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The Magus Era - Chapter 160



Chapter 160 - Knowledge

’’Hey, such a fat goose, can it lay an egg each day?’’ Walking on the tidy street, Si Wen Ming, who was wearing single flax clothes and looked just like a middle-aged farmer, said while at the same moment grabbing the fat goose that was walking past him swayingly and rubbing its butt.

’’Yes! These fowls of ours are all strong!’’ The elderly men said while laughing, his face was wrinkled because of the laugh. The elderly man then cherishingly petted the feathers of the fat goose, which was held in Si Wen Ming's hands, and continued, ’’All of them can lay an egg each day, the children in our clan have all became stronger because of those eggs!’’

Si Wen Ming dropped the fat goose, walked side by side the few elderly men, while chatting and laughing.

From how many people lived in the village, out of which how many were grown men and children exactly, to how many kids were born last year and how many kids didn't manage to survive disasters and diseases, then to how many new farm lands the clan had opened up, and how many grains the farmlands produced this year;a clan had all kinds of ordinary administrative affairs, and Si Wen Ming could always bring a good topic.

Gradually, Ji Hao had been pulled in by their conversations.

Although Si Wen Ming was only chatting to those elderly men, some new knowledge and information would pop up from his words from time to time.

Things such as how to reduce the amount of wild grass in the farmland, how to raise the germination rate, how to grow the fowls stronger, how to prevent some fowls from falling ill, how to weave soldiers and weave more durable fishing nets, and how to make some agricultural tools that were more convenient to use.

Si Wen Ming had even taught those elderly men a few mature prescriptions for helping pregnant women to become healthier, eliminate parasites inside human bodies, and how to cure the little kids of crying at night and convulsion. The few elderly men seemed to have gained some valuable, treasured information, and hurriedly wrote the few prescriptions taught by Si Wen Ming down.

Ji Hao had also noticed that one of the elderly men had already darted out, rushing towards the largest wooden house in the middle of the entire clan village, at his highest speed.

According to the Southern Wasteland rules, the largest house in the middle of the clan village should be the residence of those Maguspriests and elders, who had the highest status in the clan. It seemed that Si Wen Ming had already attracted some attention in this clan, and would be treated as the most honoured guest by those Maguspriests and elders themselves.

Not long after that, over ten Maguspriests and elders quickly walked over along a small trail, happily and friendly saluted Si Wen Ming.

Ji Hao gave a carefully look to these elderly men who had white hair. Unlike like the Southern Wasteland Maguspriests, these elderly men dressed neatly and looked more gentle and sedated;giving a more friendly and leisurly feeling to the others.

The sense of powers that was being released from their bodies was also hugely different from that of those Southern Wasteland Maguspriests.

Southern Wasteland Maguspriests were better at communicating with ghosts and spirits that existed in the jungle, and were able to manipulate all kinds of mysterious creatures in the jungle;therefore, the senses of power that were released from their bodies were sharp and vicious. Some elderly Maguspriests were infected by all different kinds of evil and vicious powers, looked even like horrible ghosts, and were scary enough to make babies cry.

Different from that, the senses of power that Ji Hao had sensed from these Maguspriests and elders in this Midland clan, were purer and more positive, their powers were more similar to all kinds of natural and original powers in this world, obviously, the magics they were good at must be completely different from that of those Southern Wasteland magics.

Togother with those Maguspriests and elders, warriors who possessed the highest status amongst all th warriors, had also showed up. Ji Hao subconsciously compared these warriors with those Gold Crow Clan's warriors he was familiar with, and discovered that these warriors seemed to be more gentle and moderate. Although some of them had already reached the peak-Senior Level, Ji Hao didn't felt any aggressive sense of power from these warriors that he had often sensed from the Southern Wasteland warriors.

’’This is how the agricultural civilisation is different from the barbaric clans,’’ murmured Ji Hao after having carefully observed for quite a while, then shook his head and chuckled.

Si Wen Ming was a very friendly and talkative person;he quickly made friends with those old Maguspriests after having only chatted for a short period. Everyone was happily laughing and chatting. Soon, the people from this clan were already seeing Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao and Man Man as their closest friends.

When the Master Maguspriest of the clan kindly invited Si Wen Ming and the two kids to join the banquet, a loud noise abruptly came from afar. Along with a series of hastened footsteps, tens of strong men hurriedly rushed over while holding a few badly injured people whose skins had turned black and entire bodies covered in blood.

From a long distance, a strong man pantingly shouted out, ’’Help! Help! Brother Iron Mountain and a few others were bitten by poisonous watery snakes, they're dying! I told you a group of poisonous watery snakes have come to our river from unknown sources, days ago, you just wouldn't believe me!’’

Tens of strong men rushed as fast as a gust of wind, and soon carried the few injured men over.

The few injured men had large buckets that were woven by bamboo slips tied around their waists, within which, fishes were beating and struggling, apparently, these few injured men were accidentally bitten by poisonous snakes and injured when fishing in the river.

Judging from their wounds, the size of those poisonous snakes had not been small at all, because the tooth prints on their bodies were as big as an adult's thumb, and had been spurting out black blood.

’’Hurry! Master elder and Maguspriest! Help them!’’ The tens of strong men yelled simultaneously, while staring poorly and anxiously at the few elderly Maguspriests and elders, who had large leather bags tied around their waists.

The few elderly Maguspriests hurriedly circled around those injured men, and checked for a while then sadly shook their heads simultaneously.

’’The degree of poison is too high, and the poison has already damaged their internal organs, it's too late,’’ said the eldest Maguspriest bitterly, ’’Let's do something to eliminate those poisonous snakes, the poison is too strong, we don't even have enough time to cure them.’’

Ji Hao grabbed two strong men in front of him and pulled them away, then squatted in front of the few injured men. He dipped his finger into the black blood that gushed out of one of the injured man's wound, then slightly tasted the blood with the tip of his tongue along with the shocking screams of those few elderly Maguspriests.

A cold feeling abruptly came from his tongue, after which he felt his entire tongue becoming paralysed.

’’Good, as long as they are still alive, I can save them,’’ said Ji Hao calmly while taking three herbal medicines from the small storage bag tied around his waist, then threw them into his mouth and began chewing.

An elderly Maguspriest yelled out in shock, ’’All those are highly poisonous herbal medicines...spider blood grass, heart-corrupting grass, blue edge bloom, kid, don't you want to live anymore?!’’

Ji Hao quickly chew those herbal medicines, then spew out a few mouthfuls of black liquid on the wounds of those few injured men. Along with a sizzlingly sound, the highly poisonous herbal medicinal liquid gushed into the wounds like living creatures, and not long after, dark-red blood gushed out of those wounds, and then soon turned into a healthy red colour. Obviously, the herbal medicinal liquid had neutralised the poison of the snake venom.

’’Highly poisonous herbal medicines can also save lives,’’ said Ji Hao smilingly to those badly shocked elderly Maguspriests, ’’Hm, you probably haven't encountered poisonous snakes and bugs that much. In my hometown, almost every single one of us will be bitten by poisonous snakes or bugs for seven to eight times;this kinds of snakes indeed have high poison levels, but the higher the poison level they have, the easier we can neutralise it.’’

Si Wen Ming stood beside Ji Hao and smilingly nodded to him in praise.

Ji Hao glanced at Si Wen Ming while grinning, then continued to those elderly Maguspriest, who still had their eyes widely popped open and didn't know what to say, ’’Hmm, I'll tell you some emergency life-saving prescriptions, you can just write them down.’’

All of the elderly Maguspriests, elders and ordinary clansmen looked at Ji Hao with eyes filled with gratification.

What Ji Hao had promised to tell them were prescriptions for curing people who were accidentally bitten by poisonous snakes, and in this primitive world, knowledge was closely connected with the lives of the clansmen.

The Master Elder of the clan laughed out loud in excitement, then said, ’’We were lucky to have our honoured guests come to our clan, kids, take out all of the delicious food that you have saved, today we are going to treat our honoured guests cordially!’’

Cheers and shouts suddenly rose into the air, everyone's face was instantly filled with happy smiles.


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