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The Magus Era - Chapter 154



Chapter 154 - Killing In A Row

’’Piss off!’’ yelled Man Man.

Her entire body was now wrapped in dazzling flames and fiery lights, which had already transformed into several fiery-dragon-shaped flame streams, and were hovering around her. Her pair of hammers had been waving across the air and bringing up whirlwinds. The Jia Clan warriors opened their arms and rushed towards Man Man one after another, but soon all had been hit by the pair of hammers and forced to withdraw.

The hammers struck on the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors, while making series of metal clashing sounds, which sounded like a blacksmith working. Those Jia Clan warriors darted towards Man Man, after being hit by the hammers, over and over again. Their metal armors were all shining brightly, and creating large amounts of fire sparks against the hammers. A few of them were struck right on faces by the hammers, their noses were even flattened, making them look as if their noses had been smashed into their faces.

From time to time, a few Jia Clan warriors who weren't standing firmly, would be sent flying away by Man Man's hammers. Imagine the following, fully armed Jia Clan warriors being hit by Man Man's hammers and shooting out like bullets. If there was a word to describe such a scene, then that word could only be shocking. Those Jia Clan's warriors who were sent flying, roared while shattering literally everything that came in touch with their bodies. Countless small buildings had badly been damaged, and hundreds of holes had appeared in the ground.

Accompanied with series of loud metal clashing sounds, a few Jia Clan warriors bumped into the group of slave warriors that were behind them, when they were sent flying.

All of the bones of those poor slave warriors instantly shattered by the impact with those Jia Clan's warriors;some were even torn apart, and blood splashed out similar to how water splashed out of a fountain.

The Jia Clan warrior leader roared in rage, ’’Where did this little monster come from? How can she possibly be even stronger than us?! Don't be anxious, encircle her, drain her power! Our general is gonna like her!

Hearing the leader, the other Jia Clan warriors stopped attacking, only gnashed their teeth and continuously rushed up against Man Man's hammers.

Man Man, who didn't need any defense, had let out all of her terrifyingly great strength and was waving her pair of hammers as hard as she could. Metal clashing sounds continued;no matter how many times those Jia Clan warriors rushed up, each time they would be forced back by Man Man. Gradually, some of those Jia Clan warriors were badly injured at the inside, and blood gushed out of their mouths in streams.

’’Trying to bully Man Man?’’ shouted Man Man harshly, ’’Die, die, die! Haha!’’

Such a tiny little pretty girl shouting like a crazy bear. Man Man leaped high into the air and darted everywhere like a mad flea, as if she could fly. She left large pieces of afterimages were left behind her body. Those unlucky Jia Clan warriors didn't want to hurt Man Man, but had absolutely no idea how to deal with her great strength, and could only keep rushing around her, while attempting to exhaust her and capture her alive.

These Jia Clan warriors, who had been described as the ones to have the best fighting skills and instincts by Si Wen Ming, had currently fallen in such an embarrassing situation where they seemed to have difficulty to win against Man Man, while fighting against her with their physical strength.

As for Ji Hao, he was encircled by four Jia Clan's warriors.

They teamed up in two, each holding a shield in his left hand and sword in their right hand. They protected each other while launching quick, lightning-like attacks. Within a blink of an eye, they had already thrust their swords towards Ji Hao, tens of times.

Ji Hao had fully activated his spiritual power, which allowed him to clearly perceive every single movement of the four Jia Clan's warriors. However, with Ji Hao's current speed, he couldn't handle the amazingly quick attacks that were being launched by these Jia Clan warriors.

The attacks of these Jia Clan warriors from High Moon were all quick and straightforward, without any needless movements. Every single move was aimed straight at Ji Hao's vital parts. The four of them together had easily blocked all possible directions to which Ji Hao could dodge.

Their attacks were nearly perfect, even with Ji Hao's experience, he couldn't pick out any problem with their attacks. Every single attack was launched only towards the vital parts of Ji Hao's body, attempting to chop Ji Hao into pieces.

The black jade dagger held in Ji Hao's hand was also an inherent magical treasure of the Gold Crow Clan. It's far less powerful than the other three inherit magical treasures that had merged with Ji Hao's body, but with his current power, he could already activate a small half of its power, which could cause enough threatening to Senior-level powerful Magi.

Ji Hao waved the black jade dagger and tried his best to block the attacks that were being launched by these Ji Clan warriors, but he only managed to block the first attack that was launched by each person. After that, all the remaining attacks hit right onto his body, his heart, back, stomach, liver, and all other vital parts then all the rest attacks hit right on his body, heart, back, stomach, liver, all body vital parts. After only a blink of an eye, Ji Hao had been accurately hit by the four Jia Clan warriors for nearly a hundred times.

The armor made by Po released its bright and clear light, which then transformed into a lotus and rotated around Ji Hao's body like a stone mill, and blocked all of the attacks. The great power that was attached on the sword tips of those Jia Clan warrior vanished instantly. Only a slight stream of power, which was not even worth mentioning, had drilled into Ji Hao's body through the armor.

Ji Hao's body condition was already as good as that of a newly promoted Senior Magus. Added with the fact that he had been nourished by the earth essence milk and other natural treasures, Ji Hao's body currently possessed an amazing defensive function, and was difficult to be harmed. The slight stream of power that had gushed into Ji Hao's body through the armor, only made Ji Hao's muscles vibrate slightly, and was unable to hurt his internal organs through his muscles.


Ji Hao let out a great shout, at the same time, the surrounding air shook instantly;countless invisible air ropes suddenly appeared. The four Jia Clan warriors who had Ji Hao encircled, instantly paused;their entire bodies were bound by those air ropes, which temporally stopped them from moving.

Mr Crow, who had fully recovered from its injuries, let out a great caw and suddenly rose from Ji Hao's shoulder. Its body instantly expanded into zhangs big, and its feet widened. Its golden red claws scratched towards two Jia Clan warriors who hadn't seen this coming. The two Jia Clan warriors could only let out a howl before Mr Crow had damaged their faces, and dug out all eight of their eyeballs.

Although they were badly wounded, the two Jia Clan's warriors still held their positions and seized their shields to protect the vital parts of their bodies, while swung their long swords forwards, then fleetingly drew back with a weird pace. Their facial musicals began twitching quickly, and inside their eyes sockets, countless slight shreds of body tissues had been squirming and growing - their great life-force energy allowed them to regrow their eyeballs.

All the Southern Wasteland Senior Magi had the ability of regeneration. These Jia Clan warriors were even stronger that the Senior Magi of the Southern Wasteland, so they would certainly be able to regrow their bodies.

However, the two Jia Clan warriors, who had temperately lost their visions, hadn't noticed the two tiny little Magical Fiery Snakes, which were only inches long and were hanging on Ji Hao's ears, like a pair of exquisite earrings. The eyes of the two Magic Fiery Snakes suddenly shone, while their tiny little bodies released an extremely great and terrifying ancient power. They darted out from Ji Hao's ears, leaving two fiery lines behind them, then each flew into the mouth of each of the two Jia Clan warriors.

Along with the thoughts of the two Jia Clans warriors, the two young magic fiery snakes, which were just hatched for not long, but had already activated their terrifyingly great bloodline power that contained inside their bodies, directly wriggled deep into the stomachs of the two Jia Clan warriors.

They opened their mouths and let out their instinct of swallowing that all kinds of snakes possessed. Their entire bodies were releasing the Magical Earth Flame that could burn anything in the world into ashes. Within only one moment, all of the internal organs of the two Jia Clan warriors were half grilled, and their spirit blood was ceaselessly being sucked into the jaws of the two fiery snakes. While they were swallowing the spirit blood of the two Jia Clan warriors, the pair of baby Magical Fiery Snakes began to grow rapidly, and the temperature of their bodies kept rising higher and higher.

The two Jia Clan warriors howled painfully, and fell onto the ground while holding their own stomachs.

The two other Jia Clan warriors looked shocked at their teammates. Previously they had a functional formation that allowed them to protect each other perfectly, while launching attacks on Ji Hao. Now however, without the two Jia Clan warriors, a fatal weakness had been bared in front of Ji Hao. Ji Hao silently raised the black dagger and once again launched the [Sky Opening] with all of his power.

In the next moment, Ji Hao saw flowers bloom and fall, stars moving around the earth, and the rain of shooting stars. Along with all these magical and beautiful sceneries, a soft yet magical arc flashed across the air, and two large heads were instantly sliced off by Ji Hao.

All the other Ji Clan warriors were instantly shocked and provoked;they roared out in rage simultaneously.


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