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The Magus Era - Chapter 172


Chapter 172 - Delve Deeply Into Practice (edited)


Chapter 172 - Delve Deeply Into Practice

What does 'not decline to shoulder a responsibility' mean?

Believing that one was going to become the most powerful one, while sparing no effort on trying to do so. Taking all available resources, learning as many secret magic and skills as one could, ceaselessly widening his scope of knowledge and strengthening his power, making himself the most powerful one, through all possible methods.

Just like how Ji Hao had thought and did in his previous life.

At sunrise, Ji Hao was sitting on the mountaintop of one of the floating entrance mountains of the Magi Palace, and was quietly looking at the newly rising sun, while drinking a pot of Ten-thousand Spirit Soup, which had been cooked by Wulong Yao himself. After drinking, he faced the sun and breathed thirty-thousand and six-hundred pure wisps of purple smoke, purifying his soul and body with the essence of the sun's power.

The Ten-thousand Spirit Soup was a supportive medicine, made from whole ten-thousand kinds of precious spiritual medicinal materials, and had been slowly cooked by Wulong Yao himself, with his own spirit magic flame and the spirit blood of a Senior-Level wild beast that had been drawn out from its heart, continuously being added into the soup during the cooking process.

A pot of Ten-thousand Spirit Soup weighed a million stones, and was as hot as melted iron and gold. For ordinary Junior Magi, even a mistaken single drop of this kind of soup could cause all of their internal organs to be burned, because they couldn't bear the great power contained in the medicine, their bodies would explode directly.

However, Ji Hao would drink an entire pot of Ten-thousand Spirit Soup every morning, except that he would be drenched in sweat every time after that, but he wouldn't feel any discomfort.

The 129600 meridians inside Ji Hao's body had all now been activated and were greedily absorbing large amounts of power from the Ten-thousand Spirit Soup. Within only half a month, every single one of his meridians began glowing with a faint red light, which showed that he was about to break into the Senior Level.

After the morning practice, Ji Hao was free to set up his own schedule.

He could go cook some magical medicines with Wulong Yao, learn how to make talismans from a tutor called Fangfeng E, study about engraving spell symbols into magic tools from Mi Qingkong, or go practice magic tool forging with Kuafu Yan...from the morning to the night, Ji Hao always had plenty of things to do.

[TL note: Talisman was translated from the Chinese word '符箓(fu lu)', I assume that in this book talismans can be made from different kinds of materials, with different spell symbols embossed on their surfaces and coordinating spells, talismans can release its power.’’

Wulong Yao was the most knowledgeable master amongst all of the magical medicine-related tutors of the Magi Palace. Understanding the variations of properties of medicinal materials was one of his specialities, and he had an unique method to precisely control the variations of properties of medicinal materials during the cooking of magical medicines.

Ji Hao had a powerful soul, and a spiritual power that could perceive every subtle movement of everything around. His soul was able to perfectly control his own body, therefore, when cooking magical medicines, Ji Hao's moves were even more accurate than Wulong Yao, and had even better control of the variations of properties of medicinal materials compared to Wulong Yao. The strictness and exquisiteness Ji Hao had shown when he took magical medicines, made him even look like a machine.

Soon, Wulong Yao began seeing Ji Hao as his very own inheritor, and he taught Ji Hao all of the secret skills he had learned, without any reservation.

Fangfeng E was one of the elders of the powerful Fangfeng Family, which was quite influential amongst the entire humankind. Fangfeng E was the most powerful Magus who had majored in talisman making. Talismans made by him were terrifyingly powerful;once, a jade talisman made by him had frozen an entire area that had a radius of a whole million miles, and killed three evil and violent dragons, which were great threats to the humankind.

Ji Hao's powerful soul and great spiritual power allowed him to control his body in an imaginary precise way, added with his supreme level abilities of analysis and generalization, he had made a nearly scary achievement on talisman making as well. When he intended to make a certain kind of talisman, he could always accurately find the most appropriate materials, choose the most suitable spell symbols and figure out the perfect structure of those spell symbols, then engrave the spell symbols on the talisman's surface;he could explore the potential of each talisman to an extreme point.

After having learned talisman making for only one month, Ji Hao was able to make talismans which were powerful enough to kill all Junior-level Magi, such as 'mad thunder talisman', 'angry lightning talisman', 'bomb flame talisman' and other tens of kinds of talismans for attack;as for other kinds of talismans, which mainly served for supportive purposes, such as ghost-lustrate, blessing, curses and cures, Ji Hao had already mastered nearly a hundred kinds of them.

Ji Hao surprised Fangfeng E, and just like what Wulong Yao had done, Fangfeng E had also decided to teach Ji Hao everything he knew as well, without even the slightest of reservations.

Mi Qingkon was the scrawny old man, who had nearly blown himself off because of a mistake he made when to develop large scale magic storage tools Ji Hao had seen him once after he firstly woke up in the Magi Palace. Mi Qingkong was definitely the most knowledgeable one amongst the entire Magi Palace, in the sphere of magic formations;he also had great achievements and especially unique views on the construction of all kinds of derivative magic formations.

Dignified and imposing city defensive magic formations, weird and evil blood-offering magic formations, fierce and cruel altars for cast a curse, even those extremely evil and creepy dark magic formations, Mi Qingkong was able to construct and manipulate any kind of them, easily and smoothly.

Ji Hao's great memory and perception allowed him to make amazing achievements on the learning of magic formations as well.

Within only one month, Ji Hao had mastered all of the entrance level magic formations that had recorded in the Magi Palace, after which, his accomplishment on the sphere of magic formation was almost equal to ordinary Magi tutors of the Magi Palace.

Mi Qingkong had become too excited after exploring Ji Hao's talent to the point, to yelling crazily that he had finally found a true bosom friend, and almost treated Ji Hao as his own son. He protected Ji Hao as if he was a tender flower. He had also put all his other students away, concentrating on cultivating only Ji Hao.

And Kuafu Yan was the giant who had repaired Ji Hao's tight armour earlier. He was born in the Kuafu Family, possessed incomparably great strength that no one even dared to compete with him amongst the entire Magi Palace. Once, Kuafu Yan had made a bet with other master Magi tutors of the Magi Palace after he had gotten drunk;ten Magus kings who were all at the same level as Kuafu Yan joined hands and wrestled against him, but Kuafu Yan had easily defeated all ten of them with a single hand.

With his terrifyingly great strength and especially sensitive perception to metallic minerals, which was contained in the Kuafu family's bloodline, Kuafu Yan had become the best magic treasure making master in the Magi Palace, and was able to forge top-divine-Level magic treasures only with his peak-Magus-King level power.

Although Ji Hao was now just a Junior Magus, he possessed Senior-Level physical strength, such an abnormal talent of Ji Hao was highly favoured by Kuafu Yan. Moreover, Ji Hao knew quite a lot about all kinds of minerals and other materials, especially that, inspired by some of Ji Hao's special, new ideas and views about secret techniques regarding alloys and crystals, Kuafu Yan had gained a great improvement on magic treasure forging skills, within only two months!

With Ji Hao's suggestion, Kuafu Yan had broken through the bottleneck of his forging skills, created a very new kind of alloy with the [Alloy Cooling Crystallization Secret Technique], and added this new alloy to a piece of magic treasure that he had been continuously working on for a hundred years, then forcibly upgraded this magic treasure into a peak-divine-Level precious treasure from a high-divine-level magic treasure!

After the precious magic treasure had successfully been upgraded, the entire Magi Palace was shocked, and Kuafu Yan had even danced in excitement. Kuafu Yan got smashingly drunk that night, after which, Ji Hao had naturally become Kuafu Yan's most favourite apprentice;anyone who dared to say a single bad word about Ji Hao would be cruelly beaten by Kuafu Yan.

Supportive magical medicines had replaced sleep, Ji Hao didn't even need to rest, instead, he soaked himself in the ocean of knowledge every day and night, learning everything he wanted from those powerful and knowledgeable master Magi tutors.

Except the Ten-thousand Spirits Soup, Ji Hao could have a Senior-Level beast each day, exclusively;furthermore, he was allowed to freely take all kinds of magical medicines that were able to strengthen the human body at different aspects;whatever experiments he intended to run, he was allowed to use any kind of rare and precious material in the Magi Place's storage.

Breakthroughs that had shocked all those core elders of the Magi Palace were accomplished by Ji Hao, one after another.

In Ji Hao's previous life, in order to create the [Mantra Dan of Nine Secret Words], he had studied all kinds of classics that were related to magic powers that he could ever find. In those classics, many fragments of secret contents had been remaining, which recorded something that had been seeing as legend in the world Ji Hao had lived in, in his previous life.

However, if those legendary contents of his previous life would be brought over to his present life, every single word of those contents would be an extremely precious product of the wisdom of the humankind, and all those secret contents would actually become fully-developed techniques that could be put to use directly.

Ji Hao had combined all he had learned in his previous life with his present life knowledge and generated amazing accomplishments that had been continuously shocking the entire Magi Palace. The bottlenecks of skills, which had troubled quite a few master Magi tutors for nearly a thousand years, had all been smoothly broken through under Ji Hao's unconscious guidance.

As for Ji Hao himself, nourished by all those supportive magic medicines in a force-fed way, he had already reached the peak-Junior-Level without a hitch.

Half a year had passed.

This day, Ji Hao was holding a jade slip in his hand and pondering upon a difficult problem, when muffled bell ringing abruptly rose from the Magi Palace.


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