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The Magus Era - Chapter 189


Chapter 189 - Making Friends

When Yu Mu was moving, he looked like a huge ball, bouncing on the ground.

He didn't move as fast as Feng Xing, but was especially steady, and his movement seemed quite heavy. Each and every punch of his would accurately strike on the chest of an enemy, smashing half of the enemy's ribs and knocking him down to the ground, from where he would never be able stand up again.

Apart from the shooter who was killed by Feng Xing, another six hidden enemies, who had hidden on the snow cliff earlier, were all struck down by Yu Mu, none of them had the chance to ever stand back up again.

Shocked, Ji Hao stopped rushing and looked at the six Senior Magi who had been killed, while frowning. Their skin had completely turned black and wisps of black mist was continuously rising from out their pores. It was obvious that what had killed them, was not Yu Mu's punches but the powerful poison he was holding in his hand.

Senior Magi possessed great life force. Even if all their bones were smashed into fragments, they would be able to recover within the span of a few breaths, as long as their bodies had life force. This was the reason why all Senior Magi could be counted as monsters that were extremely difficult to kill. However, the poison Yu Mu had used, had killed an entire group of six Senior Magi within a short amount of time. Staring at the chubby boy, Ji Hao only felt all his fine hairs on his back standing straight up one after the other. Judging solely from skill of using poison, this chubby guy was even better than Wulong Yao.

Wulong Yao specialty lied in using all kinds of life-saving magic medicines and magic medicines that assisted with the cultivation of Magi, but as far as using magic poison was concerned, Wulong Yao could only be counted as an ordinary poison user. Yu Mu's poison was capable of killing Senior Magi within a moment, which meant that he was better at using poisons than Wulong Yao.

Those Great Dark Ocean Society's boys suddenly stopped, then stared at Ji Hao, Taisi, Feng Xing and Yu Mu. Lost in confusion, they didn't know what to do.

Ji Hao had beaten nearly a hundred Southern Wasteland Society's boys by himself, which meant it would not be too difficult for him to beat a hundred Great Dark Ocean Society's young Senior Magi. Taisi had taken the life force of nearly a hundred Southern Wasteland Society's young Senior Magi, which meant that he, as well, could easily deal with the Great Dark Ocean Society's young Senior Magi as well.

As for Yu Mu...

No one was willing to risk a life and death fight against Senior Magi who were good at using poison. Even powerful peak-level Senior Magi would not be willing to fight against a new Senior Magus Mediciner, whose specialty lied in using poison. To fight against such a poison user was equal to joking with one's life, no one would be able to predict what kind of horrible and vicious poison those scary poison users would use.

’’Tai...Taisi! You had good luck this time!’’

One of the masked boy yelled while stammering. He then let out a long whistle, following which, the silhouettes of over a hundred Great Dark Ocean Society's boys instantly flashed. They transformed simultaneously into clouds of watery mist, or streams of wind, and disappeared quickly. This area was covered in snow, and those Great Dark Ocean Society's Senior Magi were especially good at controlling wind, rain, ice, and snow. If they wanted to flee away, no one would be able to stop them in this snowfield.

A shrill spider howl came from the back. Shaosi carried a black long spear and stabbed those gigantic spiders dead, one after another. After that, she smashed all of those black stone monuments, then helplessly walked towards Ji Hao and Taisi.

Sticking the long spear hard into the ground, Shaosi blandly nodded to Ji Hao and said, ’’Ji Hao...I owe you once more.’’

Ji Hao shrugged his shoulders and carelessly shook his head, and said, ’’No need to say that, Taisi is my friend, we can't watch you be hurt and do nothing.’’

Feng Xin was standing far away from Ji Hao, Taisi, and Shaosi. He took all the stuff the shooter had been carrying out, after which he abruptly yelled out in surprise.

’’Oi, are you called Ji Hao? How did you offend these Ten-Sun Country's people?! They're the most powerful country in the East! Hm, the shooter who sneakily attacked you, was a Gold Crow Shooter!’’ While speaking, Feng Xing picked up a glowing golden feather from a pile of small stuff, and waved it at Ji Hao and continued, ’’Look, the feather of an ancient Gold Crow. Only Gold Crow Shooters of the Ten-Sun Country are allowed to carry these types of feathers. Although he was only a one-feather shooter, the weakest kind amongst the Gold Crow Shooters, people who are the targets of an one-feather shooter rarely survive.’’

Ji Hao was slightly shocked by the golden feather, ’’Gold Crow Shooters? Ten-Sun Country? Who are...’’ asked Ji Hao.

Yu Mu squatted, and began rummaging through the bags that were carried by the six Senior Magi, who he had killed earlier. He took all of the good stuff out and threw them into his own leather bag that was tied around his waist. His leather bag was only as big as two fists, but he had already thrown a whole pile of objects into it;apparently, this was a spatial magic tool.

Hearing Ji Hao question, Yu Mu raised his head and gave Ji Hao a friendly smile, then answered, ’’The Ten-Sun Country was built by the offspring of the legendary ancient god, Da Yi. Back then, Da Yi had shot nine Gold Crows with his bow and arrows. To manifest his achievements, his descendants built the Ten-Sun Country, which is currently the most powerful country of the Eastern Wasteland.’’

Yu Mu's pupils abruptly shone with a bright light, he then grinned and continued, ’’I saw your pair of fiery wings just now, are you from the Fire Crow Clan of the Southern Wasteland? Ancient Gold Crows were your ancestors, weren't they? No wonder you were aimed by the Ten-Sun Country's shooter, I bet you are hated out of jealousy by quite a lot of people in the Magi Palace, am I right?’’

Ji Hao opened his mouth but didn't say anything. His brain was working hard, sorting out complicated connections between these two batches of enemies.

The Great Dark Ocean Society's people attempted to capture Shaosi and her brother Taisi, therefore, they set up an ambush, and besieged Shaosi in this snowfield.

The Gold Crow Shooter who attacked Ji Hao, gained the information about the plan of the Great Dark Ocean Society from an unknown source, sent out the puppet, and successfully drew Ji Hao and Taisi over. When Ji Hao had been concentrating on those Great Dark Ocean Society's boys, the shooter launched the attack sneakily, intending to kill Ji Hao.

If Ji Hao was killed successfully, Taisi and Shaosi would be caught by the Great Dark Ocean Society, and the Great Dark Ocean Society would take the blame for killing Ji Hao. After Ji Hao died, even if Si Wen Ming came back and revenged him, he would only be led to the Great Dark Ocean Society. He could wipe out the entire Great Dark Ocean Society, but he would never know that the one who actually killed Ji Hao, had been a Ten-Sun Country's shooter.

Letting out a deep breath, Ji Hao sneered and said, ’’Ten-Sun Country of the Eastern Wasteland, okay, I remembered them. Speaking of which, the inherited territories of my Amma's Qing Yi Clan were invaded by the Ten-Sun Country. That was also the reason why the Qing Yi Clan was forced to go to the Southern Wasteland.’’

Ji Hao let out a wave of laughter, then seriously cupped his hands towards Yu Mu and Feng Xing, and said, ’’I am Ji Hao, from the Gold Crow Clan of the Southern Wasteland. I appreciate the help of you two. Without your help, these people would indeed be quite troublesome for us to deal with.’’

Feng Xing was still standing far away from Ji Hao, fiddling with the longbow that belonged to the dead Gold Crow Shooter. He narrowed his eyes, grinned at Ji Hao and said, ’’No need to thank us, I have some enmity against the Ten-Sun Country. Every time I will see their people, I will beat them anyway.’’

Unlike like Feng Xing, Yu Mu seriously stared at Ji Hao, while his pair of dark and thick eyebrows were frowning badly.

’’Ji Wait a moment, are you the Ji Hao mentioned by Minister Si Wen Ming last month? Did Minister Si Wen Ming bring you here to the Magi Palace from the Southern Wasteland?’’

Before Ji Hao answered, Yu Mu grinned, and thrust his hand towards Ji Hao, and the light shining in his narrowed eyes, grew even brighter.

’’I am Yu Mu, who really fancy eating, and this is Feng Xing, who can be blown away by a gust of wind. Both of us are orphans, Minister Si Wen Ming had brought us to the Magi Palace.’’

Looking at the chubby hand of Yu Mu, Ji Hao walked up with big steps and held Yu Mu's large fat hand.

Yu Mu happily laughed out when Ji Hao held his hand.


Edited by SecondRate and Dylan

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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