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The Magus Era - Chapter 188


Chapter 188 - Killed by the Arrow (edited)

The cold and fierce wind brought snow along with it, swooshing towards Ji Hao and Taisi. From within the wind and snow, nine arrows swiftly dove down from different directions, dashing towards the vital parts of Ji Hao and Taisi's bodies.

This time, Ji Hao had released his spirit power a long time ago. His spirit power shrouded the area around Taisi and himself for miles, therefore, once the nine arrows appeared, Ji Hao was able to distinct the flying routes of every single arrow.

’’Cowardly rats! Who dares to shoot from the back! Piss off!!’’ yelled Ji Hao while pulling out his long black stone dagger. Streams of fiery light instantly darted out from the dagger's edge. Ji Hao raised the dagger high up into the air and swung towards those arrows, bringing about a fiery arc. A shower of fiery sparks were thrown out along with a thunderous boom, Ji Hao's long dagger accurately hacked one of the arrows, and in the next moment, the arrow exploded abruptly.

The moment the edge of the dagger came in contact with the arrowhead, Ji Hao felt a sudden terrifying great stream of power coming along the arrowhead, generating waves of intense shock through his arm and causing the long black dagger to almost fly out of his hand. Nine arrows clashed against the long dagger in a row. Finally, Ji Hao's wrist was numbed by the shocks and the long dagger suddenly flew out for seven to eight miles, bringing up a beam of cold light and was stuck deeply in the snowfield.

The nine arrows were scattered, after which, the cyan-blue coloured spell symbols on each of the arrowheads suddenly lit up. All nine, specially crafted, large arrowheads exploded instantly into eighty-one smaller slender fragments that darted crazily and at high speed towards Ji Hao and Taisi.

’’Damn!’’ Ji Hao cursed in rage while frowning, ’’These arrows were designed way too viciously!’’ He immediately grabbed Taisi and pressed his hand down into the thick layer of snow, then turned his own body around, attempted to block those swishing sharp fragments with his back.

Such a weird and malicious attack, even Ji Hao was unable to come up with any better idea than to block the attack with his own body. At least fifty to sixty fragments hit Ji Hao's body. The clear light streams let out by his tight armour, began to shake violently, along with which, dagger-sharp streams of power continuously pierced deep into Ji Hao's body through the layers of protective light streams.

The power attached on these fragments were not as great as the attacking powers of the Southern Wasteland Society's boys, but the attacks launched by those boys had been separate. In contrast, the great power attached to each of these fragment were gathered in a extremely tiny spot! Imagine, slapping someone's face or nail a sharp thorn into someone's head, even when the power used on both will be equal, the effect of these tow actions will be greatly different.

Although the armour made by Po had an amazing defensive power, it still couldn't completely block the power attached onto those arrowhead fragments. Streams of fierce power struck onto Ji Hao's body, giving him waves of great pain. Ji Hao couldn't help but open his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood onto the ground, which instantly melted a large amount of the accumulated snow.

He then took a deep breath. Streams of power quickly gushed from the surroundings to inside his body. Ji Hao's physical strength had reached the level of Senior Magus long ago, therefore, all of his wounds that were caused by those arrowhead fragments, healed themselves within the span of one breath. A large amount of life force contained within the piece of crystal that had been condensed from the life force of those Southern Wasteland Society's boys, and had been swallowed by Ji Hao days ago, was still stored in Ji Hao's body. Once he was wounded, this life force inside his body was instantly activated.

The multicolored flame in Ji Hao's lower abdomen began to shake lightly and spheres of life force released from the crystal were soon swallowed by the flame. This time, the multicoloured flame didn't produce any multicoloured light streams for Ji Hao's body, instead, the flame absorbed all of the life-force contained in the piece of life force crystal.

The following moment, accompanied by a loud popping sound, the multicoloured flame in Ji Hao's lower abdomen suddenly split into two. Each of the two multicoloured flames were bigger than before and had richer colours. The sense of power released from the two multicoloured flames was now more mysterious and ancient.

Now Ji Hao had officially reached the second level of the [Bu Tian Lou Magic Spell]. From now on, two percent of the power contained in the meat of beasts that he would eat, would be transformed into his physical strength. Apart from that, the multicoloured flame now could not only absorb the essence power from the meat of all kinds of beasts, but would also be able to transform the power contained in plants. More importantly, compared to the percentage of power that he could transform from the meat of beasts, the percentage of power from the plants that he could transform was greater and could reach even ten percent.

’’Good!’’ Ji Hao shouted out, in the meanwhile, a stream of purple mist spurted out from the space between his eyebrows, and his pair of golden-red pupils began to shine. He had already spotted from where the arrows had come. There was a snow mountain located twenty miles away, and on a cliff that was covered in snow, tens of white pines were swaying along with the wind, and that was where the arrows came from.

Ji Hao then pointed his finger in that direction and following his movement, tens of water lightning-filled spheres silently darted out, each leaving long trails of lightning behind for many zhangs. After the span of only one breath, those watery lightning spheres struck accurately against the white pine woods.

Muffled thunder came from within the white pine woods. Those water lightning-filled spheres were condensed from all of Ji Hao's power and were quite powerful. Every single one of them could easily destroy a jungle with a hundred-zhang radius. Tens of water lightning-filled spheres burst out simultaneously, and instantly the entire cliff was shrouded by the soft, cold, yet great power contained in those water lightning-filled spheres.

A great howl rose from out the white pine woods, along with which, a few silhouettes embarrassedly darted out from the cracked rocks and accumulated snow layer, falling down from the cliff. With his great eyesight, Ji Hao was able to clearly see that blood was spurting from all over the bodies of those few people. Apparently, they were harmed quite seriously by the explosive power of the water lightning-filled spheres.

Waves of howls were coming from those hidden shooters and the over hundred Great Dark Ocean Society's boys that had been frightened badly by the terrifyingly great sense of power, which Ji Hao and Taise were releasing together and because of which they had been retreating continuously, suddenly gained some courage. They screamed out one after another, and rushed back towards Ji Hao and Taisi.

While rushing, one masked boy yelled out in a harsh voice, ’’These two idiots have also provoked others! We're not the only ones who want them dead! Let's take this opportunity and knock them down!!’’

Another masked boy shouted out to his fellows as well, ’’Do not hurt Taisi! He's worth a lot! As for the Southern Wasteland barbarian, we must chop him into pieces! Damn bastards! My personal guards, sent by my Abba, were all killed by him!’’

Ji Hao took a glance at the few Senior Magi who were killed by him just now, and let out a sneer in disdain. These few poor guys had all been personal guards of that stupid kid.

’’Taisi, get up and work!’’ Ji Hao laughed out loud, then grabbed Taisi up from the thick layer of accumulated snow, and yelled at Taisi's face, which was covered in snow. He carried Taisi on his shoulder, then rushed towards the snow cliff that was struck by his attack earlier, and was now falling apart.

Compared to these Great Dark Ocean Society's boys, the shooter, who had shot out those powerful and strange arrows, was more difficult to deal with. Therefore, before he could finish with these boys, he had to kill that hidden shooter first.

He spread out his fiery wings, swiftly dashing forward on the snowfield while creating shreds of afterimages. He moved miles away within a single moment, and after a blink of an eye, he had already approached where the few unknown enemies had fallen.

Along with a long and shrill shout, the snowfield three miles away from Ji Hao abruptly moved. A tall silhouette suddenly rose into the air while pulling a long bow, and aiming it at Ji Hao. Staring at Ji Hao, that man sneered and said, ’’Fire Crow Clan's idiot, today, you will...’’

Before he finished his speech, a slim silhouette suddenly emerged from a fierce gust of wind. Feng Xing darted out from the gust of wind while yelling loudly, ’’You cowardly backstabber! Have a try at an arrow shot from behind your back!’’

Cyan light lit up on Feng Xing's hands, within which, a long and oddly-shaped bow, which was as big as Feng Xing's body, abruptly appeared. Feng Xing pulled the long bow open, after which, great gusts of wind madly began to gather around his long bow, which condensed into a six-foot long arrow, hanging on the bow string.

Feng Xing loosened his finger, and along with a popping sound, the cyan wind arrow was shot out. Before the tall man, who had aimed at Ji Hao with his bow and arrow, was able to take any reaction, Feng Xing's cyan wind arrow had punctured his heart and blasted open a pot-sized hole in his chest.

A long and clear shout came from afar, followed with which, Yu Mu, who was as chubby as a huge bear rushed into the snowfield like a bomb, while leaping and hopping.

A muffled bang then rose from the snowfield, and another few silhouettes were instantly struck out by Yu Mu's violence, from the accumulated snow layer.


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