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The Magus Era - Chapter 195


Chapter 195 - Senior Magus

Three days after the troop had moved out of the Rong Mountain area, a campsite was set up in a grassland. During the daytime, Ji Hao and Mr Crow had inspected the surrounding area within a hundred miles radius. He discovered that only a few kinds of herbivorous animals were living in this piece of grassland. He couldn't find any large groups of carnivores, which meant that this area was relatively safe.

After night had fallen, Ji Hao found Yu Mu and told him that he needed to find a quiet place for making his breakthrough to the Senior Magus level. Therefore, Yu Mu and Feng Xin were nice enough to take the job of night guard. Ji Hao hopped on the back of Mr Crow and flew to a small hill that he had discovered during the daytime, over three hundred miles away.

Ji Hao was actually planning to leave alone without disturbing anyone, then return after having successfully broken through to the Senior Magus level. But, Man Man had noticed Ji Hao moving secretly and hurriedly leapt onto the back of Mr Cow then hooked onto Ji Hao's neck. Helplessly, Ji Hao could only let her accompany him.

The terrain sloped gently around the small hill. Ji Hao dug a small cave into that small hill then sat into it, leaving Man Man and Mr Crow outside, to prevent any possible disturbances. After this, Ji Hao began to concentrate on manipulating all of the powers contained in his body. He forcibly injected all those powers into the main Magus Acupoints located at his Dantian.

In the Southern Wasteland, there were no developed methods or skills for Magi to follow when people tried breaking to the level of Senior Magus from the level of Junior Magus. Even powerful Magus Kings or divine Magi of large-scale clans like the Bi Fang Clan or the Fire Dragon Clan would only be able to give a rough advice to the younger generations regarding which Magus Acupoints on their meridians were more important and which Magus Acupoints were easier to awaken. Apart from this, nothing else could guide Southern Wasteland Magi and help them breaking to the level of Senior Magus, easier and quicker.

Compared to those ordinary Magi, Ji Hao had a deep understanding of the meridians inside the humankind from his previous life. In his current life he had completely awakened all his meridians, even the ones that were hidden and faint, with the help of the mysterious man. His spirit power was similar to streams of water, flowing inside his body along his meridians, which allowed him to be able to perceive all his Magus Acupoints without any obstructions. His Acupoints were like the stars in the sky, and had all been engraved deeply inside his soul.

Ordinary Magi would not cultivate their soul power and spirit power, neither did they know what soul power and spirit power were. In order to manipulate their powers better, they would strengthen and purify their bodies, day and night. They kept fighting against powerful enemies and turned their skills of power manipulation into their instincts. This kind of instinctive skills to manipulate power was primitive, raw and wild, therefore, the fights between Magi would always be wild and brutal.

Unlike them, Ji Hao had been cultivating his soul and spirit power since he was a little kid. With his spirit and soul power he was able to turn all of the power contained in his body into tiny streams and manipulate those faint power streams freely. Under the control of his great spirit power, the power contained in all of his 129600 meridians, which was ten times greater than that of any ordinary Junior Magus's power, began rotating orderly within his meridians.

Breath in - breath out!

Breath in - breath out!

Breath in - breath out!

Ji Hao's muscle began rising and falling under his skin, like the rise-and-fall of the tide. The rise of the tide was his body swelling into a ball and the fall of the tide was his skin tightly wrapping around his bones, which made him look like a skeleton.

Under his jade-like white skin, glowing red meridians began blazing one after another. Soon, his entire body turned glowing red. If someone would see Ji Hao's body now, he or she would certainly be able to say that Ji Hao had already awakened all his meridians, and every single one of his meridians were filled with great power.

Mr Crow, who had a telepathic connection with Ji Hao, spread his wings, lying in front of the small cave that had been dug by Ji Hao. The entrance of the cave that was only two-foot wide, was now completely blocked by Mr Crow's butt. Not a slight little bit of light that was coming from Ji Hao's body, had leaked out.

Man Man was lying on her stomach on Mr Crow's head and was concentrating on brushing the smooth feathers of Mr Crow with her fingers. She wasn't paying any attention to Ji Hao.

All of Ji Hao's power had been activated now and was being manipulated by his spirit power. It transformed into a rapidly spinning drill, piercing hard towards the important Magus Acupoint within his Dantian. Accompanied by a buzzing sound, the drill transformed from Ji Hao's power, collided with the extremely solid and withy septum that had grown naturally and had wrapped around the important Magus Acupoint in his Dantian. After this, this septum became instantly hollow.

Within Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man slowly appeared. He observed the process of Ji Hao's breakthrough carefully.

’’Soul...spirit power...soul power...never thought they could be used so smartly. The great power is basic, but great power solely doesn't mean anything. You have to know how to control your power, even a faint little stream of power. Therefore, power manipulating skills are also important.’’

’’Such a shame, such a pity. If I had understood this back in my age, how could I have ended up like this? But it is not too late now, I'm not yet completely hopeless, I still have a chance. Little guy, this [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] of yours has helped me a lot.’’

Ji Hao controlled his power and continued working on awakening the important Magus Acupoint within his Dantian. Ordinary Junior Magi, who weren't as greatly skilled with manipulating their powers to have precise control of their powers, could only flush madly a certain Magus Acupoint with streams of power. Similar to how drops of water wear out a stone, the natural grown, withy and thick septum that was wrapped around their Magus Acupoint, would completely be wore out with their powers. After that, they would finally have awakened their Magus Acupoint. This method was way too painful and slow that it coul even be considered self-mutilation.

Unlike them, under the control of Ji Hao's spirit power, all of his power had gathered and condensed into a rapidly spinning drill that had drilled into the natural grown septum. This way, the process of awakening his Magus Acupoint would be easier. At this moment, the thick and dense, especially withy septum was letting out buzzing sounds. It was as if it wouldn't be able to take the great power of the drill anymore. After only a quarter of an hour, a tiny hole had been forcibly opened up in the septum.

All of the power contained in 129600 meridians gushed through the tiny hole into the Magus Acupoint simultaneously. Similar to how a thousand miles long ridge would be destroyed by tiny little ants that were nesting inside it, once all the power had gushed into the Magus Acupoint of the Dantian, the septum wrapped around it, exploded suddenly into pieces. The pieces of the septum transformed into an extremely pure stream of power that merged with Ji Hao's power. This could be considered nature's way of granting a gift or compensation.

The total amount of Ji Hao's power suddenly doubled. After his power gushed into the Magus Acupoint of his Dantian, the Magus Acupoint quickly spread towards all directions. Before, it had only been a slight little dot that was barely visible, but now, the Magus Acupoint of the Dantian was expanding forcibly because of those swooshing streams of power.

An inch, two inch, three inches;a foot, two feet, three feet;a zhang, two zhangs, three zhangs...

Ji Hao was continuously taking out rare and powerful magic medicines that he had brought out of the Magi Palace and was thrusting them into his mouth. These magic medicines all transformed into streams of power and were digested by the two multicoloured flames in his lower abdomen, after which it turned into the purest of power streams that gushed into his Dantian.

The Magus Acupoint within his Dantian began to shrink and expand intensely. The great pressure inside the Magus Acupoint of his Dantian caused all the streams of power to rotate rapidly in it. Along with this, the water-like streams of power gradually condensed into a heavy, liquid silver-like sphere that had high-density due to the pressure inside the Magus Acupoint of the Dantian.

Followed by a silvery clang-sound that came from Ji Hao's Dantian, the first stream of brand new power that belonged to a Senior Magus, had grown out and transformed into a glowing red lava and dripped into his Dantian, after which, a series of clang had begun. All his power quickly transformed into the power of a Senior Magus and Ji Hao's Dantian was filling up with this new power.

A sphere of fiery light appeared behind Ji Hao's body, from within which, a lively Three-Legged Gold Crow emerged gradually. However, in the next moment, the Gold Crow shattered suddenly into pieces. Instead, a silhouette of a tall and sturdy human, who had raised his arms high as if he was holding up the entire sky, had appeared within the sphere of golden fiery light.

The mysterious man in Ji Hao's spiritual space grinned delightfully.

’’Humankind, we are the totem of our own kind, why should we worship those animals as our totems?!’’

’’Among all in this world, our humankind is the only kind that has the indomitable spirit!’’

’’We will not bow to the sky, nor to the earth, neither will we be afraid of gods or ghosts. Our humankind will dominate the entire world with our own power!’’


SR's note: This chapter is a very interesting and important chapter. It explains the process of breaking through to the level of Senior Magus and it shows that Ji Hao has somehow shattered the Gold Crow totem from his bloodline and created a totem of a human.


Edited by SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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