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The Magus Era - Chapter 183


Chapter 183 - Friends

’’Three leaves of Lan Ping plant mixed with Tiger-Tooth weed can detoxify the miasma of hundreds of years old Peach Flowers.’’

’’Blue Edge Chinese Flowering Crabapple as the basic remedy, coordinated with Heart-burning Blossoms and Seven-Star Peach Seed can whiten and rejuvenate the skin.’’

’’A hundred grams of Red Frost Stone as the medicinal usher, added to the liquid that is gained by mashing thousand and five hundred grams of large centipedes, coordinated with seven kinds of rare plants can easily drive evil Spirit Snakes away.’’

Ji Hao was holding his hands behind his back as he was walking along a broad path, slowly shaking his head while reciting a few new recipes that he had learned from Wulong Yao.

He had already thoroughly memorized countless basic knowledge of herbal medicines and prescriptions of magical medicines. However, almost every master Magi tutor like Wulong Yao possessed their own secret, special knowledge system, which they wouldn't easily impart to ordinary apprentices. They would only do so with very talented, valued and apprentices they trusted, like Ji Hao.

Currently, Ji Hao was learning some special and advanced magical medicinal cooking skills from Wulong Yao. After being cooked with those secret skills and magic spells, some combination of herbal medicines that seemed nothing special, would turn into magical and powerful magic medicines.

Apart from Wulong Kui, Ji Hao had also begun learning advanced skills and knowledge of all kinds of subjects, from Mi Qingkong and other master Magi tutors. More magical and complicated knowledge, more consummate skills and cleverer combinations of all kinds of materials. During these couple of days, Ji Hao had been learning all those new things too excitedly, causing his vitality to be nearly depleted.

While walking back to his room, Ji Hao was murmuring about those prescriptions all the way. When he saw his room right in the front of him, he heard Taisi's voice.

’’Have a drink with me? I have no time!’’

’’Why have I never found you all so friendly when I was still a waste of a man?’’

’’Ha, look at yourselves! Your faces are like broken melons, like the field mouths! How dare you even think about being with Shaosi?!’’

’’Although Shaosi is mean and fierce, and has never shown me, her big brother, any respect...but, no matter what, she is my blood little sister, and is as pretty as a blooming flower. You, all of you, do you really think that you are good enough for her?’’

’’Piss off! Don't you enrage me! Or you will so regret!’’

Taisi's angry voice woke Ji Hao up from the ocean of new and magical prescriptions. He shook his head and turned his head to where the voice was coming from.

A few boys, who were wearing coarse clothes and sharp swords, seemed to have blocked Taisi's path. They had circled around him, and were talking to him in low voices. Taisi's hollow face seemed terrible darkened, and his small head was shaking continuously. In the meanwhile, he was yelling at the few boys with bitter and sarcastic words.

A handsome boy, who had silver cold light beams flashing across his pupils from time to time, abruptly shouted out, ’’Taisi, do not be so shameless! You have already offended the Southern Wasteland Society, if you offend our White Tiger Society as well, both you and Shaosi cannot possibly end well!’’

Taisi raised his slim, vague and decurrent eyebrows while simultaneously raising his head. He brought his small, hollow, pale face near the face of the boy, after which he used his left hand to slap hard against his own thin and slim neck that looked like the neck of a duck. While doing so, he yelled, ’’Huh? Are you threatening me?! Come on! Pull that sword of yours out and chop my head off! Come on!!’’

Taisi slapped his neck really hard, even letting out loud and resonating slapping sounds that resounded across the broad path, while yelling ferociously, ’’Come! Chop here! Your master, Taisi, has clear, visible bones on his neck. You see, here under my skin, a suture between my neck and body, chop here! It should be easy and clean! You should be able to chop my head directly off by simply swinging your sword!’’

Taisi showed his teeth, spouted drops of saliva out, and looked very fierce. The boy, who had just threatened him, staggered backwards in embarrassment, and seemed to be so frightened by Taisi's ghost-like look that he couldn't let out a word. This scene was nothing different from a tiny, scrawny field mouse frightening a strong and muscular lion back, just imagine how laughable it was.

’’Chop! Come on! Quick and clean! Come on! Don't make your master Taisi suffer too much! If you chop my head off I'll admit you all are men! But you don't even dare to pull your swords out, do you?! Why do you bar my way and threaten me here then, since you don't even dare to pull your swords out?! A bunch of douchebags who don't even dare to kill! Douchebags!!’’

The little group of White Tiger Society's boys began growling deeply in anger, which sounded as if they were real wild beasts. They were all Senior Magi, and each could poke ten weak magi like Taisi dead with only one finger. If wasn't for the fact that they were in the Magi Palace where every corner of it was being supervised by indescribable powerful Magi tutors at all times, they would have beaten up Taisi long ago.

They growled in anger for a short while, then after another series of threats they left Taisi and all fled away embarrassed.

Staring at the backs of those boys, a beam of cruel light flashed across Taisi's eyes. He subconsciously took out his short white bone cane out of his sleeve and waved towards the few running boys, but after that, he let out a long sigh, shook his head and put the bone cane back into his sleeve.

Ji Hao sneaked behind Taisi and saw cold sweat gushing from out of Taisi's neck. Ji Hao couldn't help but let out an evil smile. He then suddenly slapped hard on Taisi's shoulder and yelled, ’’Hearing your words I thought you were brave like hell, I didn't think that you were actually so afraid!’’

Taisi was freaked out by the sudden appearance of Ji Hao, he screamed out and leapt up, hurriedly turned around and staggered a few steps back and nearly fell on the ground. After this series of moves, Taisi finally was able to see clearly that the one who stood behind him and frightened him was Ji Hao, then let out a few embarrassing laughs.

’’Ah, haha, haha, what? Afraid? No, no no no, I am not afraid at all, why should I? I was in a rush, ran all the way, that's why I am sweating! Really!’’

While speaking, Taisi took out a handkerchief and hurriedly wiped the cold sweat out from the back of his neck, after which he pointed his finger at the path behind him with an embarrassing smile remaining on his face, and said, ’’ a bit weak...this damn path is over a thousand miles long. I know people like you can run from over there to here with only a few steps, but I have been running for a whole morning...’’

Looking at Taisi, who was trying to pretend to be calm, Ji Hao became speechless. Even an ordinary Southern Wasteland Novice Magus could run for over a thousand miles in the morning. Taisi was a peak-level Junior Magus, but he only made around a thousand miles by running for an entire morning. He was not 'a bit weak', he was completely weak as a baby quail that newly hatched from out an egg.

’’I'll get you some medicines to strengthen your body when I have the chance, look at you...even a gale can blow you away.’’ While speaking, Ji Hao grabbed Taisi's hand and took a few big steps forward to the front of his stone room. He then took out his apprentice identity tablet and waved it in front of the door, after which, the door automatically opened.

Taisi was dragged by Ji Hao and staggered bumbling behind him, and quickly went out of breath, but he was still not willing to admit how weak he actually was. He gasped quickly and deeply while yelling at Ji Hao, ’’ such thing, as long as Shaosi is here, no gale can b...blow me away,! Why...why are you walking so fast?!’’

Ji Hao dragged Taisi into his room and took out a few fresh fruits that he had grabbed from Wulong Kui's room, and served them to Taisi.

Without any scruple Taisi picked a Dragon-Skin fruit, which was very nutritious and could replenish the lost strength, tore it apart and began gobbling. After having wolfed quite a few fruits, Taisi's face finally turned slightly pink. Taisi then grinned at Ji Hao.

’’Shaosi and I don't have friends, you're the first one,’’ said Taisi while carefully taking out a palm-sized, white, bone talisman from out his sleeve.

’’This is a protective talisman made by Shaosi. She spent quite an effort and a whole couple of days on it. It's very powerful, and will bring you good luck!’’ said Taisi proudly. He then thrust this exquisite bone talisman that was embossed with a few twisted spell symbols into Ji Hao's hand, while he continued, ’’Carry it with you, someday you might find a giant piece of gold under your feet!’’

Staring at the bone talisman, Taisi then helplessly let out a sigh and said, ’’What a pity, both mine and Shaosi's special abilities are useless for ourselves, otherwise, we wouldn't be needing to live such a poor life.’’

After Taisi had finished this sentence, a silhouette swiftly flashed across the door of Ji Hao's room, along with which, a cold voice came inside the room, ’’Come with me if you want Shaosi alive!’’


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