would have arrived long ago by then.

’’Oi, I don't' think we need to be too nervous,’’ said Taisi, the majority of whose wounds had just recovered by. He sat up with a bit of difficulty and continued, ’’The Rong Mountain Clan has only like ten Senior Magi, at most, and none of them are good at fighting. Together, we can easily beat them. Just let them come if they dare to.’’

Ji Hao sighed with a frown, shook his head and said, ’’You're right. Indeed, we shouldn't be afraid of the Rong Mountain Clan. However, we should be afraid of the Lie Mountain Clan, who might support the Rong Mountain Clan. The Rong Mountain Clan was like a branch clan of the Lie Mountain Family, therefore, I assume, more or less, they are pretty close with some of the clansmen of the Lie Mountain Family.’’

Once Ji Hao mentioned the Lie Mountain Clan, no one could say another word. Even Man Man remained silent. Although she had yelled that the Zhu Rong family of the Southern Wasteland would never be afraid of the Lie Mountain family, Man Man understood clearly that Emperor Yan, who was a legendary emperor and one of the first three generations of the King of the humankind, was born in the Lie Mountain family.

The Lie Mountain family possessed a high status amongst the entire humankind, equal to the status of the Zhu Rong family of the Southern Wasteland. If the Rong Mountain Clan truly brought over a few powerful Senior Magi from the Lie Mountain family to deal with Ji Hao and his teammates, it wouldn't be possible for Ji Hao and his teammates to win.

An all-adapting magic crystal mine was worth a lot. Many people would take great risks for it, which they wouldn't possibly be willing to take ordinarily. Such a valuable mine could also make people take some ridiculous actions, which normally they would never have taken. As the saying goes, even wise people can be blinded by lust for benefits.

Maybe Man Man would survive because of her family background, but Ji Hao and the other teammates wouldn't be that lucky. Even worse, Man Man might be killed and silenced as well. After all, god knew what the Lie Mountain Family people would do for such a highest-grade, all-adapting magic crystal mine.

’’We can't pin our hope on the kindness or hesitation of our enemies,’’ said Ji Hao harshly, ’’we must figure a way out, as soon as possible!’’


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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