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The Magus Era - Chapter 202


Chapter 202 - Release

Run, run as far as you can.

Great Gale Ling and his teammates were all immediately freaking out, because all of them turned around and fled whilst using all of their powers.

In battle, every elite Senior Magus like Great Gale Ling, who were highly skilled and powerful, were capable of easily destroying an army single-handedly. But a poison using Magus, who knew everything about poison, were capable of slaughtering an entire clan whenever he or she desired to do so. There were even terrifying cases, such as the one during ancient time, in the era of Emperor Yao that had passed not long ago, a poison using Magus had wantonly spread a pestilent poison in the Midland in revenge for his clan that had been wiped out. Three months later, within an area encompassing ten miles, not even a single plant had been able to survive that poison. Over a hundred million clansmen of eight large-scale clans had been killed because of the rampaging disease that was caused by the poison. Ever since then poison using Magi have been considered the most terrifying beings during battle.

Not a single Magus was brave enough to risk his life fighting against a poison using Magus without the help of powerful magic medicines that could counteract the poison user or without having prepared enough detoxifying medicines, or medicines that could neutralize poisons capable of causing diseases. In the world of Magi being killed was not a very big deal, but being poisoned with a substance that would linger in your body and spread among other people, causing fatal damage to their clan, would make the warriors suffer the most.

Great Gale Ling and his teammates rushed back, fleeing with all of their powers. Fierce gusts of wind emerged under their feet, and swooshing spheres of white gale appeared behind the backs of each of them, raising them into the air and accelerating them quickly by many times. They flew ten miles away within a single second, while leaving a trail of afterimages.

’’Damn it...Elder Yun Peng tricked me...damn, this bloody fatso! No one told me that he's a poison user!’’

Great Gale Ling wanted to cry, but he failed to shed any tears because his tear glands were damaged by the powerful poison. His eyes had become dry and countless tiny cracks appeared on the surface of his eyeballs, making him incapable of seeing clearly at the moment. The poison had invaded his internal organs, and Great Gale Ling sensed clearly something that felt as if countless worms were crawling madly around within his body.

His limbs were numb and his blood vessels were blocked. A few newly awakened Magus Acupoints, which hadn't been warmed and nourished to the optimal state yet, were also easily invaded by the poison. He felt waves of numbness from his Magus Acupoints, along with which, all of the power stored in his Magus Acupoints were polluted by the poison, turning into thousands of power streams, resembling vicious snakes, smashing around inside his body. Wherever those power streams swept across, all muscles, blood vessels, and bones would be stirred into jam.

’’You...our Great Gale Clan will not spare you for this!!’’ screamed Great Gale Ling hoarsely, ’’Our Great Gale Clan is...’’

’’Your Great Gale Clan is one of the ten most powerful clans of the Ten-Sun-Country and a loyal henchman of the Ten-Sun-Country! We know, we know, you don't even need to say it!’’ yelled Feng Xing. He then laughed out so loud that tears even gushed out of his eye sockets.

Great Gale Ling growled out loud and jumped abruptly hundreds of feet high into the air. He turned around, glared at the defensive formation of the clansmen of the Rong Mountain, then pulled his longbow open and flipped his fingers, shooting three arrows out.

The tree arrows flew as fast as lightning bolts into the defensive formation and caused thunderous muffled booms. All three arrows exploded immediately, transforming into fierce whirlwinds and rose into the air along with loud swooshing sounds. Nearly a thousand armed warriors of the Rong Mountain Clan were rolled up by the three whirlwinds while howling in fear and pain. Countless visible white sharp gusts of winds circled around their bodies and madly hacked at their limbs. This caused large amounts of fire sparks to spurt out from their thick metal armours, and from time to time, armour fragments would fall off onto the ground.

Blood dripped from the air overhead the defensive formation of the Rong Mountain Clan, and not long after there was a rain of blood. With a vicious grin, Great Gale Ling looked at the defensive formation, which had now fallen into chaos, and yelled, ’’Even if I die, you shall all die with me! Haha! Haha! You idiots!’’

Ji Hao was standing on Mr Crow's back. Mr Crow had transformed into a fiery streak of light and was rushing towards the campsite. Seeing Great Gale Ling even risking his own life to inflict heavy losses on the Rong Mountain Clan, Ji Hao was instantly enraged. Escorting the troops of the Rong Mountain Clan to their new territory, protecting them, and helping them with the exploitation and development of the new land, were the tasks of Ji Hao and his teammates. If the casualties among the clansmen of the Rong Mountain Clan would be too serious, Ji Hao and his teammates wouldn't be able to complete their task, and Ji Hao would feel incredibly guilty.

’’Damn you bastards! Who the hell sent you here?!’’ shouted Ji Hao. He then loudly cawed at Mr Crow.

Mr Crow had just swallowed two whole bottles of Three Birds and Nine Beasts pills. Currently its body was filled with active power and all wounds left by the Shadow Devil assassins had already cured fully. There were only a few damaged feathers that hadn't grown back yet. Hearing Ji Hao's caw, Mr Crow too let out a long and resonating caw, then stretched its wings and threw out over ten black feathers. Those feathers darted out like bullets, tied by long beams of fiery lights, shooting towards Great Gale Ling and his teammates.

The metal-sharp feathers accurately pierced through the bodies of those boys while making a series of puff sounds. All Great Gale Ling's teammates had already fallen into half-unconsciousness because of the poison released by Yu Mu. Therefore, Mr Crow's feathers easily punctured their vital body parts, and sent out a stream of Gold Crow flame into each of their bodies, which then burned them into clouds of smoke within a moment.

Great Gale Ling floated in the air, struggled as hard as he could and tried dodging those feathers. He bit his own tongue until it broke and let out a long, hoarse yet shrill scream. Followed by his voice, a beam of white light darted out from his chest, transforming into a hazy silhouette of a great gale bird and merged with his body.

’’What the...Spirit possession of an ancestor's soul?!’’ Ji Hao's eyes popped open, ’’Bloody hell! You have been raising a [Magic Blood Battle Soul] inside your body! I can't let you live!’’

The [Magic Blood Battle Soul] was a secret Maguspriest magic. Draining out the soul of a powerful wild creature, turning it into an embryo with a certain kind of secret magic, then injecting it into the body of a talented warrior. The Senior Magus level spirit blood of the warrior would then nourish the embryo. When the embryo matured, it would awaken and merge with the body of said warrior, gifting the warrior with all the powers and abilities that the creature had possessed.

The soul that had merged with Great Gale Ling's body belonged to a Great Gale Bird. If this soul of the Great Gale Bird naturally grew mature inside his body, after merged with Great Gale Ling, he would acquire all the powers of an adult Great Gale Bird. For example, solely relying on the body of a Senior Magus, Great Gale Ling would be capable of flying up to a height of over a million feet. He would be able to freely travel through the void without any difficulty and manipulate all kinds of winds in this world. None of the ordinary Maguspriests would be able to fight against him. Moreover, his sight would have become extremely great and sensitive. He would be able to clearly see every single movement of a tiny mouse from the height of a million feet, which was a precious boon for an archer.

However, in order to survive the attack of Ji Hao and Mr Crow, Great Gale Ling had forcibly activated the power of the Great Gale Bird's soul. This would certainly over consume his life force, and result in him spending more spirit blood and time to be able to completely merge with the soul of the Great Gale Bird in the future, that was if he would have a future.

The silhouette of the Great Gale Bird stretched its wings behind Great Gale Ling's body, bringing up a white fierce gust of wind and suddenly darting to a height of over three thousand feet, into the thick layer of clouds and straight into the sky.

Mr Crow let out a resonant caw, then sniffed scornfully. He transformed back into a fiery light streak and instantly rose into the air nearly a million feet high from the ground, around three thousand feet higher than Great Gale Ling. Then Mr Crow abruptly dived down and slapped Great Gale Ling directly onto the ground with only one claw.

An immature soul of a Great Gale Bird, how could it compare with Mr Crow in flying speed?

Yu Mu and Feng Xing had already rushed up to Great Gale Ling. Yu Mu angrily pulled out those arrows that were still stuck on his body, while he raised his foot high and stamped hard on the back of Great Gale Ling, and yelled, ’’You damn little bastard! I will cook you into a pot of soup today and feed you to those wild dogs! My pot! My fat! And so much blood I have lost today! Damn you! Do you have any idea about how much delicious food I have to eat to replenish all those back?!!’’

Shaosi walked calmly over, her eyes filled with coldness and anger. She then said slowly with a frosty voice, ’’Don't kill him, give him to me, then release him. He has almost killed us, he has to pay for that.’’

Shaosi then began to chant a strange spell, along with which, a subtle and weird power sneakily gathered over from an unknown source.


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