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The Magus Era - Chapter 173


Chapter 173 - Taisi (edited)


Chapter 173 - Taisi

The Magi Palace had strict rules, therefore, the bell wouldn't have ringed for no reason, and every single ring of the bell had its special meaning.

This time, the bell ringed nine times in a row, which meant that the administrators of the Magi Palace were calling all the apprentices under Senior-level of the Magi Palace, to gather in a particular place. During the past big half of a year, Ji Hao had been through quite a few times of these kind of things, and he had learned that these kinds of gatherings were either for distributing welfares to apprentices, or the Magi Palace needed to select some apprentices to go out and carry out certain tasks.

For welfares, Ji Hao didn't care that much, after all, he was allowed to use all of the resources possessed by the Magi Palace.

As for tasks, Ji Hao was currently working on how to control the variation of temperatures and conditions of the quenching liquid with magic formations, with Mi Qingkong and Kuafu Yan, in order to improve the quality of magic tools at the moment of quenching. This was an extremely complicated and tedious study, requiring lots of research and experiments. This study had already been put on records by the elders of the Magi Palace, so Ji Hao didn't need to worry about being selected to carry out a task.

However, since the bell had ringed, due to the strict rules of the Magi Palace, whatever Ji Hao had been doing at the moment, he had to get to the gathering spot at his highest speed, as long as he still was an apprentice of the Magi Palace. The elders of the Magi Palace were willing to break rules on some important and special affairs, but in terms of these basic rules and disciplines, even high-level members like Si Wen Ming were not allowed any exception.

With the pair of glowing fiery wings shaking intensely behind his body, Ji Hao fleetingly darted in the Magi Palace along the Gui Road with large pieces of afterimages behind him.

After having taken large amounts of supportive magical medicines daily for a big half year, all 129600 meridians inside Ji Hao's body were now glowing with bright fiery lights. Each of these meridians were shining like fire essence crystals;his internal power, which was now greater than his fellow Junior Magi by three-hundred times, supported him to fly at an amazingly high speed. On the Gui road, where Ji Hao had flown past, other apprentices who had also been rushing towards the gathering spot, were all shocked by his speed.

Followed by shreds of afterimages, Ji Hao swept across the Gui Road like a stream of raging fire.

On a branch path, two elders of the Magi Palace, who were wearing black clothes, and whose hands were hidden in the sleeves of their clothes and pupils were shining with cold light, were staring at Ji Hao with cold and bland faces. Another elderly man in cyan gown stood aside, continuously rubbing his own hands together;from his huge and seemingly powerful hands, blue veins popped out one after another, letting out muffled popping sounds.

’’This kid is pretty good huh, during the past half year, those old men have been seeing him as a treasure.’’ One of the elderly men with black clothes said in a low voice while his eyes narrowed, ’’This is intolerable, we can't allow this.’’

The elderly man in cyan gown murmured with half closed eyes, ’’Old Hook Snake, old Henggong fish, this kid is valued by Si Wen Ming. I am not stupid enough to go against Si Wen Ming, just for helping you.’’

The other elderly man in black clothes grinned, then responded slowly, ’’Old Bird, this kid is one of the Southern Wasteland Clans, the Gold Crow Clan clansman. You have been dealing with your own business outside of the Magi Palace for the last few days, so I assume that you haven't yet heard about this.’’

The elderly man in cyan gown raised his eyebrows and slowly straightened his body. Bone creaking sounds came from out his body, along with which, his body became tall and straight, with wide shoulders and thin waist, looking especially sturdy and powerful;more astonishingly, his arms were abnormally long, all his fingertips were reaching till under his knees.

’’Hm, a little kid from the Gold Crow Clan. How many years has it been since the last time they had a clansman been selected to join the Magi Palace?’’ sneered and said the elderly man in a cyan gown, while a beam of arrow-shadow-like light flashed across his pupils.

An elderly man in black clothes then said blandly, ’’This Ji Hao is quite amazing. Within only a half year, he has gained the favours of all those old men. Whether it is because of his good luck, or he actually has such great talent, at least, the old mediciner, the old blacksmith and a few other, have indeed solved quite a few bottleneck problems after they began tutoring this kid.’’

’’Bottleneck problems? What kind of bottleneck problems?’’ the elderly man in cyan gown raised his eyebrows again in surprise.

’’Such as, the old blacksmith suddenly completed a peak-divine-Level precious magic treasure,’’ answered the elderly man in black clothes. The elderly man in cyan gown frowned when he heard this.

’’The old mediciner finally succeeded in developing the Revival from the Death Soup. Whoever died in a battle could be brought back from death if he takes this Revival from the Death Soup, within three hours after he has died.’’

The face of the elderly man in a cyan gown darkened instantly, these words had made him seem sullen and gloomy in whole.

’’And, old Mi seems to have already successfully made a storage magic tool that has a inner space as big as a whole ten rooms. Now he is working on developing larger scale storage magic tools that have inner spaces of a mile radius. I heard that the kid, Ji Hao, and old Mi have changed and restructured a few spell symbols in the storage tool making magic formation together, and Ji Hao has helped a lot.’’

The sturdy body of the elderly man in cyan gown slightly stooped back down when he heard this, while slowly letting out a sigh.

’’Well, no need to say more...just quite a few old men have achieved great breakthroughs lately, and they said that this kid, Ji Hao, is a genius, almost as good as that marvellous person, who had founded the Magi Palace back then.’’

’’That man?’’ the elderly man in cyan gown sneered gibingly and said, ’’This kid? How can he possibly be compared with that marvelous person?!’’

’’Now he is weak, but who can say for sure how powerful he'll become in the future?’’ the elderly man in black clothes smilingly said to the elderly man in cyan gown, ’’Our Hook Snake Clan and his Henggong Clan are all far away from here, in the dark ocean of the Northern Wasteland, and this kid is a Gold Crow Clan clansman, he cannot influence us.’’

Clapping their hands smilingly, the two elderly men in black clothes then glanced at each other, turned around and left with weird smiles remaining on their faces. Their bodies quickly flashed for a few times then completely disappeared, not leaving even a trail.

The elderly man in cyan gown frowned again, blinked his eyes and fell into a deep thought. A very long while later, he murmured while slightly sighing, ’’Such a good kid, even if he couldn't become as great as that marvelous person in the future, with his amazing talents...why did he to be a little bastard from the Gold Crow Clan, why couldn't he be our Ten Day Country's child?’’

Ji Hao didn't hear a word of the three elderly men. With his highest speed, Ji Hao had already arrived at the broad square, where the ten main roads of the Magi Palace intersected.

The square was hundreds of miles in radius, and was surrounded by hundreds of meters tall walls;hazy and faint cyan light filled the entire square. Apparently, this square was an independent, folded space that had been created by a certain kind of powerful magic. When Ji Hao arrived, tens of thousands of other apprentices, who stayed closer to the square than Ji Hao, had already arrived there, standing in the square sparsely and scattered.

Ji Hao's name was already well-known by all the higher-level core members of the Magi Palace, however, he barely had any conversation with other ordinary apprentices, therefore, only a few of the other apprentices in the square took a glance at Ji Hao, added with that he had been staying low and standing on the edge of the square, none of the others noticed him.

Ji Hao preferred to not be disturbed by others. He hid his hands in his sleeves and closed his eyes half, while concentrating on pondering over the structure of a few occult spell symbols in his head.

In one of the Shingon classics that Ji Hao had read in his previous life, he had seen a spell symbol structure that was ninety percent similar to this one he had been thinking about right now. At the moment, he was going to combine the knowledge he had learned in his previous life with his current life knowledge, and generate new spell symbol structures, which could burst out greater powers.

While Ji Hao was focused on thinking, a scrawny, torpid, weak and pale boy, who was wearing white clothes, and was swinging like a willow twig in the wind while walking, slowly walked over along the Gui Road.

A few tall and muscular boys rushed over behind the scrawny boy, one of them abruptly pushed him flying into the air, while yelled out.

’’Taisi, you wasteful thing! Get the hell out of my way!’’

The boy suddenly was pushed into the air and embarrassedly flew towards Ji Hao, and bumped against him.

Ji Hao had been concentrating on the spell symbol structure, he subconsciously held the young man up then looked at the few sturdy boys.


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