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The Magus Era - Chapter 161


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Chapter 161 - Exploit

The sun went down, and stars all over the sky lit up the entire Midland. These glowing stars seemed to be only a little bit dimmer than the sun.

In comparison to the Southern Wasteland, the Midland seemed to have been more favoured by the sun and the stars. Whether it was the sunlight or the starlight, both were brighter here by many times compared to the brightness of the starlight and the sunlight in the Southern Wasteland. If you were standing under the starry sky and were to look up, you would discover that there was one type of starlight that was rotating like a whirlpool and seemed capable of even drawing your soul in.

The bonfire was blazing. In the square, which was located in the middle of the village, hospitable clansmen had set a grand banquet for Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao, and Man Man.

Ji Hao had saved the lives of their injured clansmen, and taught them some life-saving detoxifying magical prescriptions for free. Detoxifying was one of the specialties of the Southern Wasteland Maguspriest mediciners;therefore, the entire clan, which had the population of ten thousand people, and worshiped the magic creature, Gold-Eyed Lion, as their totem, was now unspeakably happy and grateful, treating Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming and Man Man with all the best stuff they ever possessed.

Although the flavour of the self-brewed rice wine was rather light, Ji Hao could taste the sincere honesty and gratefulness of those clansmen from it.

Big fat fishes, which were caught from the river just now, were being grilled on the bonfire and were sizzling.

Tens of strong livestock were sliced by the necks, skinned and cleaned, and were also grilling on the bonfire, letting out a strong nice aroma of grilled meat, making people dribble.

Moreover, thousands of chubby gooses, chicken and ducks, wild rabbits, boars, muntjacs, strong and muscular wild boar, delicious wild birds, and fresh, clean wild fruits, which were newly picked up from the jungle, had also been served.

The Gold-Eyed Lion Clan was not that powerful, they only had over ten Senior Magi in total, but they were treating Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming and Man Man with the most sincere hospitality, and had also been trying very hard to push the most beautiful girls of their clan onto Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao.

Whether it was in the Midland or the Southern Wasteland, some clan traditions were shared.

Every time a clan had powerful and talented guests, the best thing that the clansmen would wish to happen was those powerful and talented people leaving a trace of their bloodline in the host clans;this way, the bloodlines of the host clans would be able to merge with the more powerful bloodlines of those guests, giving the host clans better opportunities to grow stronger.

Ji Hao pretended to be not knowing what those clansmen meant by pushing those girls onto him, as did Si Wen Ming, who was happily and excitedly chatting to a bunch of Maguspriests and elders, without taking a glance at those young and beautiful girls.

Only Man Man was very interested in these girls;she grabbed their hands, excitedly and curiously poked their bodies;from time to time, she would pull a poor girl over, whose face had turned death pale long ago, then poured a vat of booze into her mouth, while laughing happily.

Soon, no girl dared to come near Ji Hao, everyone who was brave enough to do so, had already been drunk and had fallen on the ground, with their entire face turned red.

Later that night, everybody was a bit drunk. Si Wen Ming became more and more excited. He was passionately communicating with those Maguspriests and elders about all kinds of topics;Ji Hao could clearly see that Si Wen Ming's eyes were shining with bright light. When he was teaching some useful skills and knowledge to this clan, he had also been learning some valuable experiences from the Gold-Eyed lion Clan.

Ji Hao seemed to have understood why Si Wen Ming travelled around the world all year round.

When the bonfire slowly dimmed down, and all the warriors were drunk and lying down on the square, with quite many of them fallen into a deep sleep, a high-pitched and resonant warning horn abruptly was heard from the watch tower of the clan. The entire clan instantly fell into chaos, but soon, the elders and Maguspriests stood up, and began giving orders in loud voices.

Women, elderly clansmen and children were quickly gathered into the firmest house, which was made by stones, and located in the middle of the village. The brave and strong warriors grabbed their weapons and rushed over towards the square. This clan had only tens of thousands of people, but soon, a whole ten thousand warriors had gathered at the square.

’’Sorry for the disturbance, our honoured guest,’’ an elder said seriously while brushing his long beard with his fingers, ’’Lately, some outsiders have come near our clan, and have been coveting our clan. We have already fought against them a few times, it seems that they have returned again.’’

As guests, since the host had encountered some problems, of course, Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming and Man Man wouldn't just stand up and leave.

They went near the front gate of the clan with those clansmen, and saw that miles away a small-scale troop was approaching quickly.

Ji Hao activated the |Gold Crow Pupils|, and clearly saw what those people who were provoking the Gold-Eyed Lion looked like with his golden shining pair of eyes.

The troop was being led by a three-eyed Yu Clan's young man, who was wearing a luxurious and exquisite cloak. He was being followed by nearly a hundred fully armed Jia Clan's warriors. Behind those Jia Clan's warriors were thousands of dark-skinned slave warriors, who were wearing leather armours and holding bows and arrows. What made Ji Hao surprised more was that behind this troop were troops of three smaller clans.

A few tall and sturdy men had their bodies covered in simple and rough leather armours, while holding flag sticks, and were walking in the front of each of the smaller troops. Totems were painted on the three flags, which were a Fox, a Wolf and a Winged Tiger. Over a thousand warriors fo those clans were following behind each flag.

Along with a series of silvery footstep sounds, the three-eyed Yu Clan's young man came closer and closer. He was sitting on a four-wheel chariot. A few heavily armoured Jia Clan's warriors had circled around him, and were holding large metal shields, with which they shielded him behind it. All of these Jia Clan's warriors were releasing a strong and vicious sense of power from their bodies.

The chariot was pulled by three Three-Horned Rhinos, which were spewing out flames. The black scales of these rhinos were glowing under the starlight. These three Three-Horned Rhinos had even stronger senses of power than those Jia Clan's warriors, judging from which, they were all Senior-Level powerful beasts.

That chariot was made of gold and was glowing. It was entirely covered in all kinds of gemstones, which made the chariot shine like a treasure. Ji Hao carefully observed the chariot with his |Gold Crow Pupil|, and saw that thousands of different-sized spell symbols were faintly visible under those gemstones, which showed that this chariot was actually an extremely powerful magic treasure.

One of the Gold-Eyed Lion Clan's elders held a large axe, took tens of big steps towards the chariot, while looking at that Yu Clan's young man and said, ’’Monsters from other kinds, this is our Gold-Eyed Lion Clan's territory, our ancestors had opened this piece of land up and we have been living here for countless generations.’’

While speaking, the elder hacked his axe down hard onto the ground and continued with a loud angry voice, ’’We will never bow to you, monsters from other kinds, and we will never sell our territory to you. It was left by our ancestor. Get out of our territory, or you can stay here forever, under the ground.’’

A few Gold-Eyed Lion Clan's warriors laughed out aloud and said, ’’Oi, three-eyed white and tender boy, our land is indeed very rich, but we don't mind to fertilize it more!’’

’’Look at your skin, it seems so soft and tender, next year, above your dead body, beautiful wildflowers and other plants might grow!’’

’’Such pity, such a white and pretty person, it would be so nice if you were a woman;I would risk everything to kidnap you!’’

All of the Gold-Eyed Lion Clan's warriors laughed out at the Yu Clan's young man. The young man sat on the chariot with his head proudly held high, then pulled out a flag stick from behind his body and threw it hard towards the Master Elder of the Gold-Eyed Lion Clan.

The flag stick deeply stuck in the ground for about one foot, then shook intensely;a black flag, which was tightly rolled around the flag stick instantly opened up, fluttering along with the wind, showing the totem painted on it - a black tower with a blood-red erect eye floating above it.

’’I am Also Zhai's people, and have come from the A Luo family. I possess the noblest Red Sun bloodline, amongst the entire Yu Clan, which means, I am one of the noblest people in the world. I am guided by the great Red Sun and came to this fertile piece of land to exploit it as my personal territory. I am now announcing that your territory will belong to me and only to me from now on, and you all will become my slaves.’’

With his head raised proudly, Also Zhai continued while smiling cruelly, ’’Because you have hurt my messengers and killed my loyal slave warriors a few days ago, you have to accept the punishment. All the old people in your clan will be executed...the grains that was produced by my farmlands, will not be used to feed useless people.’’

A muffled bowstring-shaking sound abruptly came, the Master elder of the Gold-Eyed Lion clan, who had been staring at the flag, let out a groan - a red long arrow had already pierced right through the middle of his chest.


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