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The Magus Era - Chapter 192


Chapter 192 - Reunion

’’Hmm, good. You can't just concentrate only on cultivating yourself anyway. A real powerful Magus has to go see the world, travel around, do good things with your abilities. Just like Si Wen Ming, who travels around the world for our humankind, has been through all kinds of troubles and difficulties. That's how he cultivated himself into a real powerful Magus, as you already know,’’ said Wulong Yao while holding a clay mug in his hand.

’’You're going to the Rong Mountain Clan...hmm...that's a mountainous area, you will find many kinds of rare herbal medicines over there, bring as many back as you can. We will consider this as a test of what you have currently learned. You have learned so much about magic medicine theories, now let's see if you can pick those herbal medicines and bring them back, while perfectly preserving their medicinal properties or not.’’

After finishing his speech, Wulong Yao threw a leather storage bag at Ji Hao, then kicked Ji Hao out of his room.

After that, Ji Hao visited his other master Magi tutors as well. Each of those tutors had assigned Ji Hao a lot of tasks, and thrust a pile of tools and materials that might help on the journey, into Ji Hao's hands. Especially Gogo Mu, who had been teaching Ji Hao magic puppet making skills lately, had given Ji Hao a huge and thick book, titled [Basic Knowledge of Magic Puppet], along with quite a few magic puppets, which were not powerful at all, but each had its own specialty.

After visiting all his master Magi tutors and telling them that he was going to leave for a task, Ji Hao packed some clothes, then closed his room door, preparing to leave. After walking along the Gui road for a while he had not yet approached the transporting magic formation that led to outside the Magi Palace when Jiang Yong, Yao Kaiyuan, Yao Kaijiang and the other Southern Wasteland Society's boys abruptly showed up, circling around him.

Ji Hao looked closely at these people and saw that the boys whose life force had been drained by Taisi nearly a month ago, were standing among the group and seemed to have fully recovered.

The faces of Jiang Yong, Yao Kaiyuan and Yao Kaijiang were seriously darkened. They were staring at Ji Hao as if they were staring at a dead enemy. Yao Kaiyuan gritted his teeth and gave a scornful sneer, after which he said, ’’That was nothing but a small life-taking trick. In this world there are too many magic medicines and treasures that are able to replenish life force.’’

Ji Hao smiled at him and responded, ’’Indeed, as far as I know, the Magi Palace possesses at least a thousand different kinds of life force replenishing magic medicines. However, that must have cost you a fortune, am I right? Apart from that, although you have gained your life force back, I assume you haven't yet found a way to get your lost powers back, have you? Do you feel as if you are all improving now far slower than before, even if you try harder?’’

There was a common saying that if you're going to punch someone, better not punch his face. However, Ji Hao's words were like a sharp dagger, directly piercing into the wounds of those Southern Wasteland Society's boys.

People of the Southern Wasteland typically possessed bad tempers. Since Ji Hao had provoked them right in front of their faces, tens of young Senior Magi took a step forward simultaneously, rolled up their sleeves, and seemed as if they were going to teach Ji Hao a lesson. Ji Hao sniffed, at the same time, his tight armour let out streams of clear light, rotating around him, and tens of light lotuses soon emerged from the light streams.

’’Want to fight again? Have you all forgotten how I did beat you the other day?’’ said Ji Hao while slowly pull his long black dagger out. Tens of spell symbols lit up one after another on the edge of the sharp dagger that had a slight trace of blood-red colour. Suddenly, a fierce gust of cold mist spurted out from the dagger, in the meanwhile, Ji Hao's eyeballs turned blood-red.

’’Your clans are rich and powerful anyway. They could even afford to replenish your taken life force, so I assume that if I chop three to five hundreds of limbs of you, it won't be difficult at all for you to grow them back.’’

Yao Kaiyuan glared at Jiang Yong, who was indeed cowardly, then pointed his finger at Ji Hao and said, ’’Ji Hao, we only came to tell you that from now on, you are the enemy of our Southern Wasteland Society. In the Magi Palace, as long as our Southern Wasteland Society is still here, you will never achieve anything you want! You will never have success!’’

While he was speaking, the sound of a series of footsteps from afar. Soon, over ten boys, who were all wearing black clothes, walked into Ji Hao's sight with big steps.

Seeing Ji Hao being encircled by the Southern Wasteland Society's boys, these boys in black instantly let out a series of sneers, and said, ’’Ji Hao, good for you! It seems that you have offended the Southern Wasteland Society as well! Where have you been hiding these couple of days? Our Great Dark Ocean Society has been looking for you, for the majority of half a month! But you, you just hid your ass somewhere and didn't even dare to show your face.’’

Another boy in black took a step forward, held his head high and said to Ji Hao proudly, ’’Ji Hao, since today, you better not show your ugly face in front of our Great Dark Ocean Society, won't be enough even if you have ten lives to lose!’’

Looking at these stupid Great Dark Ocean Society's boys, who had ambushed Shaosi not long ago, Ji Hao blandly smiled and responded, ’’Eh? Two weeks ago, some douches didn't have the guts to fight against us, and had all fled away as fast as wild dogs, weren't that you? Have you all grown some balls after coming back to the Magi Palace?’’

The lips of the Great Dark Ocean Society's boys started trembling while their faces turned blue. It was as if they were being choked by Ji Hao's words. Half a month ago, they had set up a large-scale ambush, spending quite an effort to finally besiege Shaosi. Just when they were about to succeed, Ji Hao and Taisi had arrived, ruining their perfect plan. What was even more embarrassing, after Yu Mu and Feng Xing had arrived, they had not even dared to continue fighting against Ji Hao. They had all fled away as if there was oil spread onto their soles and they hadn't even taken a glance at the dead bodies of their poor companions who had been killed by Ji Hao.

Such a huge shame was mentioned by Ji Hao in front of all those people, these Great Dark Ocean Society's boys were now so embarrassed that they felt like vomiting blood.

Yao Kaiyuan sneered again and said, ’’Ji Hao, you're quite good at causing yourself trouble! You should just have hidden well and figure out how to survive after having offended our Southern Wasteland Society, but later you offended the Great Dark Ocean Society as well. Are you planning to offend all the people of the four wastelands, in a row?’’

Before Ji Hao could say anything, an especially heavy footstep came from very far away, along with which, a happy and silver voice came, ’’Ah? Ji Hao? Who's talking about Ji Hao? Where's Ji Hao? Ah, hahaha! Ji Hao, I came as well! Man Man is now also an apprentice of the Magi Palace!’’

Followed by a few loud thuds, tens of apprentices were sent flying away while howling in pain. It was Man Man, rushing towards Ji Hao with her pair of gigantic hammers carried on her shoulders, while carelessly kicking all the people in the way, into the air.

’’Get the hell out of my way! You stupid things! What are you doing in the way anyway? In the Southern Wasteland, stupid people like you would all be dragged into the jail and be whipped! Ah! Haha! Ji Hao! I saw Ji Hao!! Oi, you and you, carry my hammers!’’

From a great distance, Man Man had seen Ji Hao's face, after which, she instantly increased her speed and rushed towards Ji Hao, while conveniently throwing her huge hammers towards Jiang Yong and Yao Kaiyuan.

The two poor boys subconsciously thrust out their arms and intended to catch the pair of hammers, thrown out by Man Man.

Ji Hao shook his head and turned his face to the side. He couldn't bear to watch!

Along with a great stream of power, Man Man heavily thudded against Ji Hao, coiled her arms and legs around Ji Hao's body like a monkey, and then happily laughed out aloud.

As for Yao Kaiyuan and Jiang Yong, they burst out a series of screams and howls, smashed onto the ground by Man Man's hammers, while loud bone-cracking sounds, which sounded like corns popping, came out of their bodies. God knew how many of their bones had been broken.

One Southern Wasteland Society's boy shouted out in rage, ’’Where...where did this crazy little girl come from?’’

Man Man coiled her arm around Ji Hao's head, curiously turned her head around, glanced at the boy and asked, ’’Eh? How do you know my Abba calls me crazy little girl?’’

Ji Hao gave a hollow cough, patted Man Man's head, then looked at those Southern Wasteland Society's boys, and said in a bland voice, ’’Zhu Rong Man Man, her Abba is Zhu Rong, the Fire God.’’

The entire area instantly fell into a deadly silence. Neither the Southern Wasteland Society nor the Great Dark Ocean Society dared to say another word.


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SR's note: Like I said, my favourite chapter of this arc so far. Man Man is back!!!

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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