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The Magus Era - Chapter 193



Chapter 193 - Team Up

Ji Hao calmly spoke about Man Man's family background in a flat tone, but his words directly destroyed the courage of the boys of both the Southern Wasteland Society and the Great Dark Ocean Society, as if a mountain had fallen right on their heads.

Man Man was like a god that had overawed a bunch of ghosts with nothing more than her presence. After those provocating boys had left, Man Man accompanied Ji Hao and exited the Magi Palace, without even bothering to look at her own room that she had been given. On their way out of the Magi Palace, Man Man was talking about the things that had happened to her during the past few months. Firstly, her body had been strengthened by a minister that was under the Fire God's command with some kind of secret magic that belonged only to the Zhu Rong Family.

This kind of body strengthening method was incredibly terrifying. Man Man had been treated like a piece of metal. She had been strengthened by the powers of all kinds of natural treasures, over and over again. During the process, fires transformed from all kinds of natural magic flames had continuously been injected into Man Man's body. This was done to make her body more solid and it would support her in improving her abilities in manipulating the power of the Fire God Bloodline.

It had been an indescribable painful experience, one which would make ordinary people want to just die for good. But, Man Man had survived it. Her current strength was far too great now, she herself didn't know how much strength she had. She only knew that she had begged a master blacksmith in Pu Ban City to increase the weight of her pair of hammers by ten times, which was barely heavy enough for her.

As the power of Man Man's bloodline, it had already reached the peak of Senior Magus level[1]. She had burned entire eighteen Northern Dark Ocean Black Turtle Shields that old Zhu Rong had used to test her power, into ashes by using only a mouthful of Fire God magic flame. If there was still any word left that could describe her, it would be terrifying.

The second thing that had happened, was that old Zhu Rong had sent her to the Magi Palace. Just like Ji Hao, she too was now an apprentice of the Magi Palace. Man Man repeated a conversation she had secretly heard between old Zhu Rong and the elders of the Magi Palace.

’’I'm not hoping that Man Man will be able to learn too many things from the Magi Palace, but, at least, she can't always be a crazy little girl, can she? She needs to gain some worldly wisdom at least, learn how to take care of herself, how to survive in this world.’’

After repeating her Abba's words to Ji Hao, Man Man looked at Ji Hao confused and asked, ’’Crazy little girl, my Abba always call me crazy little girl. But I'm living so well now, why does he think that I can't take care of myself and I can't survive in this world?’’

Looking at Man Man's serious little face, Ji Hao responded gently, ’’So, Man Man, have you ever eaten rice cakes in the Southern Wasteland?’’

Man Man raised both of her arms excitedly and yelled out, ’’Sure! You must dip the rice cake into the honey of Gold-Headed Wasps first! That way it tastes the best!’’

’’If so, do you know how to make rice cakes?’’ Ji Hao threw out another question.

Man Man paused abruptly, and she stared at Ji Hao with a pair of sparkling and confused eyes, then said, ’’Rice cakes are just rice cakes, they're born as rice cakes, aren't they? What do you even mean by how to make rice cakes?’’

Ji Hao put his hand into his storage bag, and rummaged through it for a while. This journey would be rather long, therefore, Ji Hao had prepared quite well. He had even packed whole two basketfuls of rice that could be used to make rice cakes. He took a handful of white and clean rice out of the storage bag, gave it to Man Man and said, ’’Look, rice cakes are made from rice.’’

Man Man opened her tiny and pretty mouth wide, while showing her silvery glowing teeth. She laughed out loud and said, ’’Ji Hao, don't ever think that you can trick me! Rice cakes are pieces of flat cakes, but these are grains! How can these grains possibly made into cakes?!’’

Shaking her head, Man Man lightly kicked Ji Hao's thigh, while she yelled, ’’Bad you! For trying to trick Man Man! Haha!’’

This light and gentle kick of Man Man instantly caused Ji Hao an overwhelming pain. He felt his leg suddenly going stiff, and for quite a while he lost control of that piece of muscle, which had been kicked by Man Man. Ji Hao manipulated his own bloodstreams, and let his powerful blood kept flushing the stiff piece of muscle for an entire quarter of an hour, then he let out a sigh of relief, when he finally regained the control of his own leg.

’’Man's drop the rice cake topic here. You should remember that you can't just randomly punch or kick others from now on,’’ said Ji Hao. After a brief thought, Ji Hao cautiously reminded Man Man, ’’Especially that, later, you will meet a guy named Taisi. Do not touch even a single hair of his, just don't! Don't even touch him with your little finger tips, because you will kill him by doing that.’’

Man Man opened her mouth wide in shock, ’’What? I can kill him with only a finger?! Is he an ant who has been living underground? Alright, alright, Man Man won't touch him.’’

Ji Hao then let Mr Crow expand its body. While carrying Man Man and Ji Hao, Mr Crow stretched its wings, rose into the air and flew east, leaving a stream of fiery light trail behind them. After having flown for about thirty thousand miles, Ji Hao discovered Taisi and Shaosi who had arrived earlier and were waiting beside a wriggling stream.

When Man Man saw Shaosi at first glance, her eyes shone instantly, and she yelled, ’’This sister is so beautiful...hmmm, we can't let few of my bastard brothers see her or they will certainly kidnap her. Eh? Is this one Taisi? Can I truly kill him with one finger?’’

Man Man raised one finger, aimed at Taisi, who was so scrawny that he even looked like a skeleton. She couldn't help but want to poke him hard, to see if she really could kill him by doing that.

It would have been alright if Ji Hao hadn't reminded her, but sadly, he had. Once Ji Hao had told her to not touch Taisi, an itch grew inside Man Man's heart. Was she really that powerful? Could she really poke Taisi to dead? Looking at Taisi's skinny, weak little face, she wanted to poke Taisi very much. Seriously, she wanted nothing more than lightly and gently poke Taisi, one single time.

Ji Hao was aware of Man Man's intention and hurriedly grabbed her neck. No matter how hard Man Man struggled or twisted her body, trying to get rid of Ji Hao's control and approach Taisi, Ji Hao didn't dare to let her move freely.

Shaosi was as cold and calm as normal, and only gave a curious glance at Man Man, then nodded towards Ji Hao. In contrast to her, Taisi walked over, grinned and greeted Man Man, then asked, ’’Ji Hao, who's this little girl? Are we taking her to the Rong Mountain Clan as well?’’

Ji Hao nodded, and told him truthfully about Man Man's family background. After that, both Shaosi and Taisi, glanced at Man Man in shock. The little girl of Zhu Rong, the Fire God, such a terrifying title. However, Taisi and Shaosi were much politer than those Southern Wasteland Society and Great Dark Ocean Society' boys. They were not frightened by Man Man's title, nor did they flee away. Instead, they tried to not look too surprised, and treat Man Man as a normal friend.

After waiting for about half an hour, Feng Xing lithely flew over with shreds of afterimages following behind him. He stood on a tree, tens of zhang away from Ji Hao and the others, waved his hand while yelling, ’’Eh? Have you all arrived early? Waite a second, fatso has too much fat, it will take some more time for him to run over!’’

Another hour later, Yu Mu finally showed up. He embarrassedly carried his huge pot on his shoulder, running towards Ji Hao and the others while sweating in streams. Inside the huge pot, a medium pot, a small pot, a tiny pot, bowls, spoons and other kitchenware were shaking and clanging against each other.

’’Feng...Feng Xing! bastard! I to...told you to wa...wait for me! Wha...what have you been rushing for?! Death?! Eh! Eh! There're another ten-thousand miles, we can't use our magic power, only run with my legs...I...what if I lose weight?! Don't you think it would be a great shame?!’’

Yu Mu then patted his fat belly and continued proudly while gasping for air, ’’I...I ate and drank for...twenty years, gained...this much of fat...losing even a little bit of fat would mean the waste of countless delicious food!’’ [2]

Yu Mu finally rushed to the gathering spot and kept complaining for a while. After that Ji Hao formally introduced Man Man to him and Feng Xing.

Yu Mu and Feng Xiang happily accepted Man Man, after which, this team of five people had its sixth official team member.

Mr Crow then expanded its body once again, and all six of them hopped onto Mr Crow's back. Mr Crow transformed into a beam of bright fiery light, darting towards the Southeast. The Rong Mountain Clan was located in the Southeast, a million and five-hundred-thousand miles away from where they had gathered.


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