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The Magus Era - Chapter 168


Chapter 168 - Magi Palace

Ji Hao closely followed Wulong Yao and ran into a few other elderly men, who had rushed out after the boom. They then held the burned elderly man up from the ground simultaneously. A group of apprentices rushed over as well, eagerly pouring ten whole bowls of different coloured, weird liquid medicine into the burned elderly man's mouth. Those liquid medicines were emitting all kinds of strange smells, and a few bowls of them were even bubbling.

The hair and eyebrows of the elderly man, whose clothes were all shattered by the boom, had been completely seared off by the great heat that was caused by the explosion, and large pieces of skin were carbonized. Burping a few times, after having swallowed all te liquid medicines and letting out a stream of an unpleasant medicine smell, he then suddenly popped open his eyes.

Thunder-like sounds came from his body, it seemed that the tens of bowls of liquid medicine had worked. Wisps of steam spurted out from the elderly man's body, pieces of carbonized skin began chapping and falling off, and his body began to rapidly regrow new skin under his burned skin.

Not long after that, the elderly man had fully recovered as if nothing had ever happened to him, even his burned hair and eyebrows had grown back.

Shaking his head, the elderly man then stood up from the ground and straightly raised his hand towards another sturdy elderly man, who had been standing aside, with his palm unturned, and yelled, ’’Cut the crap! Give me another ten portions of 'spatial crystals', and all the other supporting materials, ten portions of each! I was very close! I have just made a spatial magic tool that is as big as ten rooms!’’

Including Wulong Yao, all the other elderly men and apprentices deeply gasped in shock.

The sturdy elderly man instantly gave the order, and a few apprentices darted out right after. A quarter of an hour later, these few apprentices returned with large amounts of material, then politely handed it to the elderly man who had just been burned now, and still had streams of smoke emitting from his head.

’’Get somebody to fix my door!’’ Yelled the elderly man after he had taken all of the materials, then he hurriedly rushed back into his room.

A great magic power spread out from the room, which formed a red, visible magic barrier and sealed the entire room up, even then, waves of shockingly great power streams still gushed out through the barrier, which was so powerful that it even made Ji Hao feel thrilled.

’’Hi-yo! Hi-yo!’’

Along with loud footsteps, over ten twenty-zhang tall giants, whose bodies were all formed by metallic muscles, were chanting a work song and walking over, with a huge, three-zhang thick, bronze door carried on their backs.

These metallic muscular giants cleaned those fragments of the broken door up very quickly as if they were quite familiar with this kind of work;then they firmly set the incredibly thick new bronze door in the doorframe. Over tens of thousands of spell symbols lit up one after another on the surface of the bronze door, and a piercing beam of light flashed across it, right after which, the great power streams, which had been gushing out of the room through the barrier, instantly stopped, without leaving even a slightest trace.

’’Are we going to succeed soon?’’ Said the elderly man who had just ordered the few apprentices to get those materials for the burned elderly man, while looking at the others standing around him, a bit excitedly, ’’If our Magi Palace can produce spatial tools as big as that by ourselves...’’

The others glanced at each other, Wulong Yao then said, ’’Let's just wait and see, old Mi won't get any result within at least two months.’’

The few elderly men talked to each other in low voices for a short while, then the surrounding people quickly scattered and left, going back to what they had been busy with, before the explosion. Ji Hao felt the tight schedule and serious atmosphere around him, every single person was busy, none of them were sitting around and doing nothing.

Wulong Yao slightly frowned while leading Ji Hao, moving forward quickly along the Gui Road. Gradually, his walking speed grew faster and faster;fiery lights darted out from Ji Hao's back, Ji Hao had activated his fiery wings and could only barely catch up with Wulong Yao.

Rushing along the broad road for around a quarter of an hour, and after at least a thousands of miles away;when Ji Hao silently exclaiming about how broad and magnificent the Magi Palace was, Wulong Yao abruptly stopped in front of a huge bronze door.

He raised his fist high into the air, then Wulong Yao began pounding hard on the bronze door for a few times, until the ground began shaking and the thunderous noise made all the passing apprentices scream, covering their ears with their hands and fleeing away.

The bronze door slowly opened from the inside, and a tall giant over hundred-zhang, whose entire body was wrapped in fiery lights, popped his head out from behind the bronze door. Seeing Wulong Yao, the giant ferociously raised a gigantic hammer that had been held in his hand and began shouting in rage.

’’Old drug maker! Next time if you ever dare to pound my door, I will smash your head! It's nothing but a tight armour! What's the big deal?! Hmm? Does it belongs to this kid?’’

The giant raised his left hand while shouting, an armour, which had clear and bright light streams rotating around it, was floating above his palm, and was releasing a sense of power, which was familiar, yet a bit strange to Ji Hao.

That was nothing else than the tight armour made by Po. Ji Hao clearly remembered that the time he had madly fought against those crazy Jia Clan warriors from the Red Sun, the two Jia Clan warriors launched their deadly final attack, which had cost their lives;and his tight armour was pierced with tens of holes, and had almost been completely destroyed.

However, now this armour had fully and perfectly been repaired, not even a single mark was left on it, moreover, the sense of power that was being releasing from it was greater than it had been before, and the light rotating around it was now clearer and brighter.

’’Little guy, who made you this armour?’’ The giant squatted and with some difficultly put his gigantic head near to Ji Hao's face and asked, ’’The technique he used is, the maker of this armour is much more skillful than me, I have used a whole lot more materials to repair this armour, probably twenty times more than the materials used by him. Who exactly made this armour?’’

Ji Hao spread his hands and looked at the giant honestly, then answered, ’’He was a guest who had dropped by our clan, we were getting along pretty well, so he made me this armour.’’

The giant shook his head, lowered his head and looked at the armour floating above his palm, gnashed his teeth and closed his eyes, then threw the armour towards Ji Hao. The armour transformed into a faint of stream light and shrouded Ji Hao's body, and soon automatically clothed Ji Hao.

’’Hm, I am not shameless enough to rob a little's really...the maker of this armour, his techniques, and the spell symbols he had put in this armour, have inspired me, I am now having many new ideas.’’

The giant then turned around and stepped back into that bronze door and slammed the door. The door closed heavily along with a loud bang and nearly smashed Wulong Yao's nose flat. Wulong Yao leapt high into the air in anger and threw a heavy kick onto the bronze door, then loudly cursed for quite a while towards the door.

Gasping for air, Wulong Yao then shook his head and grinned to Ji Hao, then said, ’’This tight armour of yours is quite special, the old blacksmith spent whole five days to fix it for you. Hm, he is totally a monster, and is able to forge divine-Magus-level treasures, but this is only a senior-level armour, it's very impressive that it had troubled the old blacksmith for an entire five days.’’

Ji Hao instantly popped his eyes wide open, and asked, ’’Have I slept for five whole days?!’’

Wulong Yao nodded, and then dragged Ji Hai's arm and kept moving forward while saying, ’’Yes, you were injured quite seriously. In order to allow you more time and to recover better, Si Wen Ming made you sleep for five days. The girl who came with you had already been picked up by someone else, but you can probably see her again very soon.’’

Wulong Yao took Ji Hao, and walked quickly for a while, suddenly, in front of them, a young man, who was dressed in rags rushed out of a small transporting magic formation that was located at a tens of miles broad square, where a few main roads crossed;the young man's presence instantly caused a great stir.

The young man had his arm raised high with a piece of leather held in his hand, and he was crazily waving with another arm while leaping on the ground and growling.

’’The perfect formula of the 'Ghost Spirit Bronze'! I got it! I got it! The Maguspriests from the White Tiger Clan, in the Western Wasteland, worked out this formula of the 'Ghost Spirit Bronze', which is able to coordinate with the power of the ghost spirit perfectly!!’’

Large groups of people rushed up and encircled the young man, excitedly throwing out all kinds of questions.

Ji Hao looked at Wulong Yao in shock, he didn't understand what had just happened around here.

Wulong Yao smilingly looked at the young man, who had been excitedly waving his arm and shouting, and said with a low voice, ’’This is the Magi Palace.’’

’’Lots of people have been travelling around the world like Si Wen Ming, whether from the four wastelands or the Midland, any knowledge that could benefit our humankind, will be brought back to the Magi Palace by them and be stored in here, after which, we will turn this knowledge into the power of the entire humankind, at our highest speed.’’

’’This is the Magi Palace, where the wisdom of the entire humankind is gathered.’’


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