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The Magus Era - Chapter 164



Chapter 164 - Violence.

From the great fire stream that had been summoned by Man Man, five broken, half damaged silhouettes slowly fell down along with shreds of fire powers.

Their bodies were also wrapped by a visible, blood-red mist. Their burned muscles began squirming, and soon, newly grown muscles started merging and interleaving along with a shrill, ear-piercing noise, while forming brand new body parts.

’’Killing and violence are the supreme power!’’

The bodies of the five Jia Clan warriors, whose armours had all been shattered by Man Man's mountain-crushing hammers, were all bare now. They were staring at Man Man and Ji Hao with vicious and furious looks, while growling this weird declaration out.

Along with a swooshing sound, their huge broadswords were once again swung high into the air, starting large amounts of fire spirals against the fire power that still remained on the sword. These five Jia Clan warriors rushed up towards Ji Hao in big steps, while gripping their swords with their newly grown arms, which were swelling and expanding weirdly, then hacked down towards Ji Hao, with all of their powers.

Man Man was currently encircled by hundreds of Jia Clan warriors and thousands of slave warriors.

The pupils of all these warriors were shining with a crazy blood-red light. They had all lost their minds, and were manipulated only by the simple and instinctive desire of slaughter, roaring like wild beasts and launching attacks at Man Man.

Man Man's eyes spurted out a bright fiery light. These crazy and powerful enemies had activated her passionate and febrile bloodline power that originated from the Zhu Rong bloodline, the bloodline of the Gods. She roared out as well, and soon her body was wrapped up within raging flames that turned her body shape into a hazy and translucent silhouette. Her pair of heavy hammers were swinging fleetingly, and even started two fierce whirlwinds, sweeping madly and wildly across the entire area.

A series of muffled boom were created, one after another, and a lot of Jia Clan warriors and slave warriors were sent flying away by Man Man's hammers. Every single strike of Man Man's hammers was like a mountain smashing on their bodies, with even a slight touch able to send them flying away for over tens of miles.

From a long distance, the Gold-Eyed Lion Clan clansmen could hear the bone cracking sound that came from the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors and slave warriors. They also could see their metal armours shattering under the mad and violent attacks of Man Man's mountain-crushing hammers.

However, the warriors who had been struck and were sent flying away by Man Man's hammers, injuring badly to the point of even vomiting blood, would jump up back, immediately after their bodies had landed onto the ground, and continuously rush towards Man Man, exactly like tempest tidewater.

The clansmen of the Gold-Eyed Lion Clan could even see the legs of few of the slave warriors shake to breaking due to the impact waves of the strike force of the hammers. But even then they would immediately turn and support their bodies with their arms, while moving quickly towards Man Man and launch their attacks again.

Crazy monsters! These warriors were currently just like crazy wild animals that had been completely turned into some kind of unreasonable creatures by Aluo Zhai.

’’Die!! Man Man want you all to die!!’’

Man Man was pissed off. She raised her head and let out a great roar towards the sky, along with which, raging fire that was wrapped in bright fiery light spurted out from her back, gradually forming into a hazy silhouette of the Fire God that had a supreme stateliness.

Once this silhouette of the Fire God appeared behind her, Man Man's terrifyingly great strength had been improved further by ten times!

Loud popping sound were created after that;those supporting-on-their-hands slave warriors were shattered by Man Man's heavy hammers, one after another, and their shattered bodies were directly burned into a puff of smoke by the flames that was wrapped around the pair of mountain-crushing hammers.

As for those Jia Clan's warriors, they weren't much luckier than those slave warriors. It was as if Man Man was currently possessed by the legendary god of slaughter. Whatever was touched by her pair of mountain-crushing hammers, would shatter instantly into ashes, and wherever was burned by the flames of her hammers, was instantly turned into a puff of smoke.

Within only a single moment, over ten Jia Clan warriors had been struck into pieces by Man Man, and soon, their broken body parts were all burned and vanished by the raging fire.

’’Killing and violence...Death is the real source of the great power!!’’ Aluo Zhai raised both of his arms towards the sky, and proudly screamed in a shrill voice, ’’You wild barbarians will never understand how great and scary the power of our Red Sun can be!!’’

Accompanied by Aluo Zhai's hysteric screams, thousands of slave warriors simultaneously raised their weapons, then suddenly chopped their own heads off.

Large amounts of blood-red mist sprayed out from their dead bodies. Thousands of Jia Clan warriors greedily opened their mouth, inhaling this mist, along with which, bone creaking sounds came from their bodies. Soon after, their weirdly swelling, expanding and twisting bodies turned back into normal human shapes, except that they were now much taller than before. All these Jia Clan warriors now looked much better.

However, their speed, strength, and level of agility had improved once again, by times. Not a small improvement, based on their body conditions before, their powers had now comprehensively been improved by times.

Man Man's silhouette instantly blurred by the shreds of shadows and the glistening of weapons. Her pair of hammers couldn't touch her enemies anymore, but the weapons of those Jia Clan's warriors could always accurately approach her body through the gap between her two hammers, and hit hard onto her body. Every single attack that was being launched by these Jia Clan warriors would disable Man Man from standing steadily, and made her fall onto the ground and roll like a melon.

But all these had failed to harm her. A fiery light spot lit up between Man Man's eyebrows, from out of which, an extremely exquisite, unique and ancient style armour that seemed like constructed by thousands of fire-red beautiful maple leaves, flew out of the spotlight and slightly covered Man Man's body.

This armour apparently had incomparably great defensive power;no matter how hard and how madly those Jia Clan warriors hacked and struck against Man Man's body, or even beat her down on the ground and made her struggle to the point that she couldn't even raise her head up, none of those sharp weapons held by those Jia Clan warriors could leave even a small scratch on this armour.

Aluo Zhai opened his eyes in shock, and stared at Man Man's armour with a pair of vicious, greedy eyes, and yelled, ’’What grade does this armour belong to? Eternal? No, it's impossible! Immortal? Not likely...then at the very least it should be an Infinite grade precious treasure! Damn you bloody barbarians, all these treasures should be mine!’’

Si Wen Ming silently appeared behind Aluo Zhai, slightly grabbed his neck with his five fingers, just like holding a vulnerable chicken.

’’Kid, keep behaving and watch, let my good kids do some exercise with your dogs. You better stay silent, if you ever dare to let a single word out, I'll kill you right now.’’ While speaking, Si Wen Ming slightly gripped Aluo Zhai's neck and broke a big half of his neck bones. The great pain shut Aluo Zhai's mouth up, he wouldn't dare to move even his fingertips.

The three three-horned rhinos, which had been pulling the chariot, were frightened by Si Wen Ming and began struggling, seemingly were going to roar out. Si Wen Ming threw a glance at those three beasts while a frosty sharp beam of light flashed across his pupils, along with which, the gigantic heads of the three three-horned rhinos suddenly were chopped off by an invisible strand of power, wrapped by dense blood-red mist and fell onto the ground.

Ji Hao had fallen into an arduous situation.

The five Jia Clan warriors, who had struggled out from the fierce stream of earth fire that had been called out by Man Man, were the most powerful warrior leaders under Aluo Zhai's command. After absorbing the weird blood-red mist, these warriors were not only improved in powers and strengths but also had become especially crazy.

Ji Hao gripped the black dagger, one of the inherited magic treasures of the Gold Crow Clan, thrust his arm out and attempted to pierce the dagger into the heart of one of the enemies;but the enemy didn't even try to dodge Ji Hao's attack, only hacked his broadsword down towards Ji Hao's neck. Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and didn't try to dodge either;the black dagger deeply pierced into the enemy's body along with a cold ray, after which, beams of cold black lights darted out of his body, seemingly stirring and damaging all of his internal organs.

Similarly, the enemy's broadsword hacked hard onto Ji Hao's neck. With Ji Hao's current level, he had no time to dodge at all. The broadsword shone and Ji Hao was struck hard, fell on the ground and rolled.

Four gigantic silhouettes simultaneously rushed up towards him. These were the four Jia Clan warriors, who were times taller and stronger than Ji Hao. They tightly circled him around like a serpent had wrapped its body around Ji Hao, then threw a series of heavy punches towards him.

Ji Hao's eyes turned red, and he was unable to break away from the encirclement of these Jia Clan warriors. The intrepid and fierce spirit that was contained in his Gold Crow bloodline was suddenly activated, he roared out hoarsely and unbridledly, waving his fists with all of his power, and fought against the four Jia Clan warriors who were like a serpent wrapped around his body, bare handedly and desperately.


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