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The Magus Era - Chapter 146


Chapter 146: Warm Heart

Those crazy animals hadn't stopped attacking the caravan.

The city on top of the turtle's shell was wrapped in a layer of yellow light. The huge power contained in the yellow light had twisted space itself, all of beasts and birds who were touched by the yellow light, were instantly crushed and smashed into dead bodies, which were falling down of the city wall and piling up on the turtle's shell. From time to time, the gigantic turtle would slightly shake its body and send all these smashed dead bodies flying from its shell.

There were countless mad beasts that couldn't stop roaring and fight against each other in order to gobble up those dead bodies, which were shaken off by the turtle;after they had stuffed their stomachs, they became even crazier, letting out louder roars and their bodies were wrapped up in blood-red dense mist. The more they ate, the harder it became for them to control themselves. More and more animals were rushing up towers the city.

The gigantic turtle decided to disregard these vulnerable mad animals, and headed to the North with big steps. However, the group of beasts seemed to be stuck on the caravan. The gigantic turtle had rushed for thousands of miles, but was still encircled by an innumerable amount of beasts.

Moreover, apart from those ordinary animals, powerful beasts had started to join the group and launched attacks on the city. At first, tens of different kinds of Junior-Level beasts had joined the group, after which, more and more Junior-Level beasts had been coming and launching attacks. Two hours later, Senior-Level beasts had showed up.

One, two, three,, eight...twenty, thirty...

Those Senior-Level beasts were gigantic and powerful, with most of them being around thirty to fifty zhangs tall. Compared to the gigantic turtle they were still as weak as a tiny ant, however, they were powerful enough to threaten the safety of the caravan's city.

Followed by a high-pitched warning horn, Gui Three walked onto the city wall with the elite guards of the caravan.

After those Senior-Level beasts had showed up, Gui Three realized that the target of this attack was the caravan.

At first, he and the other administrators of the caravan had suspected that this attack was designed for Ji Hao. But after Ji Hao had been sneakily attacked by the blood-red spell symbol and had passed out, the attack hadn't stopped. On the contrary, more powerful animals had shown up and were launching attacks on the city. Therefore, Gui Three and the others had re-evaluated this attack to indeed have the caravan as its actual target.

Others might not know as clearly as they did that every time the Spirit Turtle Caravan had spent a couple of years on traveling between the Southern Wasteland and the Midland, it would bring them amazingly huge profits, up to billions. Such a huge profit could easily make people go crazy, and this wasn't the first time that someone attempted to rob the caravan.

Suddenly, a caravan guard, who had just gotten onto the city wall, let out a loud howl, spewed out a mouthful of blood, and fell onto the ground.

Just like Ji Hao, this guard was also attacked by a blood-red spell symbol, which had darted out from the shadow of an animal. The blood-red spell symbol had hit onto his back head and immediately blew half of his head off. Not long after that, the body of this guard began to squirm weirdly. Before some of the Magus-King-Level guard commanders could check on him, this poor guard's body had turned into a puddle of thick, porridge-like blood, in front of everyone's faces.

’’Bastard!’’ Yelled Gui Three while punching the city wall in anger, ’’Now you should be wishing that we never find out who you are!’’

The gigantic turtle let out a deep roar, followed by which a big sneeze spurted out thousands of crazy birds, which had rushed into its gigantic nostrils earlier, and had now been shaken into spheres of smashed dead bodies and broken feathers. The gigantic turtle embarrassedly turned its head around, and yelled angrily at Gui Three, ’’Do something! Get rid of these stupid things or just kill them all! Hundreds, thousands of stupid birds, they brush inside your nostrils with feathers, it feels terrible! Terrible!!’’

The angry old turtle then slightly shook its body once again. From the edge of its shell, the surrounding space in the radius of tens of miles twisted suddenly. All of the lights and shadows within this area instantly became bizarre and motley, quickly contorting like water in a whirlpool.

The beasts and birds inside this twisted area couldn't even let out a howl before blasting up into clouds of blood-mist, which even covered up the sky.

The gigantic turtle opened its jaws wide and took a deep breath, while a beam of fierce light flashed across its huge eyeballs. The dense blood-mist then transformed into a dragon-shaped stream and was drawn into the turtle's mouth. The gigantic turtle swallowed all that blood, then hummed satisfied, after which, it growled out with a resonating voice, while its fierce and shining eyeballs rotated inside its eye sockets.

’’Just piss off! You bunch of reckless, stupid little things!’’

A great and terrifying sense of power, which was able to remind people of the ancient primitive world, was released from the gigantic turtle's body, then spread towards the surrounding area, like a tsunami.

A group of animals, which were nearest to the turtle, simultaneously let out wails. A few strong and muscular wild boars were badly frightened by the gigantic turtle's power sense, causing their feet to be unable to even support their own bodies. Those few wild boars turned around and started fleeing away, however, they only went less than three-zhang far from the turtle, after which they suddenly began roaring, and seemed to go in frenzy;at the same time, they turned back and once again rushed fearlessly towards the turtle.

Soon, the situation turned back to how it had been, groups of crazy and fearless animals were still madly launching attacks onto the city.

Streams of twisted and weird shadows darted out of the shadows of the animals, transformed into blood-red spell symbols and hit onto the bodies of the caravan guards. Tens of guards screamed out and fell onto the ground, one after another, with their bodies ceaselessly twitching. Healers who worked for the caravan, hurriedly rushed up and tried to cure these wounded guards.

But these blood-red spell symbols were way too powerful, only over ten guards had barely been saved;tens of other guards directly turned into puddles of sticky blood.

The faces of Gui Three and the other administrators instantly darkened, while they were seriously staring at those weird shadows.

They had already activated the defensive magic formation of the city, but the defensive magic formation seemed to have no effect on these shadows;those blood-red spell symbols, which were transformed from these shadows, broke into the city as if the defensive formation didn't even exist. Gui Three and the others were all very upset;they had no idea why did this happened, and were wondering whether the enemies were too powerful, or if they had discovered the weaknesses of the defensive formation.

They would rather believe that the enemies were too powerful than the enemies discovering the weaknesses of the defensive formation.

’’Kill all these stupid animals!’’ yelled Gui Three in rage, while raising his arm high and waving it hard downwards.

The fight against the group of beasts was overwhelming around the city wall, but on the inside, the city was as peaceful as it had been before. The batch of beasts, which had broken into the city before, had all been killed long ago. Most of the passengers who had paid for the ride, had closed their doors, and were minding only their own businesses, none of them were hanging around in the city at this dangerous moment.

Only elite warriors that came from large-scale clans of the four wastelands, and had always been violent and combative, carried their weapons and talked excitedly to each other, asking those caravan guards if they could go onto the city wall to have a good, nice fight.

In the small building where Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming and Man Man lived, Ji Hao was lying on the bed, with streams of blood-red light circling around his body. His body temperature varied from time to time, and his face constantly changed color, from pale to blush and from blue to dark. At the moment, Ji Hao looked as if he would die soon.

Si Wen Ming was sitting beside Ji Hao, seemingly staying as calm as he always was;however, his pupils had shrunk into pinpoint-size, and ragingly blazing flames could be seen looming within his pupils.

Man Man squatted nervously at Ji Hao's side, and slapped hard on Ji Hao's body with both of her hands, while yelling.

’’Ayaya! Ji Hao! Don't die! Don't die! What has happened to you? Haven't you always been so energetic? How come you became like this? What the hell has happened? Are you sick?’’


Someone was knocking on the door.

’’Come in!’’ Si Wen Ming stood up, and responded with a loud voice.

The door was then pushed open, and a middle-aged man walked slowly in. This man was wearing coarse and crude flax clothes, his feet were bared, and his long hair was loosely hung down. Seeing Ji Hao lying on the bed like this, this middle-aged man, whose face was slightly wrinkled, said blandly, ’’I saw this kid being carried back, is he cursed by some kind of unknown power?’’

Before Si Wen Ming could respond, the middle-aged man continued, ’’I am Ku Mu, and I have experience with all kinds of curses. Should I try?’’

Si Wen Ming stared at Ku Mu with complicated thoughts. The entire room had fallen into a weird silence.

Man Man looked at Si Wen Ming confused, then turned her eyes at Ku Mu, without having any idea about what was happening.


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