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The Magus Era - Chapter 181


Chapter 181 - Life Force

The blackboard was floating in the air;it was a square with lengths of hundred zhang and was filled with small characters.

Thirty-seven-thousand miles away from Pu Ban City, the irrigation canal of a clan was blocked because an Evil Spirit Snake had occupied that canal. Apprentices who would kill the Spirit Snake could get a bottle of 'tiger fetus bone-strengthening pills'.

In the Southwest, a hundred and ninety thousand miles away, girls of three clans had gone missing. Anyone who could discover what exactly had happened to those girls, could get three 'soul-comforting blood spirit flowers'.

In the Feng Luo Mountain, two large-scale clans, the Lieshan Family and the Fangfeng Family were fighting for sources of water, and the clashes between these two clans, which had involved over fifty-thousand clansmen, had flared up for five times in a row. Apprentices who could open up new water sources for these two clans and resolved conflicts between these two clans, could get 'ten magic crystals' that were condensed from the natural power, and were in correspondence with his or her own power.

Tasks appeared on the blackboard one after another. The apprentices who had been standing on the square all this time, only briefly browsed those tasks, after which they all walked towards the few elderly Magi tutors, taking over appropriate tasks according to their own power-levels, interests, and needs. Finally they called their friends and left together.

Those characters on the blackboards were glowing brightly. Once a task had been taken over by one or a few apprentices, it would immediately dissipate on the blackboard. Within only ten minutes, over a thousand tasks were taken over.

None of the others took another glance at Ji Hao, Taisi, and those Southern Wasteland Society's boys. It seemed as if Jiang Yong, who had been badly battered and now had a bloody nose and a swollen face, Yao Kaijiang and Yao Kaiyuan, whose bodies now were covered in wounds, and nearly a hundred 'old' Senior Magi, who were lying on the ground, twitching and struggling, didn't even exist.

The little group of elderly Magi tutors stood under the blackboards peacefully and calmly, keeping their eyes closed. None of them had even thrown a glance at Ji Hao, Taisi, and all those other boys.

This was a hidden rule of the Magi Palace;apprentices should solve all of their conflicts and fights by themselves. As long as nobody was killed, Magi tutors would never step in between the conflicts of apprentices.

Taisi had forcibly taken the life force of nearly a hundred young Senior Magi with his [Life-Taking Magic], turned them into old people within such a short time, but they didn't die immediately. Therefore, no rule had been broken by Taisi, and the Magi tutors wouldn't even inquire what had transpired.

Ji Hao glanced at the blackboard, and shook his head while smiling, then he nodded to Taisi and his sister Shaosi, and told them his room number and said, ’’Taisi, Shaosi, come to my room when you're free, we can probably have some tea together. I have arrived at the Magi Palace for over a half of a year so far, but I've been blindly busy all the time, I didn't really make any friends.’’

Taisi noddded hurriedly, and seemed as if he wanted to say something;but he looked at Saosi in frightened, then laughed embarrassedly, without saying another word.

Shaosi gripped the black jade bottle in her hand, looked at Ji Hao in all seriousness for a short while, but also remained silent. She then turned to the blackboard, browsed through those tasks, and said to Taisi, ’’Taisi, this time you have to go out with me. I can't leave you here in the Magi Palace alone, you will always cause troubles.’’

Taisi waved the white bone cane hard in anger and responded, ’’Shaosi, you have to be reasonable, I never cause trouble!’’

Ji Hao shook his head again, turned around and prepared to leave while fiddling with the crystal that was condensed from the life force of those Southern Wasteland Society's boys. A few Southern Wasteland Society's boys suddenly darted in front of him and blocked his way. They stared at Ji Hao with a trace of fear in their eyes, while gnashing their teeth and said, ’’Leave this, and you can go! From now on, we shall mind only our own businesses. We won't trouble you, and you should leave us alone as well.’’

Ji Hao threw the ten-million stone weighing crystal that had been condensed from the life force into the air, then caught it and weighed the crystal in his hand, let out a sneer and said, ’’You mean this? Why should I give it to you? If I swallow it I would have fifty-thousand more years of life, why the hell should I hand such a treasure to you?’’

Jiang Yong slowly staggered over, his face filled with anger and fear.

Nearly a hundred young senior Magi were lying on the ground, a great part of their lives had been taken by Taisi, and only a small part of life was remaining for each of them. They could quiver their legs and die anytime now. All these were as such because Jiang Yong had bullied Taisi earlier, threatened Taisi, and intended to force Taisi to betroth his sister to him.

All these young Senior Magi had reached the level of Senior Magus at such a young age. Every one of them were carrying the hopes and future of a top ranking big scale clan of the Southern Wasteland and were treated like real, precious treasures by the elders and Maguspriests of their respective clans. If these boys were to die because of Jiang Yong, even the Bi Fang Clan would be unable to save Jiang Yong's life!

It was even possible that the Bi Fang Clan itself would suffer from the revenge of those powerful large-scale clans, all because of the death of these Senior Magi.

Although the Bi Fang Clan was one of the top ten powerful clans of the Southern Wasteland, it would be unable to survive joint attacks of the Fire Dragon Clan, Fire Phoenix Clan, Fire Kylin Clan and the other few powerful clans.

’’Ji Hao... I saw your |Fire Wings| just now, are you from the Fire Crow Clan?’’ said Jiang Yong, while gnashing his teeth, and in a cold voice, ’’If you hand that life-force over, I can still let your Fire Crow Clan go. Otherwise, I will immediately send a letter back to the Bi Fang Clan, after that, your Fire Crow Clan will be so dead!’’

’’Jiang Yong! You balls-less coward! Why don't you just knock us out and take that life-force back yourself?! What can you do besides threatening the others with your clan?!’’ yelled Taisi with raging.

Shaosi stood silently at the side, staring at Jiang Yong with cold and clear eyes, yet, slight beams of bone-piercing cold light flashed across her pupils from time to time.

Ji Hao laughed out, shook his head to Taisi, then abruptly thrust his hand out and pushed Jiang Yong in the face. He had used enough strength doing that. Jiang Yong was sent flying away for tens of miles while howling in pain and spurting blood out from every opening of his body, after which, he fell on the ground, slid for another seventy to eighty hundred zhang on the smooth ground, then finally slowed down.

’’Threaten me with your clan?’’ Ji Hao glanced at Jiang Yong with disdain, then scornfully shook his head towards Yao Kaiyuan, Yao Kaijiang, and the other boys.

’’The centre of the Gold Crow Clan is located at the Gold Black Mountain, Southern Wasteland, my clansmen couldn't run even if they wanted to,’’ said Ji Hao with a evil and cold laughter, ’’I'll beat you here, if you're unwilling to submit, my clansmen would be expecting the revenge of your clans! Bi Fang Clan? Fire Dragon Clan? Fire Phoenix Clan? Fire Kylin Clan? If your elders dare to go to the Gold Black Mountain and take revenge, I can only assume that all of you were raised by pre-historic animals!’’

Under the blackboard, a few elderly Magi tutors closed their eyes and completely ignored what had Ji Hao just did and said.

Other apprentices who hadn't left yet, began their snickering again. They were all laughing at the Southern Wasteland Society for their weakness and cowardliness.

Ji Hao weighed the life-force crystal in his hand again, then split about one-fifth off it with his left hand, then thrust it into Mr Crow's beaks. Mr Crow cawed out loudly on Ji Hao's shoulder, and waved its wings madly with excitement. In the meanwhile, a strong stream of fire power quickly spread out from its body.

Ji Hao then split another one-fifth off from the crystal, and put it in his own mouth in front of all the others.

A hot steam of power suddenly swept across his entire body. Ji Hao grinned at those Southern Wasteland Society's boys, whose faces had turned deadly pale, and said, ’’This will give me about more than ten-thousand years of life, am I right? Even if I make no effort on my cultivation and just live my life peacefully, I would grow into a Magus King anyway.’’

He then weighed the remaining crystal and thrust it into the storage bag tied around his waist, while murmuring, ’’Abba, Amma, Grandpa Ji Kui and the other Grandpas...Hm, Abba and Amma should have more. If they have an extra three to five thousands of years lifespan, they would then break into Magus-King-level no matter what. The Grandpas are already close enough to the higher level, it won't be too difficult for them to become Magus Kings if they could live a bit longer.

While patting the storage bag tied around his waist with satisfaction, Ji Hao grinned at those Southern Wasteland Society's boys again and said, ’’I am holding the remaining life-force, if you want to take this life-force back, you should move quick. When I have someone to send it back to the Gold Crow Clan for me, you will have no chance to take your lives back.’’

Letting out a loud and clear laugh, Ji Hao then turned around and left the square in big steps.

A few of the Southern Wasteland Society's boys seemed to wanting to attempt stopping him, but after they glanced at their companions, who were now lying and crying on the ground, all withdrew in fear and watched Ji Hao walk away in big steps.


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