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The Magus Era - Chapter 153


Chapter 153 - Kidnap

’’Man Man!’’

Seeing those slave warriors, who had been sent flying out of the city by Man Man, Ji Hao let out a shout. At the same time, a sphere of fiery light burst out from his back, from within which, a pair of fiery wings stretched out, and pushed his body. He darted into the city at a lightning speed, leaving hundreds of shreds of afterimages behind.

Ji Hao had shared life and death with Man Man, therefore, Man Man was very special and important to Ji Hao. Now, these Jia Clan's warriors were attempting to take Man Man as a tax collection;as far as Ji Hao was concerned, they had all already died.

Inside the city tens of slave warriors, holding swords and shields in their hands, had circled around Man Man while protecting each other.

Next to them, a watch tower had violently been shattered into pieces, and a few slave warriors, who had heavy shields in their hands, were smashed under the collapsed tower;blood was gushing out of their bodies in streams.

Man Man held the pair of gigantic hammers in her hands, while her entire body was spurting out raging flames. She was glaring with a pair of pupils that shone angrily with bright fiery light at the slave warriors, which had encircled her. From time to time she clashed her pair of hammers against each other, and let out thunder-like metal clashing sounds, causing even all the buildings in the city to shake slightly.

’’You vicious monsters, you shall all die!’’ Shouted Man Man harshly with both, anger and pride, ’’My big brother said that sooner or later he will put all of you on stakes, and burn you slowly into ashes, inch by inch!’’

’’Hm, poor little girl, so reckless.’’ An over two meters tall, especially strong slave warrior let out a great shout, then darted out towards Man Man like a lightning bolt;at the same time, he swung the heavy shield, held in his right hand, hard towards Man Man's face.

This Senior Magus Level Commander of the slave warriors didn't use his sword, instead, he used his shield;obviously, he was attempting to knock Man Man out and capture Man Man alive, instead of killing her.

However, he apparently underestimated the destructive power Man Man possessed, and thought her to be a small, pretty, adorable little girl.

Beams of fiery lights darted out from Man Man's pupils;she had already activated a part of her Zhu Rong bloodline, the bloodline of the gods, and gained a certain kind of magical special ability for her eyes;her pair of pupils now were even more powerful than Ji Hao's |Gold Crow Pupils|. According to the slave warrior, his moves were fast and smooth, but in Man Man's eyes, he was as slow as a snail and full of weaknesses.

Of course, Man Man didn't care about weaknesses at all.

She raised the huge hammer she was holding in her right hand high, and aimed precisely at the body of the Commander of the slave warriors, then carelessly swung the hammer down.

Countless flame-shaped patterns on the mountain-crushing hammer lit up simultaneously, and spurted out large strands of flame flakes. In the meanwhile, tens of thousands of glowing red spell symbols flashed across the hammerhead. The entire city shook violently, and within the area that had a radius of a thousand miles, all kinds of natural power and energy, which were related to fire, were instantly absorbed by this mountain crushing hammer.

Along with a great hoop sound, a huge cloud of flame spurted out from the enormous hammerhead. At the same moment, the hammer smashed right onto the head of the Commander of the slave warriors. Followed by a loud bang, the Commander of the slave warriors suddenly burst into a puff of smoke within the cloud of flames, along with his armor, shield and weapon. He then vanished without leaving a trace.

’’Haha, you bunch of wastrels! You're even worse than wild dogs!’’ Man Man yelled madly, then laughed out aloud. After that, she carried the pair of gigantic hammers, which were as big as her body, on her shoulder, and darted out like a red whirlwind.

A series of popping sound resounded across the entire area;hundreds of slave warriors didn't even had enough time to take any defensive action, but of course, even if they had raised their poor small shields, nothing would change. Every time the pair of mountain crushing hammers were swung downwards by Man Man, one slave warrior would be smashed and burned into ashes and smoke. After Man Man had easily swung her hammers for tens of times, every single one of the slave warriors who had encircled her, had been killed.

By the time Ji Hao had anxiously arrived, Man Man had already finished her attacks.

However, more slave warriors rushed over while roaring in rage, and fleetingly encircled the entire area. Rapid warning horns came from those metal ships, followed by which, more elite slave warriors rushed out of the ships, and ran into the caravan city along those metal ladders.

One Jia Clan warrior growled in rage, ’’Spirit Turtle Caravan! How dare you kill our High Moon's warrior?! Do you want to be wiped out?!’’

Gui Three's face had turned into a deadly pale, he stiffly stood on the roof of one of the smaller buildings, and couldn't let a word out for quite a while.

Ji Hao looked at Gui Three's pale and terrified face, took a deep breath, then suddenly roared out, ’’Idiot! Do we look like caravan people?! You come to collect tax from the caravan, it had nothing to do with us, but since you attempted to kidnap Man Man, you're all dead already!’’

The Jia Clan's warrior, who had yelled at Ji Hao earlier, took a glance at Gui Three then yelled at him, ’’Spirit Turtle Caravan! Since this has nothing to do with you, you should just keep an eye on your guards;tell them not to do anything, or your caravan will be unable to ever take another step into the Southern Wasteland from now on!’’

Tens of Jia Clan's warriors came towards Man Man from all directions. One of them, who seemed to be a Commander, yelled out harshly while rushing, ’’Encircle them! Tear that little kid apart and feed him to the wild dogs! This little girl is quite pretty;recently our general wants nothing but young and adorable little girls...Hmmm, don't hurt her, not even a little bit!’’

Hearing that Jia Clan warrior, Ji Hao let out a cold smile then hurriedly looked around.

Si Wen Ming seemed to have disappeared. Ji Hao couldn't find him anywhere. He paused for a brief moment, then grinned to Man Man while he slapped on her shoulder, and said, ’’Man Man, let all of your power out, kill as many as you can! You heard them, they can't hurt you, not even a little bit!’’

Man Man nodded, banged her pair of mountain crushing hammers hard against each other. After that she leaped up, and stamped both of her feet hard against the ground. Followed by this move of her, the metal ground within miles in radius suddenly hollowed, and Man Man's tiny little body darted out like a gust of fierce wind, while swinging the pair of gigantic hammers towards the Jia Clan warrior who was closest to her.

The Jia Clan warrior remained expressionless and raised his left hand. Along with his movement, a square-looking heavy shield appeared on his arm. He slightly swung the heavy shield, and the next moment, Man Man's hammers clashed hard against the shield, letting out a thunderous clashing sound and spurting out large amounts of raging flame flakes. Both Man Man and that Jia Clan warrior stood perfectly still, and didn't even shook their bodies in the slightest.

However, before Man Man could pull her hammers back, that Jia Clan warrior's right hand had already reached Man Man's neck through the gap between the two hammers, without Man Man even knowing how he did it. She popped up her eyes wide open, and stared at the large palm of that Jia Clan's warrior, which moved as fast as a ghost's hand, and watched it grab her neck.

All Jia Clan warriors simultaneously laughed out;their laughter sounded so proud and insolent.

Man Man's attacks were simple and straightforward. Although she was amazingly powerful, she indeed had too many weaknesses. Her power was more than enough when she was dealing with those slave warriors, who were far less powerful than herself, but facing these Jia Clan warriors, it took only one moment for that Jia Clan warrior to grab her neck.

’’Surrender, or...!’’ shouted that Jia Clan warrior, who had Man Man's neck grabbed in his hand.

However, before he could finish his speech, Ji Hao pulled out a black, odd-shaped, jade dagger, raised it high and swung it down, leaving a mysterious yet simple and primitive arc in the air.

Blood splashed out. The strong and muscular arm, which was used by the Jia Clan warrior to grab Man Man's neck, was easily chopped off by Ji Hao with that black jade dagger;even the thick metal shoulder-armour worn by this Jia Clan warrior had failed to fence against Ji Hao's attack that contained the power of [Sky Opening].

The Jia Clan warrior howled in pain, and quickly drew his hand back;in the meanwhile, all the surrounding Jia Clan warriors shouted out and rushed up in anger.

’’Catch this little girl! Tear that boy apart!’’

Tens of arms thrust out towards Man Man, striving to be the first to capture her, while only three to five Jia Clan warriors launched attacks towards Ji Hao.


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