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The Magus Era - Chapter 182



Chapter 182 - Plan

In Pu Ban City, a lofty mountain was encircled by a crystal-clear brook.

Huge numbers of caves had been excavated in the mountain that was thousands of zhang high and were connected through wandering corridors. All the important places of the mountain were covered in defensive magic formations, and guarded by trained beasts and puppets. This mountain was a battle fort that was easy to defend, hard to attack.

This was the headquarter of the Southern Wasteland Society of the Magi Palace, and those young elite Magi often gathered in here.

In a broad stone hall that was located on a mountain peak and could contain over thousand people, Yao Kaiyuan, Yao Kaijiang and other core members of the Southern Wasteland Society were sitting around a huge fireplace, while pouring vats of liquor into their mouths.

A few gigantic pieces of beast meat were being grilled to sizzling above a blazing bonfire, and were emitting a dense, nice aroma while yellow fat dripped in liquid form. But none of the boys seemed to have an appetite in front of the delicious grilled meat. They only continued to lift their liquor vats up and drank.

Quite some time later, Yao Kaiyuan, who was especially tall and sturdy, stood up, smashed the liquor vat he had been holding in his hands hard against the ground, and yelled harshly, ’’Where are all our people?! Dead?! That little bastard names Ji Hao, what the hell is his background?! Fire Crow Clan?! How dare they?!’’

Over ten Southern Wasteland warriors, who were tall and muscular, walked into the stone hall with big steps. One of them, whose entire body was wrapped in dense fiery lights and had red dragon-scale-like marks looming under his skin, bowed in front of Yao Kaiyuan and said, ’’Young master, we have already sent more people to amass information about him...this kid arrived at the Magi Palace less than a year ago, and rarely contacted other apprentices, therefore, it's not that easy to find his exact background.’’

Jiang Yong had been sitting on the other side of the bonfire, he abruptly yelled out loud when he heard the warrior's words.

’’What are you afraid of?! It's nothing but a tiny little Fire Crow Clan! We don't even need to use the powers of our clans, just any of our Magus-King-level elder can easily wipe the Fire Crow Clan out!’’

Jiang Yong then smashed his liquor vat on the ground as well, then leapt up from his seat and shouted, ’’Kill Ji Hao! Seize the life-force crystal back then send his head to the Gold Black Mountain, make the Fire Crow Clan compensate us as much as we satisfied! Then everything will be just fine!’’

A beam of vicious and greedy light flashed across his eyes, after which Jiang Yong let out a few wicked laughs, ’’As for the part of life-force, our brothers have already lost...hehe...there are many Senior Magi in the Fire Crow Clan, as long as that Taisi will listen to us, we can just take more life-force from those Fire Crow Clan's Senior Magi...hehe!’’

He then licked his own lips, puffed out his chest and continued, ’’It's quite easy to make Taisi listen to us, once Shaosi becomes my woman, Taisi will have no choice but listen to us!’’

The other Southern Wasteland Society's boys glanced at each others, and not long after that, one of them abruptly let out a sneer and said, ’’Jiang Yong, you think you have such a perfect plan, huh? Taisi, Shaosi, what do we know about them?’’

’’Taisi and his sister Shaosi, they were brought back to the Magi Palace by an elderly Magi tutor three years ago, when the Magi tutor returned from a long travel,’’ said the muscular warrior who had reported to Yao Kaiyuan just now in a deep voice, ’’but they have always been average amongst the apprentices of the Magi Palace, nothing too special.’’

The warrior the gasped deeply, took out a jade slip and handed it to Yao Kaiyuan.

’’These are all they have done in the Magi Palace during the past three years. Taisi has been a totally waste of a man all this time. He rarely steps out of the Magi Palace, and his daily life has been taking care of his sister, Shaosi. As for Shaosi, she went out of the Magi Palace for tasks occasionally and get some cultivating resources in return. But most of the tasks that had been completed by her were not that difficult, therefore, the resources she gained from the Magi Palace were also average.’’

Yao Kaiyuan briefly browsed through the dense handwriting on the jade slip, then shook his head slightly. According to only these records, Shaosi has completed seventeen tasks for the Magi Palace in total, during the past three years. She never teamed up with any other apprentices, and insisted on completing every task all by herself. But all of her tasks were not too difficult, so she never received any special rewards.

However, it seems as if Shaosi had always been lucky;every time she completed a task and came back to the Magi Palace, she always was able bring back some extremely valuable herbal medicines and other treasures that she would offer to the Magi Palace and exchange for quite an amount of cultivation resources. Depending on those resources that Shaosi gained with her luck, she and Taisi had cultivated themselves into the peak of Junior Magi, and would break into the Senior Magi level anytime now. Even compared to those Southern Wasteland Society's boys, Shaosi and Taisi were not bad at all.

However, overall speaking, Taisi and Shaosi could only be counted as average apprentices in the Magi Palace. Too many other apprentices, who were hundreds of times more talented than them, worked even harder. Especially compared to Taisi, who was more like a parasite. He barely went out of the Magi Place and never took tasks;all of the resources he needed for his cultivation were earned by Shaosi by completing her tasks alone.

Even a few embarrassing stories about Taisi were recorded on the jade slip. He was too weak and cowardly, and had been bullied by other apprentices countless times, but never dared to fight back or even curse back;he was completely depending on Shaosi's protection.

Yao Kaiyuan couldn't help but laugh grimly after having read the record on the jade slip. ’’Ha, the weak little rabbit raised by us, suddenly turned into a man-eating evil dragon. Jiang Yong, you can just stop coveting Shaosi now, she is not that kind girl that people like you could wish for, not anymore!’’

Jiang Yong shouted out in anger, ’’Yao Kaiyuan! What do you mean by that?! I fancied Shaosi first, remember?! And I have been keeping an eye on her for over a year! What do you want? Do you want to step in? You know what? Our Bi Fang Clan is not afraid of your Fire Dragon Clan!’’

Yao Kaiyuan stared at Jiang Yong and gave him a sneering smile, then said, ’’Idiot, haven't you realized it yet? The problem now is not whether you have kept an eye on Shaosi or not. I'm afraid that aside from our Southern Wasteland Society, the other guys have already fixed their eyes on Taisi and his sister as well.’’

Jiang Yong instantly shut his mouth, and his entire face twisted at the same time.

He was not a real idiot, he was just used to being proud and arrogant. He was clearly aware of the fact that with his family's background, if Shaosi had only been an ordinary pretty girl, no one would want to compete against him for her. But now, Taisi had already shown his amazing and terrifying power, especially his [Life-Taking Magic] that allowed him to beat nearly a hundred Senior Magi simultaneously;his power was totally in defiance of nature. Apparently, this was one of Taisi's special abilities, and this kind of magical and special power was contained in his bloodline.

Because of the power contained in his bloodline, Taisi and Shaosi had now become precious treasures that was being coveted by everyone!

Any clan would be willing to send a hundred, thousand, ten-thousand or even more girls to Taisi;as long as Taisi wouldn't die exhausted, any clan would be willing to continuously send girls to him in order for him to reproduce his direct offspring and get the magical, mysterious and amazingly great power contained in his bloodline.

As for Shaosi, since she was Taisi's blood sister, her bloodline was as precious as Taisi's bloodline. Added with that she could be used to control Taisi that made her even more valuable.

Taking a deep breath, Yao Kaiyuan then continued in a cold voice, ’’At the moment, there are other things we need to do. First, go get the remaining life-force back from Ji Hao, otherwise, we would lose a hundred Senior Magi in one go, which will result in our Southern Wasteland Society to be nearly annihilated. If so, we would have no chance to even mention any other plan.’’

’’Secondly, try everything to make Shaosi one of us! Remember, try literally everything! Make her one of us before anyone else gets her! Or, turn her into one of our woman,’’ said Yao Kaiyuan while he sneered and crushed that jade slip into pieces.

’’We will make a start on both of these things at the same time...and...hack Ji Hao into pieces if possible, this is how will he pay for his sense of justice!’’


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