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The Magus Era - Chapter 155



Chapter 155: Destroying the Ships

’’ could this happen?’’

The leader of the Jia Clan warriors, who obviously possessed the highest status amongst these people, shouted out in anger. His four huge eyes opened even wider than before, and made him look even scarier. He took a few steps back and got out from Man Man's attacking range, then rushed towards Ji Hao.

Seeing their leader launching an attack by himself, the other Jia Clan warriors instantly became more confident, and put all of their attention on Man Man. They continued to encircle her and rush towards her, while attempting to exhaust and capture her alive.

Ji Hao grabbed a shield from the ground, which was left by a Jia Clan warrior, then gripped the black dagger with his right hand, while seriously looking at the leader of the Jia Clan warriors, who was rushing over, and prepared for the upcoming fight. He had killed four Jia Clan warriors in a row, which seemed easy, but in order to achieve that, he had already used all he could. This Jia Clan warrior leader was apparently a lot more powerful than the other warriors. He had even held his own against the hammer strikes of Man Man during several blows. It was not difficult to imagine how terrifyingly powerful he actually was.

A silhouette flashed across the air in front of Ji Hao, and Ji Hao subconsciously raised the shield he was holding in his left hand.

However, the shield didn't touch anything, at the same time, Ji Hao's tight armor suddenly burst out a beam of piercing light;in the very next moment, a heavy punch struck on Ji Hao's face. Ji Hao let out a muffled moan, and temporarily lost his eyesight;he could only see countless stars shining in front of him. Simultaneously, his body was sent flying backwards by the Jia Clan' warrior leader's heavy punch.

Ji Hao immediately became nervous. He couldn't see, and was absolutely unable to perceive how the Jia Clan warrior leader would make his next attack.

His pupils suddenly turned into a gold-red color. Ji Hao tried his best to activate his |Gold Crow Pupils|, and released all of his spiritual power. Hi spiritual power instantly shrouded the area within a radius of a few miles, suddenly, Ji Hao perceived that a dark shadow fleetingly drew near him. He subconsciously raised the black dagger, and hacked down towards the black shadow.

A great pain came from his wrist. Ji Hao barely saw that the Jia Clan's warrior leader stood close behind him, and used an amazing arm lock technique with both of his hands. He easily broke Ji Hao's wrist and seized the black dagger. Before Ji Hao could react, the Jia Clan's warrior leader had thrust the dagger towards Ji Hao's chest with a darkened, vicious face.

Ji Hao was stunned. How could this guy move this fast?! Moreover, his strength was terrifyingly great!

Ji Hao thought of what Si Wen Ming had said;every High Moon warrior had the best fighting skill and instinct. He suddenly understood what this meant. The two Jia Clan warriors who were killed by Ji Hao just now, had died because they underestimated Ji Hao, and also because that the attack launched by Ji Hao's two baby magic fiery snakes was too hard to predict.

But in regards to the Jia Clan warrior leader, who he was facing currently, Ji Hao had absolutely no idea how to deal with him.

Ji Hao was unable to clearly see him moving, neither could he himself move as fast the Jia Clan leader. Apart from all these, Ji Hao's strength was far below to the strength op his opponent.

Ji Hao was about to lose the fight. Although his tight armor had amazingly great defensive power, his wrist was still broken by the Jia Clan warrior leader, which showed that the power of this Jia Clan warrior leader had already surpassed the defensive power of the armor, which was made by Po.

The jade dagger was thrust towards Ji Hao's chest, Ji Hao injected all of his power into his |Gold Crow Pupils|, barely saw the attacking route of the jade dagger.

’’Do not underestimate us, the Southern Wasteland Magi!’’ Ji Hao let out a great roar, then opened his mouth and spew out a blood stream. The blood stream instantly appeared on the black dagger's surface, as if it was teleported. The black dagger, an inherited magic treasure of the Gold Crow Clan, suddenly turned into a wisp of black smoke and merged with Ji Hao's body;right after that, a beam of black light flashed across the air, then the black dagger reappeared in Ji Hao's hand. Ji Hao raised his broken wrist and swung the black dagger down towards the Jia Clan's warrior leader with all of his power.

The Jia Clan warrior leader hadn't seen this coming.

In fact, he would never have underestimated any Southern Wasteland Magus, but he did underestimate Ji Hao. Ji Hao was just a little kid, even if he was the most talented genius of the most powerful Southern Wasteland clan, how many fighting skills could he have learned, and how many secret magics could he be able to cast at such a young age?

But Ji Hao had used an inherited magic treasure to attack in such an ingenious way, and launched a surprise attack on the Jia Clan warrior leader. The black dagger broke the Jia Clan warrior's metal armor, and left a bone-deep, bloodied wound on his arm.

This dagger was one of the Gold Crow Clan's inherited magic treasures. Even though Ji Hao could only activate a small half of its power, it was still an amazingly powerful weapon in Ji Hao's hand.

’’Good boy!’’ Yelled the Jia Clan warrior leader harshly, ’’Are you willing to be my slave? If you are willing to be my slave, I can pardon you for the felony of killing my clansmen. You're very talented;if you agree that you and your offsprings all will be mine slaves, generations after generations, I will pardon you for all of your crimes.

’’F*ck you!’’ Ji Hao cursed with an extremely rude language. At the same moment, the small storage bag tied around his waist moved slighly. The three flying daggers and a pair of flying swords, which were seized from the three unknown young men, darted out from it and left five beautiful arcs in the air. Controlling the three flying daggers and a pair of flying swords with spiritual power, Ji Hao smartly launched the [Sky Opening] once again.

His Golden Dan let out a cracking sound. He launched the [Sky Opening] with his spiritual power, but the terrifyingly great counterforce nearly shattered his soul into pieces. However, he gnashed his teeth and forcibly launched this deadly attack onto the Jia Clan warrior leader.

’’Damn barbarians!’’ The Jia Clan warrior leader was nearly driven mad by Ji Hao.

Secret spiritual weapon manipulating magic! Judging by Ji Hao's fighting skills, he was apparently a Southern Wasteland Novice Magus, and should be a violent warrior who was best at close combat, beating as hard as he could should have been his only specialty;but the secret spiritual weapon manipulating learn this kind of complicated secret magic was impossible even for Southern Wasteland Senior Magi, who never cultivated their soul and spiritual power. Only very few especially talented and powerful Maguspriests were able to use such kind of powerful secret magic!

The [Sky Opening] was indeed astonishingly powerful, and could discover the weaknesses of all kinds of things and people in the world, directly piercing into the invisible, most mysterious 'one'.

The Jia Clan warrior leader moved as fast as lightning. He twisted his body before those flying daggers and swords struck on his body, and managed to dodge two flying daggers and a pair of flying swords, but the last flying dagger pierced into his weakest spot. An over a zhang long cold light flashed across in front of him. The last flying dagger hacked on his face, and directly damaged the two eyes on the left side of his face;a large amount of blood poured out in streams from his wounds.

The Jia Clan warrior leader howled out in pain, but in the meanwhile, he moved his body again. Ji Hao didn't have enough time to react before the Jia Clan warrior leader had gripped his neck.

He instantly felt an irresistible, great power, and shared the cracking sound made by his neck bones. A big half of his neck bones would instantly be broken if the Jia Clan warrior leader had gripped a tiny little bit tighter;Ji Hao's entire head would be torn off from his body.

’’Bullying a kid, is it fun?’’ Si Wen Ming's voice slowly came, along with which, he silently appeared behind the Jia Clan warrior leader, just like a ghost. He gently pressed both of his hands on the shoulders of the Jia Clan warrior leader, and in the very next moment, both the arms of the Jia Clan warrior leader shattered int ashes.

Right after destroying his arms, Si Wen Ming pressed his hand on the head of the Jia Clan warrior leader. Followed by Si Wen Ming's move, the powerful warrior, who had completely taken Ji Hao's power of resistance away, suddenly burst up, then turned into a large cloud of dirt, and dissipated into the air.

Ji Hao fell onto the ground, and put his hands around his injured neck, which seemed to be even an inch longer than it had been before, and began yelling at Si Wen Ming.

’’Uncle, where have you been?!’’

Si Wen Ming let out a bland smile then said seriously and awfully, ’’Since we have already killed some of them, then we should kill all of them. I mean every single one of them. Similar to cutting the weeds and digging up the roots, none of them can live.’’

Once he finished his sentence, the eighteen metal ships simultaneously exploded from the bottom up. Along with a series of muffled booms, the whole eighteen metal ships were all shattered into fragments. The great shock-waves swept across the caravan city, even the gigantic turtle's firm shell was slightly torn, leaving tens of fine, thin cracks.


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