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The Magus Era - Chapter 178



Chapter 178 - Enraged


Ji Hao laughed out loud in excitement, then waved his left hand hard in the air and instantly threw out a series of punches, just like a fierce rainstorm that roaring and swooshing towards the enemies.

With the black dagger held in his right hand, he threw out several smooth arcs into the air, one after another. Ji Hao showed completely no misgivings about the possible counterforce, which the [Sky Opening] could cause, and had thrown out thirty-six arcs within a single moment. Thirty-six dazzling arcs that were launched by the [Sky Opening] crossed each other, looking like a beautiful blooming flower, flying towards those young Senior Magi along with a stream of unspeakably mysterious sense of power.

Nearly a hundred Senior Magi of the Southern Wasteland Society had simultaneously launched attacks towards Ji Hao!

Although everything was started by Jiang Yong for bullying Taisi, in this real fight, those proud young Senior Magi still instinctively avoided Taisi's weak and scrawny body, focusing only on Ji Hao.

’’Cripple this bastard first! How dare he offend our great Southern Wasteland Society?!’’ yelled a young Senior Magus, who had a large cloud of raging flame blazing behind him, and within which, a crystal-like, glowing red fiery Kylin was roaring towards the sky. A stream of flame that seemed able of purifying the souls of people and weaken all kinds of thoughts by force, spurted suddenly from its mouth.

The Kylin was an auspicious and legendary beast, symbolising great luck. In the Southern Wasteland, the totem that was being worshipped by the Fire Kylin Clan was nothing else but Kylin. The magic flame of the Kylin that their clansmen possessed were unable to harm the bodies of the humans, but were capable of directly influencing their souls, enabling them to win even without a fight.

Once the streams of magic flames of the Kylin had been spurted out, Ji Hao had somehow suddenly been distracted and his moves, which had been smooth and fast, had immediately slowed down by thirty percent, showing countless weaknesses instantly. Nearly a hundred Senior Magi started simultaneously laughing out loud. The next moment, hundreds of attacks simultaneously fell onto Ji Hao's body.

Ji Hao had activated all his 129600 meridians, therefore, only the amount of power contained in his meridians were three-hundred times more than the total amount of power of any peak-level Junior Magus. When a Senior Magus had awakened hundred Magus Acupoints, his total power would only be around a hundred times more than that he would have had at the Junior Magus Level. As such, Ji Hao's current power was around three times more than that of these ordinary Senior Magi, even though he himself was only a Junior Magus.

Although the quality of his current power was not as good as the powers of Senior Magi, with the great amount of power, Ji Hao was easily capable of contending against any ordinary Senior Magus, who had about a hundred awakened Magus Acupoints.

Apart from the power contained in his meridians, Ji Hao still had the power contained within his Golden Dan. He had been working on cultivating both, his meridian's power and his Golden Dan's power, all this time, and the power contained in his Golden Dan had always been greater than the power in his meridians, therefore, with the Golden Dan, Ji Hao was now about a hundred times more powerful than any ordinary Senior Magi, who had about a hundred awakened Magus Acupoints! Added with that there was the armour made by Po, which had been improved by Kuafu Yan in defensive power.

With the three factors given above, Ji Hao had no reason to worry about the commencing fight. His whole body was wrapped in clear and bright light streams, and all of the lotuses that were condensed by the clear light streams had transformed into lotus-shaped spell symbols, which appeared on the surface of Ji Hao's armour, as if they were engraved on the armour itself by sharp knives.

Thunderous booms rose one after another, while hundreds of fierce and violent attacks struck on Ji Hao's body along with horribly high temperature.

The other apprentices who had been watching this fight, had begun to sigh now.

’’What is that kid's name again? Ji Hao? He's dead.’’

’’Dead or crippled, which clan did he come from? He's got some balls to he dared to stand against the Southern Wasteland Society!’’

’’Eh...such a shame, I was hoping that he could wound more of the idiots from the Southern Wasteland Society.’’

Those conversations turned into voice streams and spread out to those in the vicinity, only, the facial expressions of those Southern Wasteland Society's boys suddenly changed. The moment their fists clashed against Ji Hao's body, the only thing they felt was Ji Hao's body being strangely solid, as if they had punched top-quality jade that had the tender face of a baby. Their fists vibrated due to their own powers, bringing them great pain. However, none of them had been able to crack Ji Hao's armor a slightest bit or dent the defensive power that was shrouding his body.

All kinds of inherited magic treasures that had been thrown out by them had struck against Ji Hao's body as well, however, all these inherited magic treasures, which could usually break anything, were now letting out buzzing sounds. All of these inherited magic treasures were blocked by the great defensive power of Ji Hao's armour - these inherited magic treasures, which had been fighting with generations of Magi for at least ten-thousand years, and had enough fighting experiences, were now letting their owners know directly that they were not able to break through Ji Hao's defensive power.

A few precious treasures that had come from special sources, had even informed their owners that probably only Magus King Level power would be able to break through the faint layer of clear light, which was shrouding Ji Hao and seemed insignificant.

Ji Hao's body was vibrating intensely. Nearly a hundred Senior Magi had simultaneously launched attacks onto Ji Hao. Their punches were nothing to Ji Hao and he felt no more than some scratching and itching. Every single of their inherited magic treasure were capable of unleashing the power of at least a Senior Magus. But there were tens of inherited magic treasures that had been unable to fully release their power due to their owners not being strong enough, Ji Hao however, had been able to sense that the power contained in these inherited magic treasures were slightly greater and purer, compared to the other inherited treasures, and slightly resembled the power of a Magus King Level.

Attacks launched by all these young Senior Magi merged together, and the momentary attacking power had indeed reached the level of a Magus King.

Ji Hao's armour shook intensely and blocked most of the attacking power for Ji Hao, the rest of the slightly remaining part of power struck directly onto Ji Hao's body through the armour.

Thanks to the generosity of the Magi Palace, each day Ji Hao had been given a Senior-Level wild beast to eat;therefore, his physical strength was now many times greater than that of ordinary Senior Magi. The remaining attacking power caused Ji Hao's bones to creak loudly, and all of his internal organs shook violently;his eyes, nostrils, mouth and ears, each had a stream of blood suddenly shoot out over a distance of tens of zhang far.

But that was all. Nearly a hundred Senior Magi attacked Ji Hao simultaneously, but that was how far they got.


Ji Hao shouted out resonantly while he threw out a series of heavy punches. Tens of young Senior Magi didn't even have enough time to react and had been punched in their faces and were sent flying away by Ji Hao.

In the meanwhile, Ji Hao's black dagger was swung in the air, letting out another thirty-six arc beams of light, right after which, thirty-six boys howled out simultaneously, and had been so hurt by these arc light beams at the body parts that they had paid less attention to. The thirty-six boys were sent flying away as well while their bodies spun in the air and blood gushed out of their mouths.

The apprentices around them were all shocked and they screamed out instantly.

’’Trashes from Southern Wasteland Society! Where did you get the confidence to be related with us?’’

’’Nearly a hundred of you attacked a Junior Magus together, and yet you all got wounded by him?!’’

’’No, wait a moment, the armour worn by this kid, it's not normal. The defensive power of this armour is definitely at Magus-King-Level!’’

’’Nonsense! He is only a Junior Magi, how would he even be able to activate a Magus-King-level armour? The amount of power that is required to activate a Magus-King-level treasure could drain hundreds of Junior Magi within a moment! No, it's not even possible!’’

Groups of apprentices began yelling and shouting, and those Southern Wasteland Society's boys had nearly lost the great momentum they had showed earlier. They were either sent flying away, or were frightened dumb and now scattered and staggered away. The circle instantly fell apart.

No one noticed that Taisi's eyeballs had turned completely red. He stared at Ji Hao, whose eyes, nose, mouth, ears were all bleeding, and screamed out in a very shrill voice.

’’You made me do this! You made me do this! Ji Hao! My made me do this!!’’

Along with his ear-piercing and shrill voice, the three feet long, white bone cane instantly let out a beam of cold and vicious light.

Taisi's whole body began twitching, he leapt high into the air, lightly and lithely landed back on the ground, then leapt up again;at the same time, he incanted a strange and creepy spell.

'Wooo~ woo wooo~'

A deep and weird sound came from under the ground, and suddenly, the nearly hundred young Senior Magi, who just had attacked Ji Hao together, screamed out simultaneously. Blood-red faint light fleetingly darted out from these boys' mouths, eyes, ears, and noses, along with a faint light darting out, their faces instantly became old.


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