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The Magus Era - Chapter 191


Chapter 191 - Task

Feng Xing could indeed run really fast and leap very high. With his help, Shaosi's task had quickly been completed. A whole one hundred Snow Fragrance Thoroughworts were easily collected.

Some time later, Ji Hao, Taisi, Shaosi, Feng Xing, and Yu Mu returned to the Magi Palace together, leaving their contact information for each other. After this, Ji Hao went back to his busy schedule of studying. Magic medicines, magic spells, magic formations, magic tools...Wu Long Kui had introduced Ji Hao to another elderly Magi tutor, who began teaching Ji Hao about the skills of making magic puppets.

For the majority of half a month, Ji Hao had spent all his time in the material storeroom of the Magi Palace. From the most ordinary iron, to the star-wrought iron, that was more solid than ordinary iron by over a million times, to the Gui water black silver, which was softer than pure gold by a million times, and to the deep ocean magic bronze that had crystal-like texture, but could contain incredibly great amount of magic power...

Because of being taught by a group of master Magi tutors in a nearly inhuman crammed manner, Ji Hao had made amazing improvements on each of his subjects. His understanding about the usage and creation skills of magic tools and his understanding of magic puppets had greatly been improved through understanding all kinds of basic materials. On top of that, he discovered that some rare materials, including even metals, could be used to make medicines.

Take the Gui water black silver for example, Wulong Yao would add this kind of silver to his body strengthening medicine that he made Ji Hao take daily. The Gui water black silver would make Ji Hao's bones withy than before and harder to break. The only negative thing about this kind of silver, which was also the reason Ji Hao literally wanted to die every day he was forced to take this medicine, was that the flavour of the Gui water black silver was incredibly horrible.

’’It's a pile of dog shit that has been fermenting for three-thousand years!!’’ This was how Ji Hao described the flavour of the Gui water black silver.

Having worked for the majority of half a month, the power contained in Ji Hao's meridians had become like a tsunami that Ji Hao was unable to suppress anymore. Every single day, his meridians would feel very painful, as if it was being burnt by a blazing fire. This pain was a sign that his current level of power had already reached its limitation and would unable to grow any further.

Inside Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man was sitting on the misty round flat platform and talking to Ji Hao.

’’Little guy, there will certainly be an abnormal phenomenon when you make a breakthrough to the level of Senior Magus, but you can never let anyone else that you have already awakened all your meridians. So, you should find a secluded place for yourself.’’

Ji Hao stood and left the storeroom where he had been concentrating on studying for over half a month and walked back to his room.

When he pushed the door open, he conveniently put his hand into a concealed box in the door, which was designed for visitors to leave their messages. Seven to eight slips that were made from beast bones were then taken out by Ji Hao from the concealed box. He carefully read all of those bone slips, then let out a smile.

Taisi had come by quite a few times with the intention of talking to Ji Hao about some new ideas regarding magic spells. He also invited Ji Hao to accompany him in going out and collect some rare and precious materials.

Yu Mu had once come by and had left a very simple message - there was task that required to travel quite far away from the Magi Palace, but they wouldn't be able to complete the task with solely the powers of Feng Xing and his. Therefore, he asked Ji Hao f he would be willing to go with them.

An hour later the five of them had gathered once again in Yu Mu's room.

Feng Xing had taken a small stone block and sat alone near the door, with the door opened. It was as if he was prepared to leap up from the stone block, dart out of the door and flee away at any time. Ji Hao just couldn't understand why this guy was so vigilant, as though he was being hunted by lots of people.

Taisi was leaning lazily against the stone table with his eyes narrowed, while fiddling with a rat's skull. Now and then, he would throw this pale, tiny and scary-looking skull into his mouth, whistle through it and make a rat-squeaking-like sound.

Shaosi stood silently at the side, with her hands hidden inside her sleeves and her eyes fixed on the tips of her feet. Ji Hao couldn't tell if she was thinking about something or was she simply drowsing off.

Yu Mu was the only one sitting straight behind the stone table, seriously and patiently explaining all the details and risks involved in this task.

’’This is a big one. The Rong Mountain Clan, which is located one million and five hundred thousand miles away from Pu Ban City, has organized a thirty thousand counting branch clan with the intention of exploring a new territory. That piece of land is beautiful, rich and fertile. On top of all these, they have already detected three large-scale mines of tungsten steel.’’

Ji Hao had stayed inside in the material storeroom and had been studying all kinds of materials all those days. Therefore, he immediately thought of the natural characteristics of the tungsten steel. Tungsten steel was an all-capable material of medium grade. It was not as solid as star wrought iron, neither as withy as Gui water black silver, nor could it contain as much magic power as deep ocean bronze. But, it was still better than all other ordinary metals by tens of thousands of times in all aspects. In the Magi Palace tungsten steel was considered an extremely important strategic resource. Compared to the other rare and precious materials, the demand of tungsten steel was the highest.

Many Magus-King-level magic tools were made from the mixture of tungsten steel and bones of all kinds of wild beasts. Especially some large-scale war equipment and puppets that were made by the Magi Palace, were mainly made from tungsten steel.

’’Good stuff. The Rong Mountain Clan will rise!’’ said Ji Hao smilingly, ’’So, is our job to open up unexplored soil for them?’’

Yu Mu nodded his head with seriousness and responded, ’’Yes, the Rong Mountain Clan is good at detecting mines, melting metals and forging magic tools, but don't have too many fighting forces of high-quality. They don't have enough elite warriors to explore new land, which is why, they have requested the Magi Palace for assistance.’’

’’The Rong Mountain Clan has offered a hundred thousand jade coins and a few pieces of magic tools as rewards,’’ continued Yu Mu while looking at Ji Hao, ’’but the Magi Palace renegotiated with them, and changed the reward into something else. Within the next one hundred years, one percent of the tungsten steel that will be produced by the three mines they have detected, will be donated to the Magi Palace, and the Magi Palace will be able to buy three percent of their yearly tungsten steel production at a relatively low price.’’

’’Whoever completes the task, will gain one percent of their total tungsten steel production, within the next thirty years, and the Rong Mountain Clan will custom-make a Magus-King-level magic tool for each of us. We only need to be able to afford half of the fee of the materials.’’

Yu Mu spread his hand while speaking, and all of his fat even slightly flipped when he did that. ’’Among the five of us, Ji Hao, you have inherited Magic Treasures from your clan, and might not desperately need other magic tools, but to have one more Magus-King-level magic tool will be a good addition to you anyway;as for the four of us, we can't even compare to you. You see, Feng Xing has nothing but a crap bow...’’

’’It's a magic bow! Inherited magic bow!!’’ Feng Xing instantly yelled out. He had been sitting near the door, continuously thrusting his head out of the door, checking the surrounding area.

Yu Mu ignore him and continued, ’’Feng Xing only has a crap bow, I have nothing else but a pot, Taisi has nothing but a crappy bone cane, and Shaosi doesn't have any special tool either. And I believe, if the five of us work together, we should be able to complete the task.’’

Ji Hao knocked on the stone table for a few times with his fingers, and accepted Yu Mu's invitation.

He was already going to search for a quiet place far away from the Magi Palace in order to make a breakthrough to the level of Senior Magus anyway. Going out of the Magi Palace for a task could serve as a perfect excuse. Wulong Yao and the other tutors would not have any doubts this way.

’’But we have to be extra careful when we leave the Magi Palace for the Rong Mountain Clan,’’ said Feng Xing in a very low voice, after checking the surrounding area once more, ’’Those Ten-Sun Country's people don't seem to be very happy lately. Two of them, who were quite arrogant, have gone missing recently. I assume they will blame us...’’

Feng Xing glanced at Taisi while speaking.

Taisi let out a series of creepy and vicious laughs.

Ji Hao and Yu Mu glanced at each other, nodding simultaneously.


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