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The Magus Era - Chapter 200


Chapter 200 - Pray

The arrows had flown silently and shrouded Yu Mu and Feng Xing within a moment. Feng Xing was the only who saw the attack coming, but it just slightly before it arrived.

Feng Xing didn't even have enough time to shout out a complete sentence to warn the others. He only gave a long and resonant shout while suddenly leaping high into the air and flying away, leaving tens of afterimages behind him. This loud shout that was filled with anxiety, was loud enough to catch the attention of Yu Mu and Shaosi.

The dagger and grilled piece of meat that Yu Mu had been holding in his hands, disappeared immediately. He gasped deeply, after which his body swelled suddenly into a huge ball, then shrunk inward. After that, Yu Mu stood up. Now he didn't look fat anymore, but especially strong.

His thick and broad palms were wrapped around by a green layer of dim light, Yu Mu then closed his eyes and began to slap the air randomly. His moves looked slow and heavy as if he was holding a small mountain in his hands. However, while he was slapping slowly, the over thirty arrows, which were aimed at him, had all been slapped away by his palms before they even approached his body.

Yu Mu's palms seemed to be solid and powerful, or it may just be that fatsos like him would never lack strength. All arrows that had been slapped by his palms, shattered instantly to ashes by his great power. Even those metallic arrowheads had been corroded by wisps of poisonous green smoke, turning quickly into liquid.

After Shaosi had heard Feng Xing's shout, she had only chanted a simple spell with a very deep voice while raising her finger slightly. Accompanied with her movement, a white spell symbol flashed above the head of each of Taisi, Feng Xing, Yu Mu and herself abruptly, after which it disappeared rapidly. Except Taisi, who was knocked out, both, Yu Mu and Feng Xing, sensed a subtle change inside their bodies. They hurriedly activated their powers and did a complete check of their bodies, but found nothing abnormal.

While they were busy dealing with the arrows, both Yu and Feng Xing turned their heads and took a quick glance at Shaosi in shock. After that, Yu Mu abruptly let out a great howl towards the camp.

’’Enemy attack!! All clansmen of the Rong Mountain Clan!! Defend yourselves! Follow your own rules and defend yourselves!!’’

Elder Tie Yan, who was the main person in charge of this exploration, stood up and gave orders with loud and resonating voice. Followed by this, all the clansmen of the Rong Mountain Clan began to move immediately. Although quite a few clansmen couldn't help but let out waves of frightened screams and cries, soon, these screams and cries had all vanished, along with loud and clear sounds of slaps.

A group of elderly clansmen moved towards the outer circle of the crowd, with younger ones standing right behind them. The women and children were enclosed within the core. The people of the Rong Mountain Clan had formed a typical defensive formation that would sacrifice elderly clansmen in order to save the ones whose lives were more effective and had more strength.

The Rong Mountain Clan was famous for their skill in forging. They had brought huge amounts of tools and weapons for the exploration of the new territory. In the blink of an eye, at least three thousand powerful crossbows had been taken out, and held by clansmen within the roughly formed defensive formation. Apart from those archers with crossbows and elderly clansmen, each of the other men were wearing a full metal armour and holding a large and heavy metal shield, which was even taller than an adult. These armed clansmen quickly moved to the outer circle of the defensive formation and formed a small metal fence wall with their shields.

These clansmen of the Rong Mountain Clan may lack high battle effectiveness - they were after all a group of professional blacksmith and in no way capable of fighting like the warriors of the Southern Wasteland - but with the help of these highly professional and top-quality weapons they had taken out, they would be able to frighten cowardly enemies away.

Feng Xing, who had already darted miles away while leaving a trail of afterimages behind him, let out another shrill shout, ’’Be careful! The ones who have attacked us are only a group of Junior Magi! The more powerful enemies may not have appeared yet!’’

Before his voice had faded, a high-pitched, terrifying song of some kind of gigantic bird rose into the air.

On a mountainside quite far from the campsite, a white, wind-like silhouette abruptly rose into the air. From out the silhouette, a gigantic bird gradually emerged. This bird had beautiful shining feathers, its long peacock-like feathers were fluttering along with the wind. This bird seemed to possess horrible strength and power, as if it could carry the entire sky up.

’’Great Gale Clan! You crappy birds of the Great Gale Clan! Aren't you ashamed?! This is the Midland! Not the Eastern Wasteland, which is controlling by douchebags of your Ten-Sun Country!!’’ yelled Feng Xing.

Followed by an odd clashing sound, a specially crafted, nine-foot and nine-inch long arrow was shot out, flying towards Feng Xing. This arrow seemed nothing different from ordinary arrows, but moved incredibly fast. Its speed was too fast to be described with words, and would definitely make enemies despair.

When this arrow had flown for over a mile, a section of one-foot of its body exploded immediately, and the flying speed of the arrow had doubled instantly. Right after that, the arrow flew for another mile, and another section of the arrow's body exploded, which accelerated the arrow once again.

The arrow had flown for nine miles, and had accelerated for nine times. When it was only less than ten miles away from Feng Xing, the nine-inch long arrowhead was already moving as fast as a beam of light, making it difficult for Feng Xing to even tell which direction it would come from, neither did he know how to dodge it.

Feng Xing could run at an amazingly high speeds, could also dodge almost any ordinary arrow in his own special way. However, brother Ling, the archer who had shot this arrow out, was a lot more powerful than Feng Xing, and was a highly skilled archer. He knew very well how to kill an enemy accurately that was able to move fast and agilely, and was particularly good at dodging, with only one shot. He knew how to push enemies into hopeless situations.

The arrowhead swished over. At almost the same moment when brother Ling had shot the arrow out, the arrow had let out nine explosion sounds in a row and approached Feng Xing's chest. They eyes of Feng Xing popped wide open. A cyan and misty glow gushed out of his eyes, with the help of which, he finally had a clear view of the arrowhead.

He screamed out in a hoarse voice. It was already too late to dodge. He couldn't possibly dodge the arrow with his own power.

However, he suddenly staggered. He had accidentally stepped on a fist-sized rock. Normally when Feng Xing was running at his highest speed, it was impossible that he would stumble, not even if the ground under his feet was covered in oil. But just now, a small stone had stumbled him. He fell onto the ground in a very twisted and odd posture. At the same time, the arrowhead, which was going to take his life, swooshed over his head, even leaving a shallow wound on his scalp, bringing up drops of blood and shaving a cluster of black hair off of his head.

Feng Xing thudded against the ground, after which, his body suddenly twitched slightly. He felt that a slight wisp of magical power that had come from an unknown source, seemed to have disappeared from his body.

In great shock, Feng Xing glanced at Shaosi, who was standing slowly up, and yelled out hoarsely, ’’Sister Shaosi! Amazing magic!’’ In the meanwhile, a roughly shaped, ancient style longbow had appeared in his hands. Feng Xing slightly shook his wrist and let out tens of sharp arrows towards the mountainside that was over thirty miles away, along with a series of shrill swishing sound.

It was as if a mysterious god was helping him. Feng Xing had let out those arrows randomly, aimed at no one in particular, only trying to disturb their next attack. But he didn't think that after he had shot out those tens of arrows, shrill howls and angry cursing sounds rose from the mountainside.

A boy, who had the feather of a gigantic eagle stuck in his coiled hair, was shot right in the middle of his eyebrows. Feng Xing's arrow had sent him flying for over ten miles, and punctured his head, causing his entire head to explode. This boy was killed, and didn't even let out a cry. Beside him, another ten boys were shot in the chests.

All of these boys were at the peak of Junior Magus level, therefore, arrows shot in chests were not enough to kill them. They gripped the arrows stuck in their chests, fell to the ground and let out waves of howls, screams and cries. Their cries were so loud that the sound could even shake the sky.

Brother Ling's eyeballs instantly turned blood-red. He crazily screamed out as if he had suddenly gone mad, ’’Go! Go! Go! Kill them all!! Kill!!’’


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Translated by XianXiaWorld


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