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The Magus Era - Chapter 157


Chapter 157 - The Midland

The gigantic turtle had been moving across the void.

No one knew that Si Wen Ming had left a small surprise in the stone monument for the Jia Clan army, therefore, in order to avoid the possible chase of the High Moon, the gigantic turtle had even risked its life by running as fast as it could, because it could exhaust and die;moreover, it had detoured for quite a long distance, towards different directions, just like a thief.

[TL: Hey, you gigantic, talkative, cowardly and single turtle, please, can you be my pet?]

During the journey, Ji Hao sat on the gigantic turtle's neck and had seen countless magical scenes, mysterious and beautiful creatures, but had also encountered many dangers.

Natural disasters, enemy the void, you could never predict what you would encounter in the next moment.

The gigantic turtle had once almost been drawn into an invisible black swirling hole. If Si Wen Ming and the other Magus Kings hadn't joined their strength and tried their best to pull the turtle back, the turtle and the entire caravan would have been swallowed by the black swirling hole.

A horrible firmament fire boiled sand stream had swept across the caravan city and the gigantic turtle. Although the turtle had a great defensive power, it was still scratched and wounded all over the body;a thick layer of callus on the turtle's body, which was completely weapon proof, had been grilled.

Mad groups of void animals had once launched an attack on the caravan city. Those animals had seen the caravan people and the gigantic turtle as their preys. Unlike the group of animals that had previously been called out by the little three-eyed monkey, the weakest one among these void animals had the strength similar to a peak Junior Level Magus. Everyone in the caravan city had joined the fight and had done whatever they could to those animals;even Si Wen Ming had gotten scratched in the face. Eventually, the caravan had managed to survive.

And a terrifying group of voodoo void bugs had also once silently and suddenly attacked the entire caravan city. That time, Ji Hao had fortunately saved the entire city and the turtle. If it hadn't been for the warning, given by the mysterious man who lived in Ji Hao's spiritual space, Ji Hao would not been able to detect those completely invisible and silent voodoo bugs. In that case, the number of people who would have survived, including the giant turtle, would have not been more than five.

Every step forward was risky, the entire caravan could be wiped out anytime.

Ji Hao finally understood the reason why the group of powerful magi and the caravan, with which Ji Zhuo had travelled to the Midland when he had been young, had lost quite a number of companions during their journey. This time, despite the Spirit Turtle Caravan being so powerful, they had nearly been thoroughly destroyed for quite a few times. This vast void was indeed very scary.

However, during the journey, Ji Hao's experience and knowledge had greatly been expanded. In the boundless void, countless different sized floating islands were drifting randomly. Every time the gigantic turtle flew past such a floating island, it would take a break on it, and the caravan people would get out of the city and do some trading with the local residents of those floating islands.

All kinds of different creatures were living on those floating islands, including different kinds of treemen, stonemen, spirits and goblins. There were also powerful natural creatures that had lived so long, and absorbed so much natural power that they were able to transform their bodies into human shape. The caravan's storage spaces were gradually filled with all kinds of precious and rare local products of those floating islands. Therefore, the sour faces of Gui Three and the other caravan administrators were slowly gaining a cheerful smile.

The time flew, and didn't seem to even exist in the void. After a whole year and a half, a huge land, which was covered with mountains, green lands, rivers and lakes, abruptly appeared in front of Ji Hao's eyes. Countless different sized, properly distributed, floating islands were slowly rotating around the huge land.

Gui Three finally gasped in relief, laughed out aloud, and said, ’’The Midland is right in front of us! Brothers, we are home!’’

All of the caravan people simultaneously laughed aloud towards the sky, after which they started yelling and shouting, and even began to dance madly and happily.

Ji Hao quietly looked at those caravan administrators, guards, workers and handymen. As far as he was concerned, this had been a long and interesting journey that had taken him a year and a half. But for the caravan people, since they had left their homes, gone to the Southern Wasteland and returned, it had taken nearly ten years of journeying.

If they had newborn babies when they had left home for this journey, their kids would now be at Ji Hao's age.

Ji Hao assumed that on the foreheads of their parents, who had stayed at home and were expecting their children to return safely, another wrinkle must have been added, and their hairs must have turned whiter;every day, when they leaned against the windows and wished that their children would come home sooner, their eyes must have turned dimmer than the last day.

’’All the travelers...’’ Ji Hao slightly slapped himself on the face when he had only spoken three words, ’’No, I can't be a plagiarist, haha. Ah, the midland, is this the Midland?’’

From a great distance, Ji Hao sensed the boundless and strong life force energy that was being released from the magnificent world, which was formed by the great land and all of those floating islands. The natural power transformed into hurricanes and blew across the caravan city, even slowing the gigantic turtle down.

The boundless void was already filled with natural power and energy, however, the Midland apparently was the most important center of the entire world, and was the source of all the natural powers and energies. Every single moment, great amounts of natural powers and energies would be produced in the Midland, and automatically spread to the areas that had less natural powers and energies.

The closer they got to the Midland, the stronger the hurricane, which had been formed from the natural powers and energies, was. Only powerful and gigantic creatures like the Starring Sky Spirit Turtle, were able to stabilise their bodies in such a strong hurricane, and continuously move forwards against the hurricanes.

Ji Hao silently estimated that without the Magus King Level of power, none of the ordinary clansmen from the four Wastelands would be able to take a single step towards the Midland, from the void and against such hurricane by themselves!

The hurricane blew across the gigantic turtle's body;sharp airwaves clashed against the turtle's solid shell and callus like real daggers, letting out a loud clashing sound and large amounts of fire sparks. Thousands of miles long fiery light tail gradually appeared behind the gigantic turtle.

Nearer or further, hundreds of magical creatures, which were as big as the gigantic turtle or even larger than it, were also moving forward against the hurricane, towards the Midland, step by step. Every single one of these gigantic creatures had a long fiery light tail behind their bodies, the larger they were, the longer light tails they had.

Ji Hao looked surprised at the surrounding areas;what a magical, shocking and magnificent scene!

In the vast and boundless void, hundreds of gigantic creatures carried cities of different sizes on their backs, including luxury palaces, and broke through the hurricane and slowly walked towards the beautiful and lively great world.

He subconsciously opened his arms towards the Midland. By only seeing all these, Ji Hao was already deeply obsessed by the Midland, and attracted by this magical big world that was beyond any description.

’’I belong here, I will let the name of Qing Long resound across the entire world!’’ murmured Ji Hao, ’’The strongest human in the previous life...hehe, only an ordinary junior magus could easily kill me in my precious life, but in this life, in the world...strongest human? Got to be fun!’’

A thunderous boom came from the side. Ji Hao turned his head to the left, after which his eyes instantly popped open, and was he stunned.

He saw a hundreds of thousands of meters tall giant, holding a small land that had a radius of ten-thousand miles, with both of his hands. In the meanwhile, the giant was quickly rushing towards the Midland world with big steps, just like a dagger that was slicing through the hurricane. Within only the blink of an eye, this giant had rushed out of Ji Hao's eyesight, while carrying the land.

’’’’Ji Hao's tongue was even stiffed in shock, and for a while he was unable to let out a sentence.

’’That's one of the offspring of the ancient god, the Hercules...nowadays, the heavens have started to decline, and are not as thriving as during the ancient times. Many of the gods came down to the human world from the heaven for fun. This could be some rich person, who hired the offspring of Hercules by offering a good price, to bring them a land from the outer starry space, on which they could build their palace.’’

Si Wen Ming silently appeared behind Ji Hao and said smilingly to him.

Instantly a buzzing sound could be heard coming from Ji Hao's head, and even his eyeballs had turned red.

The heaven?!

Ancient gods?!

What kind of rich people could hire a god from the heaven to work for them?!

The Midland, what a crazy world!!


SR's note: I will be providing little teasers in the comment section and on NU. Previously I had given a sentence in which Hercules was mentioned. In the comment section I had mentioned that the OP'ness of the general population would be illustrated. I think that I was correct in saying that. People who are able to hire Gods...Do I even have to clarify why this should be considered OP? :p


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