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The Magus Era - Chapter 210


Chapter 210 - Lie Mountain

’’Damn it!’’ cursed Ji Hao angrily.

He truly hadn't thought that Elder Iron Yan would actually attack them. Although he did foresee some bad developments as soon as he had seen this magic crystal mine, he had never thought that, considering the current situation where the Rong Mountain Clan numbered less in Senior Magi, which made them weaker than Ji Hao's team, Elder Iron Yan would choose to attack them. After all, amongst the entire migrating troop of the Rong Mountain Clan, Elder Iron Yan had been the only Senior Magus. Although he knew everything about smithing, he barely fought in real battles.

According to Ji Hao's prediction, if Elder Iron Yan had intentions of having this crystal mine all for themselves and would decide to act on it, he still would have to wait till their reinforcements had arrived at this location. That would have given Ji Hao plenty of time to have delivered this message to Wulong Yao and other elders of the Magi Palace.

However, Iron Yan had taken action immediately. Furthermore, he was in possession of such a powerful subduing inherited magic treasure, hidden inside his body. Those chains had been forged by some unknown kind of metal. Although they had the thickness of only thumb, they were incredibly heavy. Countless black spell symbols were glowing on each of the chains, releasing a tremendous power. These chains sank deeply into the joints of Ji Hao and his teammates, squeezing till bone-cracking sounds were coming out of their bodies. Even with his extremely solid body, Ji Hao could feel great pain coming from his bones.

This was actually not a big deal to Ji Hao, but the poorest one in the team was actually Taisi. Among all the members of the team, Taisi was the weakest one. The chain, which had locked all his joints, suddenly tightened;along with which, he let out a great howl and all of his bones were squeezed, breaking his joints in such a way that his limbs and upper body even twisted in a weird manner.

Taisi fell on the ground with a thud, the whites of his eyeballs showing while black-coloured mixed dark-red-coloured blood gushed out from the corners of his mouth.

The people of the Rong Mountain Clan were rushing out at their highest speed. The face of Elder Iron Yan had become dark-blue, and his tight and stiff body was quickly moving backwards. It was obvious that he was extremely nervous about having attacked and locked up Ji Hao and his teammates so suddenly.

When he had reached near the entrance of this underground cave, a murderous intent appeared abruptly on his face. All of a sudden, his right arm began to glow and a heavy, thick machete appeared instantly in his hand. The black edge of the machete glistened with huge blood-red light, which clearly indicated that this was a fierce and powerful weapon that had bathed in quite an amount of blood.

While staring at Elder Iron Yan, who was showing such a murderous intent, Ji Hao sneered and said, ’’How will you explain it to the Magi Palace if you killed us?’’

’’You were all swallowed by a terrifying beast living around this area in order to rescue our clansmen. We truly appreciate your sacrifice, therefore, we, the Rong Mountain Clan, will give a compensation to the Magi Palace ten times more than the original price,’’ said Iron Yan harshly.

Ji Hao raised his voice and yelled harshly as well, ’’It won't be that simple! Man Man is the little girl of the Fire God, Zhu Rong. If she dies here, your Rong Mountain Clan will be wiped out completely for sure! So, Elder Iron Yan, just release us, and we will pretend nothing has happened.’’

Elder Iron Yan gasped deeply, gritted his teeth and said, ’’I have already locked you up, how can we pretend nothing has happened? This magic crystal mine, with this mine, our Rong Mountain Clan will certainly raise! We will grow hundreds of times more powerful than we are now, within at most a hundred years. And we, as an immigrating branch clan, will be able to return home proudly, even...’’

While speaking, Iron Yan hacked his machete hard against the ground, creating large amounts of fire sparks, then growled our hoarsely, ’’None of our Rong Mountain Clan clansmen have ever forgotten that we originated from the Lie Mountain Clan, we are the offspring of the highest Flame God! We...’’

A series of chain clanging sounds interrupted his speech. Man Man, who was also locked firmly by a chain, slowly stood up with her body shaking intensely.

Ji Hao, Yu Mu, Feng Xing, and Shaosi were all locked by chains and couldn't even move a little bit. Man Man however, gritted her teeth and stood forcibly up with only her physical strength. Dragging the long chain and carrying her pair of hammers, Man Man walked towards Iron Yan, step by step.

’’Old guy, Man Man had thought that you were a good man, but you turned out to be a bad guy. I will tell my Abba to burn your Rong Mountain Clan!’’

’’What is the big deal about being the offspring of the Flame God? We are from the Zhu Rong family of the Southern Wasteland. We will never be afraid of your crappy Lie Mountain Flame God!’’ Man Man continued angrily.

The clanging sounds of the chain never stopped. Man Man carried her hammers, with the chain shockingly wrapped around her body, approached Elder Iron Yan step by step. The horrible power of the chain pressured her small body so much that each of her steps left a deep footprint in the ground.

Fortunately, the ground of this underground cave was nourished by dense and pure natural power and had become especially solid. Otherwise, if it had been an ordinary type of ground, Man Man would directly be pressed down onto the ground long ago.

Elder Iron Yan was staring at Man Man. Ever since Man Man had easily destroyed a smithing worktable with her hammer, he had known that this little girl had a monster-like strength. Although he was a Senior Magus, he doubted if he would be able to survive against Man Man's hammers.

Letting out a bitter laugh, Elder Iron Yan turned around and hurriedly left the cave while yelling loudly at his fellow clansmen.

The Rong Mountain Clan clansmen who had remained behind in the underground cave and were waiting on Elder Iron Yan, quickly took out several magic talismans, sticking them in the ground and wall of the cave. Right after the talismans had been stuck, the ground began to tremble. The rocks and the soil began to move under influence of those powerful magic talisman. Soon, the entrance of the underground cave had been blocked firmly. After blocking the entrance, the talismans affected the stone walls too. Now and then, palm-sized spell symbols would flash across the stone wall, bringing up clouds of smoke that spread quickly out of the underground cave.

These were special magic talismans that were genuinely created by the Rong Mountain Clan and were designed to strengthen mines. These talismans could make ordinary rocks become more solid than before by thousands of times.

Now that those Rong Mountain Clan clansmen had activated those talismans in the underground cave, the cave instantly turned into a huge cage and locked Ji Hao and his teammates inside. Even if Ji Hao and his teammates could violently break the thick, solid rock layer and get out of this cave, the Rong Mountain Clan people still would gain the time they needed. Not to mention that Ji Hao and his teammates were now locked by Elder Iron Yan's chains. Man Man, who was the only one capable of moving, could only do so with great difficulty and only slightly. It was nearly impossible for her to open up a path that would lead to the outside world single-handedly.

Ji Hao lied on the ground, helplessly let out a bitter grin and said, ’’I hadn't thought that Elder Iron Yan would really dare to attack us. Ha, it's just a magic crystal mine.’’

Yu Mu sighed, shook his head and said, ’’It's not just any ordinary magic crystal mine, but an all-adapting magic crystal mine! Anyone would not be willing to give that away. If the Rong Mountain Clan can really keep this magic crystal mine all to themselves, their clan will certainly raise.’’

Ji Hao grinned his teeth and said coldly, ’’I'm just afraid that they will completely be wiped out, even before rising.’’

Taking a deep breath, a wisp of purple smoke slowly rose from the middle of his eyebrows, along with which, Ji Hao's body gradually transformed into a cloud of mist. It then turned into a gust of wind. After about five minutes, Ji Hao got easily rid of the chain and reappeared in the wind.

Kicking the chain away, Ji Hao then looked around at the stone wall.

’’We have to get out as soon as possible, otherwise, we will be in hell of a trouble if the Rong Mountain Clan reinforcements arrive.’’


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