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The Magus Era - Chapter 187



Chapter 187 - Partners

At the time Ji Hao and Taisi were approaching the boys of the Great Dark Ocean Society, in a small village that was tens of miles away, a chubby was standing beside a huge pot.

Green magic flames were blazing in the snowfield. Within the huge pot that was broad enough to let two adults take a bath in, snow-white pieces of meat were rolling in boiling water. An extremely nice, attractive sweet aroma was spreading out, along with the steam that was rising from the pot.

The chubby boy seemed to be wholeheartedly concentrating on the pot, his face serious or even solemn. In the meanwhile, he was continuously taking out all kinds of poisonous mushrooms and throwing them into the pot.

These poisonous mushrooms were coloured vividly. Each of the mushrooms could easily poison over hundred people, killing them. Even after the chubby boy had thrown a mushroom into the pot, the boiling soup in the pot would change colour.

The colourful soup kept boiling. Gradually, the pot ful of soup became thicker and thicker. A huge amount of strange and cloudy sticky foams rolled up from the bottom of the pot. The chubby boy seemed very nervous, and was carefully observing the changes in the colour of the soup. Now and then, he would put his face near the pot and take a small breath of the hot steam.

A while later, the chubby boy took out three strangely-shaped plants from out his sleeve. These three plants were shaped similar as the Snow Fragrance Thoroughworts, but each had a long stem in the middle and a fist-sized green fruit grew on top of the stem.

’’Eh, I have worked my ass off and completed eighteen tasks for the Magi Palace, but got only three Dragon-Slobbered Fruits in return...the Magi Palace is so freaking stingy! But, what can I do? This is my very, it's so damn not easy to get myself some real delicious food.’’

After having murmured and complained for a while, the chubby boy seemed to have spotted the perfect moment and hurriedly put the three Dragon-Slobbered Fruits into the pot.

Dragon-Slobbered Fruits needed to be watered by the venoms of thousands of different kinds of poisonous snakes, and they grew in the coldest and isolated places that were filled with the most negative power, for hundreds of years. These kinds of fruits were highly toxic, and ordinary Senior Magi would be poisoned even by only touching this kind of fruit.

After the chubby boy had thrown the three Dragon-Slobbered Fruits into the pot, a magical reaction instantly occurred between the Dragon-Slobbered Fruits and the hundreds of kinds of poisonous mushrooms that had been put into the pot previously by the chubby boy.

The vivid colour of the pot full of boiling soup, which was mixed with at least a hundred different colours, gradually became clear and transparent. Within the span of only a few breaths, the soup had turned into a crystal-clear cyan colour. Hundreds of pieces of snow-white meat were still rolling in the pot, and a stream of incomparably tasty smell slowly rose from the pot. Two lines of hot tears suddenly gushed out of the chubby boy's eye sockets.

’’Oh...mine Hundred-Poisonous-Mushroom and Snow-Flood-Dragon Soup! Finally, finally completed! In order to taste a mouthful of this soup, I have suffered for a whole year and a half! Feng Xing, a whole year and a half!!’’

Seven to eight zhang away from the huge pot, a tall and slim boy, who had a pair of shining eyes, and whose whole body was releasing a positive, sharp sense of power. He was lying on the snowfield on his stomach and playing with two Snow Frogs. Hearing the chubby boy's cry, the slim boy instantly leapt up. Swiftly his silhouette flashed across the air and immediately appeared beside the giant pot.

’’Yu Mu, you stupid fatso, sooner or later, you will die because of your gluttonousness! Hm, let me try the flavour first.’’ While speaking, the slim boy slightly crooked his finger and picked a piece of snow-white meat up from the pot, took a deep breath of the fascinating great aroma, then opened his mouth and took a huge bite.

The chubby boy, who was called Yu Mu, popped his eyes wide open, stared at the slim boy, called Feng Xing, and said, ’’How is it? How does it taste like? I have done the math for over a hundred times, this pot of Hundred-Poisonous-Mushroom and Snow-Flood-Dragon soup can at least awaken ten more Magus Acupoints for each of us!’’

Feng Xiang popped his eyes open as well, silently looked at Yu Mu for a short while, then abruptly threw the remaining piece of meat held in his hand entirely into his mouth, and fleetingly thrust both of his hands into the pot;he acted too abruptly and quickly, as if he had suddenly gone mad.

’’F**k!’’ yelled Yu Mu, at the same time, he thrusts his chubby arms into the pot as well, leaving shreds of afterimages behind his arms.

Similar to how a crazy gale swept over a cloudy sky, accompanied by a swooshing sound that came from the pot, the pieces of meat of the Snow-Flood-Dragon disappeared, one after another. At the same time, loud clashing sounds made by teeth were coming out from the mouths of the two boys. After the span of only three breaths, all the meat of the Snow-Flood-Dragon was gone. After that, both of the boys opened their mouths wide open and each took a long, deep breath. Along with the breath, the boiling soup in the pot instantly rose, transformed into two streams in the air and were drawn into their mouths. After the span of one breath, not even a single drop of the soup was left in the pot. The pot was clean as if it had been licked by a hundred starving dogs.

Followed by two loud thuds, the two of them fell on the ground, one after another, each in an ugly shape, and began breathing out hot airs.

Yu Mu, who was nearly three-meter tall, and as sturdy as a gigantic bear, gasped deeply. Soon, a whole one hundred and twenty Magus Acupoints had lit up on his chest and abdomen. His fat started to tremble, creating a rippled water-like surface. At the same time, a faint layer of green mist appeared under his skin, which began to rotate slowly, making him look like a huge, green apple.

Feng Xin was also lying on the ground, all tall and slim. On his chest, abdomen and limbs, a hundred and twenty Magus Acupoints had also lit up. Along with every breath that he let out, a faint stream of winds would gush out of his limbs, continuously blowing the accumulating snow into the air.

They both had silently activated their powers and stored the great power contained in the Hundred-Poisonous-Mushroom and Snow-Flood-Dragon Soup into their Acupoints, after which they breathed out a cloud of hot air and slowly opened their eyes.

They were lying leisurly on the ground and were lazily looking at the unclouded sky.

After a while, Yu Mu said to Feng Xin in a low voice, ’’A couple a days ago, Minister Si Wen Ming talked to me. He invited me to join the Secret Palace of the Magi Palace, in order to learn the legendary secret magic [Opening up Meridians].’’

Feng Xiang crossed his legs and responded carelessly, ’’Invited me as well...’’

Both of them remained silent for a short while, then Feng Xing said with a frown, ’’I have heard about the [Opening up Meridians] secret magic long ago. The purpose of that magic is to open up more meridians out of our inherited bloodline power systems, allowing us to have better body conditions, and to absorb greater power. But, fatso, you know more about magic medicines than me. I am just wondering, since the ancient time, people have been told that the meridians of our humankind are all useless, is that true?’’

’’Hmmm,’’ murmured Yu Mu, ’’I told you, do not call me fatso. I am not fat at all, I am just strong, strong! Anyway, the meridians of our humankind are born blocked and fragile. It can't possibly contain any natural power. That was the reason why our ancestors worshipped all kinds of powerful creatures, strengthened their meridians with the spirit blood of those creatures, and invented the original magic power systems.’’

Pausing for a second, Yu Mu continued seriously, ’’But the Magi Palace...I know that the Magi Palace is a big deal, and I am quite interested about the [Opening up Meridians] secret magic.’’

Feng Xiang flipped his pair of large ears, which were two times bigger than that of normal people, then responded also with a serious look, ’’Yeah, I'm interested as well. But, what's that noise?’’

Along with his voice, a breeze came from afar. Feng Xing's body abruptly and weirdly rose into the air and spun for a few rounds, then suddenly disappeared, only leaving an extremely faint shred of afterimages in the air. In the very next moment, Feng Xing reappeared on top of a small snow hill that was miles away from Yu Mu.

Yu Mu briefly paused, then leapt up as well. His chubby body light-footedly rushed across the snow field. Although he moved a lot slower than Feng Xing, not a single trace was left on the snowfield of him running on that field.

Feng Xing lied down on top of the snow hill, on his stomach, looking at a snow mountain tens of miles away from him. His ear shook slightly, yet at a very high frequency;a short while later, he turned his ear towards that snow mountain, then abruptly let out a sneer.

’’Useless cowards, all you know is to shoot sneakily from the back! 'Shadowless Wind-Catching Arrows', ha, I have been wanting to compete with them since long ago!’’

Feng Xing's silhouette suddenly shook, then his whole body merged with a gust of wind and completely disappeared.

Yu Mu stopped rushing, leapt high once again and turned around in the air, hurriedly hopping and skipping towards his huge pot, while yelling, ’’That bastard! He's going to cause us more trouble! My pot, oh my pot, oh dear, need to grab my pot first, I can't bear to lose it!’’


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