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The Magus Era - Chapter 162


Note: In chapter 161 the Yu clang youngster was named Also Zhai. It should be Aluo Zhai. We will change it today and our apologies for this.


Chapter 162 - Conquer

In fact, Ji Hao had rushed up even before the arrow had been shot out.

He had silently activated his |Gold Crow Pupils| earlier, therefore, the dark night-world inside his eyes was as if a bright noon sun was shining there. Within his eyesight, Ji Hao was even able to clearly see the suspicious movement of any single dust particle.

Ji Hao hadn't missed any details about the Jia Clan warrior that had been standing behind Aluo Zhai, who had sneakily taken out an odd-shaped crossbow. At exactly the same moment when the finger of the Jia Clan warrior touched the trigger, a pair of fiery wings stretched out behind Ji Hao, pushed him swiftly forward, while spurting out a huge amount of flames and leaving shreds of afterimages behind him.

The crossbow suddenly shot out a large long arrow, which was as thick as a baby's arm, swishing towards the Master Elder.

Ji Hao thrust out his hand and accurately grabbed towards the middle part of the arrow, however, the arrow moved way too fast, as if it was flying at the speed of time itself, making it so that Ji Hao was unable to do anything about it. Ji Hao's fingertips had only slightly touched the arrow, but he couldn't stop it.

He watched the arrow pierce through the chest of the Master Elder, and a blood-red spell symbol blasted on the arrow, from which, a stream of terrifyingly strong power instantly spread out. Ji Hao subconsciously rolled in the air, his pair of fiery wings pulled his body aside while rotating transversely, at his highest speed.

Followed by a loud boom, the body of the Master Elder, whose face was filled with shock, suddenly exploded. His entire upper body instantly turned into a cloud of ash.

The terrifying explosive power swept across the entire area with a radius of three zhang, but outside of that area, not even a single grass was harmed. Ji Hao had quickly fled away when the arrow exploded. He had moved to three-zhang and six-foot away with a sideward step. He had sensed how strong the explosive power was, fortunately, he hadn't been wrapped within it.

’’Master Elder!!’’ A few Gold-Eyed Lion Clan warriors growled out in both sadness and anger, simultaneously pulled out their weapons and rushed forwards.

Whether it was in the Southern Wasteland or the Midland, the elders of a clan were all lofty, virtues individuals and worthy of respect. They were loved and cherished by the entire clan. To any clansman that had even a little bit of integrity, watching a Master Elder being killed by the enemy, was an origin of bone-deep hatred that he would seek to avenge, no matter what or how!

’’Bastard!’’ Shouted Ji Hao while staring at Aluo Zhai harshly, ’’Aluo Zhai? Who do you think you are?! How dare you just make an announcement and claim this as your territory?!’’

Aluo Zhai scornfully threw a quick measuring glance at Ji Hao, from his rough and simple clothes to the dry-grass-woven shoes on his feet, with a pair of sharp eyes.

Aluo Zhai chuckled carelessly, then said blandly, ’’You poor wild barbarian low-life that doesn't even has brains, talking too much to you would be a waste of my life.’’

Taking a deep breath, Aluo Zhai then continued while raising his head higher, ’’But I, the noble Aluo Zhai, am willing to show you a little bit of mercy and tell you that because this piece of land is very fertile, and has unmeasurably valuable precious rare mineral resources buried under it, plus, tens of thousands of slaves, who will serve perfectly as mining slaves are living here...Therefore, I came over here and am going to conquer this place, eventually owning everything here!’’

Aluo Zhai dramatically and slowly let out all these craps with an aria-like tone, while a few Gold-Eyed Lion Clan warriors had already rushed up to his chariot, raised their weapons high and hacked down towards the three Three-Horned Rhinos, which had been pulling that chariot.

The three Three-Horned Rhinos simultaneously roared towards the sky, after which their layers of thick scales began to shake strangely. Every single scale expanded to a becoming a few times bigger than before, and looked like a heavy firm armour that had grown out from the bodies of each of these three Three-Horned Rhinos, and wrapped them inside.

They were all Senior-Level beasts, normally the strength and defensive power of beasts were far greater than that of human Magi who were at the same level as the beasts!

The few Gold-Eyed Lion Clan warriors madly swung their weapons towards the rhinos, which created large amounts of fire sparks against their scales. Layers of rhino's scales were shattered into pieces, but all of the weapons that were held by the few warriors began to break and shatter, one after another.

’’Stupid barbarian, how dare you fight against the noble Aluo Zhai?!’’

Aluo Zhai then carelessly waved his hands and ordered with a cold tone, ’’Kill everyone that dares to fight back. As reward their wives and kids will be your slaves, you can do whatever you want to them. Conquer this clan, and kill every single one that has white hair on their heads.’’

Five heavily armoured, over six-meter tall Jia Clan warriors, who had been standing on the chariot and were circled around Di Luo, responded with resonating shouts. They leapt down from the chariot, tightly holding odd-shaped broadswords that had saw tooth, and rushed towards the few Gold-Eyed Lion Clan warriors in big steps while deeply roaring.

Ji Hao popped his eyes wide open and stared at these five Jia Clan warriors.

They were unlike the Jia Clan warriors from the High Moon, whose senses of powers had been calm and accurate as if they were exquisitely working machines. The fighting skill of those warriors had been terrifyingly powerful, and had all been precise. Every single attack they had launched, were done quickly and cleanly. All the warriors of the High Moon had been efficient killing machines.

But these Jia Clan's warriors led by Aluo Zhai were releasing a wild and crazy sense of power, like the raging wildfire, which would burn anything that would be touched by it into ashes, including itself. The moves of these warriors were less limited and crazier than the High Moon's warriors. They were like mad monsters that had completely fallen into a hysteric state of mind;every single move of theirs was made for an attack and seemed not to be needing any defense.

The five warriors of the Jia Clan, who were a lot taller than the few Gold-Eyed Lion Clan warriors, madly waved their nearly ten-meter long broadswords while roaring hoarsely, and simultaneously hacked down towards the few Gold-Eyed Lion Clan warriors. They seemed to have injected every little bit of their power into this attack without any reservation. When they waved their broadswords, their arms had even swelled to being thicker than their waists!

Countless thoughts flashed across Ji Hao's mind, the High Moon, the Red Sun...he assumed that these titles didn't only indicated their family backgrounds, but also showed which kind of group they belonged to, more importantly, these should also represent certain kind of power system that was closely connected to them.

The few Gold-Eyed Lion Clan warriors raised their broken weapons and tried to hold the broadswords of the enemies off.

Along with the sounds of metal clashing, all the weapons held in the hands of those Gold-Eyed Lion Clan warriors were shattered instantly. Those broadswords, which were shining with an eye-piercing light and had shattered the weapons of the Gold-Eyed Clan warriors, were swinging towards the bodies of those Gold-Eyed Lion Clan warriors.

Aluo Zhai had been smiling carelessly all the time, now, he intentionally raised his voice and said, ’’This is a fertile piece of land, especially the mine buried under it. As long as I have enough mining slaves to exploit the mine resources under the ground, within at most a hundred years, I will be able to build my very own castle here. One day, I will become the noble Great Administrator, standing high and looking down at the entire world, and return to my family with glory!

Ji Hao carefully listened to these words of Aluo Zhai, and discovered that they contained lots of valuable information. At the same time he locked his hands together, and quickly incanted a spell. After this, he grabbed towards those few Gold-Eyed Clan warriors whose weapons had been shattered and who had lost the power to resist.

A fierce gust of wind suddenly rose from the air, wrapped the few Gold-Eyed Lion Clan warriors and rolled them over;along with the gust of wind, the few Gold-Eyed Lion Clan warriors flew towards Ji Hao with high speed while rolling in the air.

Although Ji Hao had moved as fast as he could, the attack that had been launched by the five Jia Clan's warriors were way too quick and powerful. One of the Gold Eye Lion Clan' warriors didn't manage to dodge the broadsword right in front of him, and had been chopped into two at the waist. The furious power of the broadswords completely damaged his body and blew him into a cloud of blood-mist, which then spread to hundreds of zhang far.

’’Loyal warriors, who belong to me, the noble Aluo Zhai, conquer this poor, lowly pest of barbarian for me!’’

All Zhai proudly and excitedly waved his hand, then slightly pointed his finger at Ji Hao. He let out a sigh then continued while raising his eyebrows, ’’Kill this kid dare this kid be even more handsome than me, the noble Aluo Zhai?!’’

[TL note: Aluo Zhai, are you retarded?]


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