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The Magus Era - Chapter 205


Chapter 205 - Slaves

At the campsite.

The women of the Rong Mountain Clan were busy while their faces were filled with an unswerving look.

The last three arrows that had been shot by Great Gale Ling, had killed three hundred and seventy seven warriors of the clan. Seven hundred and eighty five had wounded seriously and twelve hundred and fifty three clansmen had been wounded slightly. If it hadn't been for Yu Mu's poison that had consumed over ninety percent of Great Gale Ling's power, the count of deaths and wounded would be higher by at least a magnitude of ten.

To ordinary people, Senior Magi's powers were as terrifying as gods, devils, and fierce ghosts, completely overwhelming.

Warriors who had fallen on the battlefield were cleaned and laid on piles of firewood orderly. Elder Iron Mountain and a few elderly Maguspriests stood to the side, and began chanting a soul-comforting spell in very low voices.

’’Dead warriors, this here is not far away from the Rong Mountain, and you have been so lucky to be able to return home right after you died.’’

’’To protect the surviving clansmen, bless them a safe journey. Protect the children who survived, and bless them so they will grow up safely.’’

’’The Rong Mountain is not far away from here, you should go home, soon. Do not fear, do not worry, our clansmen have already raised banners for you. Go home along the same way we had come, the banners will guide you. Rong Mountain is our hometown!’’

Occasionally, weeping sounds of children came from the crowd. They were the kids of killed warriors. However, only a few had cried out, most of the children, whose parents died in the battle, were now gathered around elderly clansmen, silently taking over the armours and picked up the weapons, which were left by their parents.

The wounded warriors were lying on the backs of the Curly-Horned Cattles. Shaosi, Taisi, and a group of women from the Rong Mountain Clan were cleaning their wounds and feeding them healing potions. A thick smell of herbal medicines lingered in the air. Now and then, a few badly wounded warriors would cough intensely, while spitting large amounts of blood out.

Yu Mu was staring expressionlessly at the busy campsite, while his upper body laid bare.

This was a damned era, people got used to the abrupt demise of their families. It was so difficult to survive and death was like a dark cloud shrouding everyone in darkness all the time.

Feng Xing gritted his teeth, and pulled out arrows from Yu Mu's body one after another. Many arrows had pierced into Yu Mu's fat by over two feet deep. Some arrowheads had even punctured his bones and pierced into his marrow.

Every time an arrow was pulled out, a stream of blood would gush out of Yu Mu's body. However, his skin and flesh would squirm and the wounds healed quickly, all by itself. When the arrows that had sliced his muscles and broken his skin were being pulled out, Yu Mu remained expressionless. It was as if it wasn't him whom the muscles and skin belonged to.

Still, the arrowheads that had pierced into his bones were all thickly dotted with sharp thorns. When Feng Xing pulled them out with some force, the bones of Yu Mu clashed against the arrowheads and made series of ear-piercing noises. Instantly, Yu Mu's entire body tightened and his face became twisted. He gnashed his teeth and let out a muffled groan with intermediate intervals.

Sticky perspiration ceaselessly oozed out of Yu Mu's skin. He gasped quickly for cold air, then began talking abruptly.

’’Eh, that guy Shaosi released earlier. He had fled away with a life-saving magic talisman. Shouldn't he have arrived at Pu Bu City by now?’’ Letting out a slight howl, Yu Mu laughed embarrassedly and continued, ’’I want to swallow some meat so much right now...hmmm...but my pot it's not solid enough. Such a great shame, eh...’’

Man Man was squatting quietly beside Yu Mu and Feng Xing, holding the long handles of her pair of hammers in each of her hands, while she was staring at all these people who were busy in the campsite. This was the first time for her to witness something like this;a campsite, which was left in a mess after a surprise attack, women and children, who were very sad about having their lost their families but forcibly choked their tears back, and those kids, who had red and misty eyes, but silently took over the armours and weapons that were left by their fathers or uncles, from the hands of the elders, with fortitudinous looks.

For some unknown reasons, Man Man, who had always been a careless little girl, now had eyes filled with tears. The following moment, two lines of crystal clear tears gushed out of her eye sockets.

She dropped her hammers, walked slowly up to a woman, took over a clay bowl from her hand, and helped to clean wounds of a warrior, who had a huge hole cut out on his chest.

’’Hm, Man Man.’’ Ji Hao looked at Man Man, and felt as if a sphere of raging flame was going to explode inside his chest.

He thought about what Great Gale Ling had confessed to while begging for his life, after being captured. He had been so afraid to die that he even blurted out things he shouldn't have. Thinking about his words, Ji Hao felt anger rushing to his brain like a fierce stream. He patter Mr Crow, who was standing on his shoulder, right after which, Mr Crow emitted a resonating caw towards the sky while rising in the air. It stretched its wings, spun its body and expanded to over hundred zhang length. Ji Hao hopped onto the back of Mr Crow and then transformed into a beam of fiery light. He directly rose into the air, thousands of feet high from up the ground.

Mr Crow transformed into an over hundred zhang long beam and sliced the clouds apart. It darted forward, flying over hundreds of miles within ten minutes.

Hovering in the air for a while, Ji Hao, whose pupils were shining brightly, abruptly let out a great growl and leapt straight down from the back of Mr Crow. While falling rapidly from the air thousands of feet high from above the ground, Ji Hao had also activated his fiery wings, allowing himself to dive down even faster.

Like a blazing shooting star, Ji Hao smashed fiercely into a small valley.

A small troop consisting of hundreds of slave warriors led by tens of Jia Clan warriors, were camping in the valley. They hadn't built a bonfire. They were only sitting in a circle on the ground around a luxury tent.

Seeing Ji Hao fall from the sky along a dazzling, bright light, the little group of most powerful Jia Clan warriors amongst the small troop, instantly shouted out in, both in anger and fear. They jumped into the air. Two of them even directly leapt hundreds of feet high and rushed straight towards Ji Hao, intending to bump him in the air.

Ji Hao was diving rapidly down, he could even clearly see the thick beard on the faces of the two Jia Clan warriors.

’’I want all of you to die!!’’ Ji Hao gave a great shout. Along with his shout, the great power stored in the Magus Acupoint of his Dantian transformed into a dragon-like fire stream and roared out. Then it was instantly absorbed by the Yan Spear, which had merged with Ji Hao's right arm as a tattoo.

A one zhang and eight foot long fire stream suddenly spurted out from Ji Hao's right palm. Although with his current Senior Magus level power, he could only activate a slight little bit of the power of the Yan Spear and that too for a short moment, which was so short it might even be ignored. But, currently Ji Hao considered it more than enough.

A gold-red, spear-shaped fire stream spurted out from Ji Hao's palm and instantly released a terrifyingly great heat. The air within tens of miles in radius was immediately shrouded by raging fire, as if the spear-shaped fire stream had set even the sky ablaze. Clouds of flame rolled in the sky, and the armours worn by the two Jia Clan warriors quickly began to burn.

Holding the spear-shaped fire stream, Ji Hao shouted out in anger and thrust the spear forward. After the spearhead had touched the bodies of the two Jia Clan warriors only slightly, the spear-shaped fire stream, which had been activated now, gushed back into Ji Hao's right arm. However, the two Jia Clan warriors were even unable to let any sound out before the beam of bright fiery light gushed from out their chests, burning them into puffs of smoke within a moment.

Ji Hao laned heavily on the ground. Followed by a thunderous boom, the entire three to four zhang long valley was swept across by a powerful fire stream.

After having activated the Yan Spear, Ji Hao had ran out of his internal power. At the moment, he activated his Golden Dan and released the tremendous power contained in it. The power of the Golden Dan soared out in streams, along with which, three flying daggers and two flying swords darted out from the storage bag tied around Ji Hao's shoulder, leaving a trail of zhang long beams of cold light, swishing towards the other Jia Clan warriors. Over ten Jia Clan warriors, who had been sent up into the air by the shockwave created by Ji Hao when he had landed on the ground, were all sliced by the sharp and fierce beams of cold dagger and sword light from their necks, and were beheaded, before Ji Hao had stood back up.

Compared to the Jia Clan warriors of the Blood Tooth, these were only Junior Magus level idiots, which Ji Hao could wipe easily out.

’’You are from the Black Lock, Great Gale Ling had asked you to come here and take over new slaves, right?’’ asked Ji Hao, ’’But sorry, you are now my slaves. All of you!’’


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