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The Magus Era - Chapter 148


Chapter 148 - Life-taking

The dazzling lightning rolled inside Ji Hao's spiritual space, which was Ji Hao's own personal territory.

Ku Mu had carelessly seen Ji Hao as an ordinary Southern Wasteland Junior Magus, and had driven his own soul into jumping inside Ji Hao's spiritual space without any protection, therefore, his spiritual silhouette instantly shattered after being struck by the lightning bolt.

Countless amount of white mist rose high into the air while howls of Ku Mu came from the mist. A slight spell-incanting sound came from all directions, followed by which, wisps of white mist quickly gathered together - Ku Mu was trying his best to recover his spiritual silhouette, and soon, a six-zhang tall silhouette loomingly appeared again.

Inside the room, beside the bed, Ku Mu's real body suddenly quivered, then his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth started bleeding. Without making any noise, blood gushed out of Ku Mu's eyes, ears, nose, and month in streams, while his body slightly quivered, and his face twitched ceaselessly, while showing an alarmed and panicked expression.

Man Man accidentally turned her head around and abruptly saw Ku Mu's face, becoming instantly startled and screamed out;in the next moment, she leaped up from the ground, grabbed a chair made from shovel wood and swung it high, then smashed it onto Ku Mu's head.

Along with a loud bang, the chair, which was harder than steel, shattered into ashes against Ku Mu's head. Ku Mu's scalp was broken, baring his glowing white, jade-like skull. More astonishing was, his skull seemed to be embossed with complicated and fine patterns;at first glance, countless lotus seemed to been attached on his skull.

Poor Ku Mu, his spiritual silhouette was shattered by Ji Hao's lightning bolts inside Ji Hao's spiritual space, and his physical body was just smashed by Man Man on the head. His body was solid as steel, which even shattered that chair made of shovel wood, but with Man Man's strength, Ku Mu was still badly struck;he couldn't help but open his mouth and spew a few mouthfuls of light gold blood out.

’’Wow, this guy's blood is gold!’’ yelled Man Man. Man Man had a simple mind, seeing Ku Mu's spiritual blood, Man Man was instantly attracted, instantly forgetting about all the others. She curiously put her face near Ku Mu, who had fallen onto the ground, and closely observed his blood.

’’Hm, how dare you pull your little trick in front of me?!’’ said Si Wen Ming harshly in a low voice. He then took out a black, triangle-shaped, baby-palm sized jade piece, and pressed it hard between Ku Mu's eyebrows.

Along with a popping sound, the half-an-inch-thick jade piece instantly embedded into Ku Mu's skin, just like a knife cutting into fruit;after that, the black jade piece began to glow. The dark glow quickly spread towards all directions along Ku Mu's skin, while the countless lotus patterns on Ku Mu's skull suddenly lit up, and released a bright white light, trying to resist the black glow.

The black glow and the white light clashed against each other intensely, and Ku Mu's body was shaking violently, while his arms and legs madly pushed and kicked the floor, letting out muffled booms. Si Wen Ming looked at Ku Mu, and seemed slightly surprised, then said, ’’Hmm? Not bad. Man Man, quiet him down!’’

Man Man happily let out a shout, then threw a good punch on Ku Mu's temple.

Followed by another boom, Ku Mu's body was sent flying away parallel the floor, and struck against the wall. Large amounts of spell symbols lit up on the metal cast wall;Ku Mu's head hit on the metal wall and caused a bucket-sized pit. The wall instanly rebounded back, and this continued for some time. Ku Mu's body rebounded on the wall for tens of times, before finally stopping while swirling on the metal floor.

Ku Mu suddenly opened his eyes, his two pupils had turned into two white lotuses;he then yelled with his teeth gnashing, ’’You...why...we have never met before, why you do such things to me?!’’

Ji Hao opened his eyes, got up from the bed and stared at Ku Mu coldly, then said, ’’The three idiots who attempted to rob me were your people? Who the hell are you? What were you doing in the Southern Wasteland?’’

Along with a sizzling sound, the black jade piece that Si Wen Ming pressed into Ku Mu's forehead was flashing fast, the black glow had already invaded corroded Ku Mu's skull, turned a big half of his skull into black. Ku Mu's body twitching violently, but he had been staring at Ji Hao with a viscous smile on his face.

Just now, Ku Mu perceived that his physical body was badly harmed, so he couldn't wait until his spiritual silhouette had fully recovered, and just drew it forcibly back from Ji Hao's spiritual space with a secret magic.

At that moment, Ji Hao saw Ku Mu's spiritual silhouette transforming into a beam of white light, which was surrounded by faint white flames, and breaking out from his spiritual space, trying to get forcibly out.

Ji Hao had clearly seen that Ku Mu had burned his own soul in order to get forcibly out;this meant, in order to draw it back from Ji Hao's spiritual space, Ku Mu had harmed his own soul. Ji Hao's spiritual power wasn't great enough, and failed to trap Ku Mu's soul, which was a lot more powerful than his own soul.

However, when a small half of Ku Mu's soul got out of Ji Hao's spiritual space, and a big half was still left inside, a very faint arc flashed across Ji Hao's spiritual space. Ku Mu let out a howl, and seventy percent of his soul remained stuck in Ji Hao's spiritual space.

Inside Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man slowly emerged from the air, widely opened his mouth and swallowed Ku Mu's remaining soul.

Briefly pausing with his eyes narrowed, the mysterious man then looked down at Ji Hao, and said, ’’Little kid, you probably have provoked a bunch of people who are difficult to deal with. But don't worry, you're going to Pu Ban City, and the death of lowly disciples like Ku Mu can't possibly lead you to those troublesome people.’’

The mysterious man then slowly disappeared. Seeing Ku Mu's vicious smile, Ji Hao leaped up from the ground and slapped hard on his face.

Followed by a bright clapping sound, Ku Mu spew out a mouthful of blood out again. He remained smiling viciously, while staring at Ji Hao;at the same time, he struggled up from the ground, sat with his legs crossed and locked his fingers together, then said something with a weird voice.

’’Good, very good. You dared to kill our sect will pay back for your will eventually pay pack!’’

Then Ku Mu let out a creepy smile, and his body was suddenly set ablaze. The purely white, glaze-like flame wrapped his body up, and his body melted down like lava. Drops of snow white liquid spurted out from Ku Mu's body, gathered together along with jingling sounds, and gradually formed a few thumb-sized white pearls.

Ku Mu's body then melted completely down, and whole one hundred and eight white pearls appeared. Each white pearl was embossed with a faint lotus pattern.

Ji Hao looked at Si Wen Ming stunned, and said, ’’This is not Southern Wasteland magic...can it be Eastern Wasteland's magic? Northern Wasteland? Western Wasteland? Or the Midland?’’

Si Wen Ming calmly grabbed all of those white pearls, put both of his hands together and easily crushed those white pearls into a wisp of white smoke. He then said blandly, ’’You kids, don't pay too much attention to these heterodox vicious things, they're not even worth mentioning. No matter how many of them come after us, we will just kill them all.’’

Ji Hao nodded, he was just going to say something, but Man Man darted up to him and cuddled him tightly, then grabbed his head with both of her hands and violently shook his head, while yelling, ’’Ji Hao! Eh? Eh? Are you alright? You weren't hurt! So you were just pretending! Like me when I was little!’’

Ji Hao's neck let out a loud cracking sound. This horrible human-shaped dinosaur, she almost tore Ji Hao's head off from his neck.

In another building, next to the one Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming and Man Man were staying at, the five bald men were all laughing.

’’Let's begin, give a bit pressure to that Si Wen Ming...hehe, let that little kid spew some blood, and make Si Wen Ming begin to worry!’’

The tiny three-eyed monkey grinned ferociously, then abruptly let out a spell with a high-pitched voice.

In Ji Hao's room, Ji Hao suddenly looked down at the tattoo that transformed on the Gold Crow Shell, on his chest. An extremely thin beam of blood-red light flashed across the tattoo.


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