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The Magus Era - Chapter 1466


Chapter 1466: A Chance for a Breakthrough
A clear light stream tore apart the space. Before a cliff covered in green vines and towering pine trees, Ji Hao staggered out of the space. Gasping for air, he walked a few steps, locked his left fingers together, and slapped on the cliff. The cliff quaked slightly and split up, creating a hundreds of meters deep cave.

Ji Hao conveniently threw a series of tiny flags, which were coiling in clouds and mist. The foot-long flags fluttered in the air without being blown by a wind. Swaying quickly for a short while, all tiny flags surrounded by clouds merged into the air.

As fast as he could, Ji Hao set up nine connected defensive formations, then wielded his broad sleeves and released three-thousand and six-hundred half-dragon warriors. Each half-dragon warrior was wrapped in a blood-red mist, and was completely mute.

These half-dragon warriors were made from the corpses of Jia Clan warriors with the essence power of the blood pool. They had no feelings or intelligence, and they acted on Ji Hao's orders only. Ji Hao spread his spirit power and left a series of information in the brain of each half-dragon warrior. After that, these extra strong, scary-looking warriors immediately merged into the defensive formations.

The area became empty again, as if nothing had happened at all.

A gust of wind blew across and rustled the pine trees. Pine needles drifted down profusely, touching Ji Hao's defensive formations and generating a sizzling noise. As thin thunderbolts coiled on the pine needles, all pine needles that touched the formation exploded into colorful strands of smoke, merging into the formation.

Carrying Yemo Shayi, who was covered in blood and at his last gasp, Ji Hao walked into the cave he opened up just now with big steps.

Putting Yemo Shayi down on a rock, Ji Hao put a few life-saving pills into his mouth, then stripped him and covered his body with a thick layer of ointment, which was produced by the Magi Palace based on a secret formula.

Looking at Yemo Shayi, who was unconscious, Ji Hao couldn't help but sigh.

When he brought Yemo Shayi under his control, Ji Hao thought that he was indeed a Sun and Moon powerful being with an stunningly great power, especially his fierce assassinating skills, that made him a great helper. Back then, Ji Hao thought that Yao Mountain territory finally had a mentionable high-grade fighter.

However, facing the true non-humankind elites from Pan Yu world, things were different. Yemo Shayi and Dim Cloud never even started a formal fight. Dim Cloud was stuck in the disordered space created by the Pan Gu bell, and Yemo Shayi seized the opportunity, launched a surprise attack. But in the end, he was injured severely by Dim Cloud's counterattack.

Was there really such a big difference between the Sun and Moon knights from Pan Yu world and Sun and Moon stage beings promoted here in Pan Gu world?

All these seemed to be related to the natural power sources of Pan Yu world.

Glancing at Yemo Shayi, Ji Hao's heart sank. Yemo Shayi was wounded by Dim Cloud so easily. Based on this fact, one could easily imagine that those power elders and deputy elders from from Yu Dynasty couldn't possibly rival Dim Cloud and the other Sun and Moon knights either.

No wonder those Yu Dynasty people came to the humankind so shamelessly and sought for cooperation. After all, they clearly knew that they wouldn't be able to fight against these high-grade nobles from Pan Yu world alone.

Hearing Yemo Shayi's stabilized breath, Ji Hao sat down and crossed his legs.

A red light burned inside his body ragingly. Every bone, every muscle, every meridian, and every cell of his body had been burned glowing red by the fire. Ji Hao could barely restrain the impulse in his heart now. He wanted to kill, to channel his violence, to throw away all intellect, and allow his wild nature to erupt, turning himself into a beast of slaughtering!

The Red Sun power sent into his body by Chi Lei was like the evilest curse. While damaging his body, it had also been wearing out his ability thinking rationally, which could be counted as the foundation of an intelligent creature. He sensed an unbearable pain from every corner of his body;he felt that every cell of his body was being ground by the Red Sun power like beans in a millstone.

However, compared to the pain suffered by his soul, the physical pain was nothing.

The desire of slaughtering and violence overwhelmed his brain, wave by wave. Shrill voices echoed through his spiritual space, screaming 'kill, kill'. The sticky red fire roared up in his spiritual space, forming giant, destructive waves, and striking on Ji Hao's embryo of Dao.

Ji Hao's embryo of Dao sat in sat in the air with its legs crossed, flushed by torrents of Red Sun power. The Red Sun power intended to take away its wit and turn it into a beast, with no other purpose than slaughtering and damaging.

The Red Sun power was tremendous. Ji Hao felt like a lonely soul standing in a boundless wilderness, with the sky collapsing and smashing on his body. He had to support the sky with his own strength, because if he failed, he would immediately be assimilated by the Red Sun.

He couldn't bear to imagine the consequences.

A sticky red liquid had been oozing out of his skin. Ji Hao's face twisted, and even his long hair turned glowing red.

He breathed long and deep. With every breath, he drained the air in the cave. Strong gusts of wind had been sending fresh air in. From the surface of the embryo of Dao, layers of Chaos power spread, defending it against the Red Sun power.

The mysterious man showed up. Looking at the endless Red Sun power in Ji Hao's spiritual space, he frowned and said, "Back then, those non-humankind beings never had such a power. The Red Sun power inside you is ten-thousand times purer and stronger than the Red Sun power I used to know, even much more destructive. Hm…I really want to pay a visit to Pan Yu world and see the three suns and nine moons. What are those?"

Ji Hao was about to be devoured by the Red Sun power, and thus, had no strength left to answer the mysterious man's question.

In Pan Gu world, Ji Hao world, Ji Hao was the very first being to face the 'true Red Sun power'. Because of a slight carelessness, Ji Hao had suffered seriously this time.

Puff! A strand of smoke rose from the embryo of Dao. Ji Hao bared his teeth in pain, almost screaming out loud. The Red Sun power was way too strong and aggressive, that his embryo of Dao had already started to be damaged by it.

"This can't go on. Ji Hao, this is also your opportunity!" The mysterious man shouted, "Take out the Pan Jia sun, devour it and melt it to become a true Supreme Magus. Use the Pan Jia sun to absorb this Red Sun power. Perhaps, you will be surprised!"

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows. Hearing the mysterious man, he activated the Taiji creation cauldron without a hesitation.

He roared resonantly. Following his voice, the cauldron expanded and reached tens of meters in height within a blink of an eye. Ji Hao leaped into the cauldron, standing right in front of the Pan Jia sun. The cauldron had an independent space inside, in which, Ji Hao spread his arms and embraced the Pan Jia sun, which had a diameter of over a hundred million miles, and was shining with a blinding red light.

The cauldron quaked slightly, as a strong force pushed the Pan Jia sun slowly towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao concentrated his spirit power into a nearly tangible beam of light, drilling deep into the core of the Pan Jia sun. Before long, Ji Hao touched the Pan Jia sun's spirit, which was in a deep sleep.


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