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The Magus Era - Chapter 165


Chapter 165 - Break the armour

In front of the gate of the Gold-Eyed Lion Clan, as if in a nightmare, all of their clansmen had been stunned, staring at Ji Hao and Man Man, who had fallen into a dangerous situation.

They subconsciously compared the power of the enemies with their own powers, then the wisest Maguspriests and elders instantly came to a conclusion - Aluo Zhai's army could easily destroy the entire Gold-Eyed Lion Clan. If it hadn't been for the help of the three kind guests, they wouldn't been able to fight against Aluo Zhai's invasion at all, and all of their clansmen would have become Aluo Zhai's slaves.

’’Legendary monsters from other kinds!’’ Murmured a Maguspriest, ’’It's time to contact those surrounding clans, we finally have been targeted by those monsters as well.’’

Man Man had been beaten hard by hundreds of the Jia Clan's warriors, but her magical armour was way too powerful, which made those Jia Clan warriors feel hopeless. Although she had been embarrassedly knocked down onto the ground and rolled over, in fact, she was still perfectly safe. Those Jia Clan's warriors roared out in anger but couldn't do anything to her, no matter what.

Only Ji Hao had fallen into a really deadly danger and was risking his life, fighting against the four most powerful Jia Clan warriors.

Eight gigantic fists struck against Ji Hao's body as if they were beating a drum. They seemed to have injected all of their powers into their fists, every single punch was as powerful as a battering ram, punching bright streams of clear cyan light out of Ji Hao's tight armour. The powers of those Jia Clan warriors, who had already completely lost their minds, had been improved by far. Although Ji Hao's tight armour would block a big half of the powers every time when they punched Ji Hao's body, the rest of the power were still able to slightly shock Ji Hao's internal organs into breaking.

Blood ceaselessly spewed out of Ji Hao's mouth. He gnashed his teeth, let out every little bit of his powers and desperately fought against those Jia Clan's warriors. He madly threw punches back at those Jia Clan warriors. Different from those simple and straight forward punches of those Jia Clan warriors, every single punch of Ji Hao was thrown out along with a magical arc, and could accurately strike the bodies of the enemies. Besides, wherever those Jia Clan warriors were hit by Ji Hao's punches on the bodies, it seemed that part of bodies had lost a big half of its great defensive power, and Ji Hao's fist could directly shatter their skins and deeply strike into their muscles, breaking their bones and leaving serious wounds on their bodies.

However, those Jia Clan's warriors were too large in shapes, in comparison, Ji Hao's fists were way too small and couldn't cause any deadly harm to them within such a short time.

Mr Crow had been hovering above Ji Hao's head, angrily scratching those Jia Clan warriors with his pair of golden-red claws from time to time. Mr Crow was a powerful magical creature that had lived for over a thousand years, his pair of claws had been strengthened by raging Gold Crow flames for countless years, and were able to easily break the hardest rocks and metals.

Although the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors were born especially solid and had been largely improved after they had absorbed the weird blood-red mist that was being released by Aluo Zhai, Mr Crow's claws still tore their skins open and left bone-deep wounds on their bodies.

However, Mr Crow's attacks were not as efficient as he expected. The bodies of those Jia Clan warriors had become way too solid, which would release ear-piercing metal clashing sound when Mr Crow's claws sliced their skins, and would even burst out large amounts of fire sparks against Mr Crow's claws. One Jia Clan warrior was scratched by Mr Crow on the head, and his head was almost entirely opened up by Mr Crow, to the point that his skull was even cracked by Mr Crow, but this guy still showed no sign of giving up on attacking Ji Hao, and had completely disregarded Mr Crow's attack.

The two magic fiery snake babies were screaming in high-pitched voices and darted around on the bodies of the four Jia Clan warriors, opening their mouths and spewing out slight wisps of flames. They had each killed a powerful enemy back in the caravan city and absorbed their spirit blood, causing their bodies to expand in shape by an inch long.

The slight wisps of flames that were spewed out by this pair of baby snakes contained incredibly great power, wherever the flames swept across the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors, their skins, flesh, blood, and even bones would all be scorched. But this pair of baby snakes were so tiny, and those wisps of flames that they spewed out were only as thick as toothpicks. Therefore, to these Jia Clan warriors, who were now over ten-meters tall, the harm that was caused by the pair of baby snakes were only worse than a scratch or itch, by a little bit.

One of the Jia Clan warriors gripped Ji Hao's neck and grabbed Ji Hao's head with his other hand, madly pulling his head away from his body.

Ji Hao's neck bones let out loud creaking sound, he felt that his neck had definitely become longer than it had been before, and his head could be torn off from his neck anytime.

Ji Hao growled out in pain, and then yelled at the pair of baby snakes, ’’Get into their ears! Eat their brains! Haha! You have to grow smarter! Go! Good babies!’’

The pair of naughty magic fiery snakes instantly spewed out a few fire sparks from their fierce yet tiny pupils, while happily and fleetingly following Ji Hao's words, and darted out. Two slight beams of fiery light flashed across the air, and the Jia Clan warrior who had been pulling Ji Hao's head, and another Jia Clan warrior who had grabbed Ji Hao's legs and was going to tear Ji Hao directly into two, both screamed out suddenly.

The pair of magical fiery snake babies had drilled into their ears and wriggled deeply into their brains through their ear holes.

These Jia Clan warriors had incomparably hard and solid bones, but the inside of their heads were not all protected by bones. The tiny bodies of the pair of baby snakes quickly wriggled into their brains through the comparatively softer parts inside their heads, such as the neurons and the blood vessels.

The snake babies opened their mouths, and raging flames burst out of their jaws and immediately wrapped up the brains of the two Jia Clan warriors. Thus, Aluo Zhai's special and powerful magic had lost its effect to these two Jia Clan warriors. They loosened their hands simultaneously and leapt high into the air, thousands of feet high from the ground in despair, holding their heads with their arms, howling in pain.

Ji Hao moved his body flexibly and dodged the punches that were thrown out by the other two Jia Clan warriors. He swung his arm backwards and pulled out the black dagger from the body of another Jia Clan warriors, who had been stabbed in the heart and killed by him earlier. Looking at the two Jia Clan warriors, who had leaped into the air and were screaming and howling in pain. Ji Hao murmured in a low voice, ’’Later, should I find somebody to make me a full helmet that could shield my ears, mouth, eyes, and nostrils, for fights against my future enemies? Hm, probably not.’’

The attacking style of the pair of magical fiery snake babies were very weird, but if these two Jia Clan warriors stayed sober, the two snake babies wouldn't be able to get into their heads so easily. With the great fighting skills of those Jia Clan warriors, they could definitely hack these pair of tiny little things away before the snake babies would have gotten any chance to draw near them.

’’You should just die.’’ Ji Hao's fiery wings suddenly stretched out behind him. He fleetingly circled around the two Jia Clan warriors, raised his black dagger and waved towards the weakest spots of the two Jia Clan warriors, leaving behind a strange arc in the air.

The two Jia Clan warriors abruptly raised their heads simultaneously and shouted out.

’’Killing and violence!! Supreme power of the Red Sun!!’’

While shouting, their expressions became even crazier, and their skin suddenly cracked inch by inch. Blood spurted out of their skin and transformed into a large cloud of blood-red mist, which shrouded the entire area for over a hundred zhang in radius.

Ji Hao was also shrouded by the blood-red mist. The sticky and dense fresh blood mist slowed his movements, he didn't even have any chance to dodge what was coming to him. The two Jia Clan warriors, who had already activated their final, desperate, and life-consuming attack, rushed over towards Ji Hao like real monsters. Blood red ribs popped out of their bodies, one after another like sharp spearheads piercing towards Ji Hao along with a shrill swishing sound.

Bright streams of clear light gushed out of Ji Hao's tight armour and wrapped Ji Hao's body up. Followed by a loud clashing sound, over ten blood-red ribs pierced into his tight armour, into Ji Hao's body and then came out from his back;the thickest two ribs even punctured two vital internal organs of Ji Hao.

Mouthfuls of blood gushed out of Ji Hao's mouth, he suddenly sliced off the heads of the two Jia Clan's warriors, who seemed to have abruptly lost their powers after launching this final attack, while roaring in pain with a hoarse voice.


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