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The Magus Era - Chapter 156


Chapter 156 - Setting Up A Monument

The fiery light lit up the void. Eighteen metal ships had blown up simultaneously, each exploding from the bottom up. The tremendous explosive power had torn the keels of those ships into shreds, and had destroyed the formations set inside these ships completely. These formations were used to transform the natural power into energy, which were vital for those ships. After this, a chain reaction was created, causing those three miles long ships to be blown into countless fragments.

The flames had risen high, from out of which, countless fragments and body parts were thrown out.

The bodies of the Jia Clan warriors were strong and solid, therefore, when they were sent out flying by the shock waves, their bodies were able to remain in shape for most parts, at most they had their arms or legs broken;very few of them were torn into pieces.

As for those slave warriors, even the Senior-Level slave warriors were all far weaker than the Jia Clan warriors, and their body conditions were worse than those Jia Clan warriors by around two levels;therefore, those dark skinned slave warriors were mostly torn into tens of pieces when they were thrown out of the ships by the shock waves.

Apart from these Jia Clan warriors and those slave warriors, many lowly human-shaped slave creatures, which had light green skin and large amounts of colourful speckles, were directly shattered and burnt into wisps of cyan smoke in the flames.

Many able Magi were staying at the caravan city;every one who had the physical strenght of a Senior Level Magu, also had great eyesight. At the moment the explosion occured, they all were able to see clearly how the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors, slave warriors and lowly slave creatures had been torn apart or shattered, through the 'slowly swelling' and 'gradually breaking' metal decks of those ships.

Flames, fragments, and waves of howling and wailing. This proud and complacent army had been destroyed within a single moment.

Only tens of fully armed Jia Clan warrior leaders, whose armours were obviously of better qualities than the armours of the others, were able to save their lives. Their armours were all broken, and horrible wounds had appeared on their bodies, but they had indeed survived the explosion. These few Jia Clan warrior leaders fled while struggling towards the void further away, one after another.

’’None can survive...kill them all!’’ Si Wen Ming let out a resonant shout, while holding his hands behind his body.

Metal clashing sounds came right after his voice. Led by the tens of Magus King Level guard commanders of the Spirit Turtle Caravan, groups of caravan guards silently launched fatal attacks on the other Jia Clan warriors in the city.

The defensive magic formation was activated, the great endurance power largely slowed all those Jia Clan warriors down. Suppressed by the defensive magic formation, they could at most release thirty percent of their real power. Facing the attacks of the caravan guards, these Jia Clan warriors could only last the span of seven to eight breaths at maximum, before their heads were chopped off by those Magus King Level caravan guard commanders.

Ji Hao couldn't stop his eye corners from twitching when watching all these.

The warriors of High Moon were indeed as good as Si Wen Ming had described. Ji Hao realised only now how lucky he had been to eb able to kill fout of them.

The last of the Jia Clan warriors, who were killed by two Magus King Level caravan guards, was only at the same level as ordinary Southern Wasteland Senior Magi;however, facing the joint attack of the two Magus Kings, he was able to hold off tens of their attacks with only his physical strength, after which he had finally been exhausted and was eventually killed.

Every single time his defence and counterattack had been natural and smooth, nearly perfect, especially before he was killed. He had launched the last counter attack with all of his remaining power, and almost hacked one of the two Magus Kings into two!

Such a great power. Ji Hao silently raised the level of threat the Jia Clan warriors posed, in his mind.

Every single one of the Jia Clan warriors who had rushed into the town earlier was killed, and those lucky Jia Clan warrior leaders who had survived the explosion had been trying their best to flee away, but they had not been able to manage surviving against the giant turtle's attacks. Taken in the void, the gigantic turtle could easily move hundreds of miles far with a single step;his speed was a lot faster than these badly injured Jia Clan warrior leaders.

The turtle caught up with those Jia Clan's warrior leaders, then took a deep breath. Followed by its breath, the surrounding area instantly fell into chaos;star-lights, which had seven different colours transformed into a huge swirl and shrouded the entire area for hundreds of miles in radius. Inside the hazy starlight swirl, tens of the Jia Clan warrior leaders roared out in despair, and launched their final attacks towards the gigantic turtle, after which they had all been smashed into pieces.

Tens of deadly attacks struck onto the body of the gigantic turtle, but only caused large amounts of fire sparks against its shell. Those attacks added a few new marks on its solid shell, apart from all these, the gigantic turtle wasn't harmed at all.

The void turned back to being quiet. Gui Three and the other caravan administrators walked up to Si Wen Ming with worried and bitter faces, crossed their hands in front of their chests and deeply bowed to Si Wen Ming;none of them said anything, just stared poorly at Si Wen Ming's feet tips.

’’The ships were blown by me, and all those people were killed by me as well, none of these have anything to do with the caravan,’’ said Si Wen Ming while smiling gently. At this moment, the scary and imperatorial vibe of his, which had suddenly appeared when the eighteen metal ships exploded, was gone without leaving a trace.

’’Remember, you have already moved and passed here three days ago, you have no idea what happened here;I did everything.’’

While speaking, Si Wen Ming raised his hand and waved towards the void.

Ji Hao was surprised to see that extremely far into the void, a fist-sized, khaki coloured huge star, which gave a dependable feeling, instantly let out a faint beam of yellow light, across the vast void, and shone on Si Wen Ming's palm.

’’This is my spirit magic star, Deep Earth!’’ Si Wen Ming smilingly said to Ji Hao. ’’At your Junior Level, you will nourish your meridians, which carries your inherited powers;At your Senior Level, you will awaken your Magus Acupoints;and at your Magus King Level, you will find your spirit magic star, absorb a strand of star power from it and merge it with your own body. From that point onwards, you will be able to borrow the power of your spirit magic star to cultivate yourself and to fight.’’

’’When fighting against enemies, for Novice Magi, Junior Magi and Senior Magi, all of them are purely dependent on the powers that they have grown and 'stored' inside their bodies. Only when you have broken into the Magus King Level and have found your own spirit magic star, you will be able to borrow the star power and use it to fight. With the help of stars, a new Magus King, who had just connected with his spirit magic star, can easily deal with hundreds of Senior Magi at one time,’’ said Si Wen Ming slowly.

The power of the Deep Earth gradually gathered in his palm, the hazy and glowing star power quickly condensed into solid being on his palm. Accompanied with a swooshing sound, a three zhang tall, and six feet thick, monument slowly appeared on his palm.

The stone monument wasn't too huge in shape, but it was amazingly heavy. Ji Hao had only walked a bit closer to it, and was badly suppressed by the gravity-like power that was caused by the monument, and couldn't even breathe. The stone monument was way too heavy;it had even caused a swirl of gravity around it.

The corner of Ji Hao's eye started twitching once again. He assumed that this stone monument could easily defeat a large group of Senior Magi. Was this the true power of the Magus Kings?

If the two Magus Kings of the caravan, who had fought against those Jia Clan warriors earlier, had activated their spirit magic star power, none of those Jia Clan warriors could have lasted that long.

Si Wen Ming threw the stone monument into the void, after which, an invisible power held that stone monument up and allowed it to float in the void, in the middle of countless fragments of those metal ships.

With slight movements of his fingers, Si Wen Ming wrote a few lively and vigorous characters on that stone monument - ’’The killer named Si Wen Ming! If you want to avenge, come to Pu Ban City!’’

A stream of incomparably august power darted out from Si Wen Ming's hand, rushed direly into the void, and merged with the stone monument, instantly endowing the monument with great life-force, which then burst out from the monument itself.

Gui Three and the other administrators couldn't stop saluting and thanking Si Wen Ming. Soon after, the gigantic turtle began moving, it used all of its power and tried to run as fast as it could, moving deeper into the void.

A small half day later, a great army, which was formed of nearly a hundred metal ships, arrived where the eighteen metal ships had exploded and circled around the stone monument. A Jia Clan warrior threw a heavy punch on the monument angrily. The following moment, the stone monument suddenly exploded, thoroughly shattering the nearly one hundred metal ships into pieces.



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