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The Magus Era - Chapter 142


Chapter 142: Provoke

The Spirit Turtle Caravan had set a restaurant on the upper floor, especially open to passengers.

The restaurant was a square flat building in the center of the upper floor. A colosseum was located in the middle of the restaurant, and two selected beasts were fighting against each other in the colosseum, for the guests to watch.

Hundreds of square tables, which were made from logs, were placed in the lobby of the restaurant. Waitresses were walking around the lobby and serving guests. The restaurant served not only all kinds of wines and delicious food, you could even find maids who could escort you to the bed, here. Behind a long corridor, which circled around the entire lobby, were tens of independent private dining rooms, for rich guests who preferred a quiet environment and were willing to pay extra.

Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming were sitting at a square table in a corner of the lobby, each holding a small vat in their hands and pouring the booze into their mouths. From time to time, they would grab a large piece of pot roasted meat from the tray in front of them, and wolf it;both of them completely ignored the two scantily dressed lady maids, who were smiling at them the whole time.

Both the booze and the meat were quite expensive. Five hundred milliliter of booze was being sold for one jade coin. According to Si Wen Ming, in Pu Ban City, one jade coin was equal to the household cost of an ordinary family, for a whole three months. A tray of meat was sold for five jade coins. Although the tray had a diameter of three feet, and large pieces of the meet were piled up on it, the price was indeed expensive.

Even though the booze and the meet were expensive, they were worth the price.

The booze was made with spirit spring mixed earth essence milk, added with spirit fruits collected from within the depth of the jungle. This kind of booze was capable of improving the condition of the human body. The meat was from a recently promoted Senior-Level beast, and was actually beneficial for Ji Hao.

While the two of them were eating and drinking, Si Wen Ming didn't stop telling Ji Hao about things that he needed to pay attention to.

Man Man was squatting beside the colosseum, with the pair of large hammers leaning on both of her shoulders. Her voice had been resounding across the entire lobby.

’’Bite it! Bite it! Scratch it! Spew your venom! Stupid thing! Stupid thing! How could this one loose again! Come, skin it and grill it, serve it to uncle Wen Ming and Ji Hao!’’

A few servant from the caravan, who were grinning ear to ear, hurriedly grabbed an iron hook and hooked an iron-skinned gigantic lizard out of the colosseum. Few of the servants then carried the tree to five zhang long beast on their shoulders, and walked into the kitchen.

Man Man took out a few baby-head-sized, pure and shining jade pieces, and threw them to the waitress beside her, after which she thought for a while with a frown, then pointed at a tusked mandrill that was kept in a large cage on her left, while yelling, ’’This one! Let it out! I don't believe that none of my selected babies can beat this thing!’’

Inside the colosseum, a fire-eyed bear, who was standing human-like, was madly beating its own chest and roaring towards Man Man, while spurting large amounts of fire sparks out of its mouth.

Man Man narrowed her eyes, stood up as well and began beating her own chest like a crazy gorilla, after which she opened her mouth and spew out a dragon-shaped column of flame directly onto the floor beside the bear.

An over ten-zhang in radius pit instantly appeared on the metal-poured floor, and countless spell symbols flashed on the edge of the large pit while bursting out fire sparks.

The fire-eyed bear instantly quivered in fear. As a beast that possessed fire power, it clearly sensed the terrifyingly great bloodline power of the Fire God coming from Man Man, and didn't dare to roar at Man Man any longer.

Man Man raised her head and laughed out aloud, then proudly yelled, ’’Hurry! Let that mandrill out! This time it will certainly win!’’

Gui Three, who seemed to be able to make a sudden appearance anywhere, appeared behind Man Man once again with a helpless expression. He slightly dragged Man Man's sleeve and said, ’’This...little girl, the order to make it firm enough, we have paid a famous architect to build it...’’

Before Gui Three had finished his speech, Man Man had taken out a fist-sized, fire-red precious stone, and threw it to Gui Three.

Gui Three instantly stopped talking, happily let out a big grin to Man Man, gripped the precious stone, turned around and walked away. After having taken two steps, he abruptly turned around, seriously bowed in front of Man Man, then said, ’’Man Man, my lady, our Spirit Turtle Caravan is planning to expand this city...if you're bored here, you can feel free to tear this city apart...’’

Man Man paused for a second, then sniffed scornfully.

Ji Hao and Si Wen Min simultaneously buried their faces in their hands, and each swallowed a mouthful of booze at the same time.

’’So glad she's not my daughter,’’ said Si Wen Ming with a bitter smile on his face, ’’only a big rich man like her Abba can afford her.’’

’’Do you even have kids?’’ asked Ji Hao with a smirk, ’’uncle Wen Ming, you seem to have always been traveling around the world;I'm just wondering do you have kids?’’

Si Wen Ming paused briefly, then shook his head with a smile. Not long after that, he proudly puffed out his chest and said loudly, ’’well, things like kids will come sooner or later. Hm, first, I have to find myself a wife! Haha, hahaha...’’

Ji Hao curved his lips downwards, and lost his interests in this topic.

While chatting, Ji Hao abruptly sensed an extremely vicious power, which made him subconsciously quiver. He instantly turned his head around and tried to find the source.

He saw that the five men in black cloaks, who had hopped on the caravan earlier and been assigned the room next to Ji Hao's room, were now walking over with a identic pace. They walked slowly into the restaurant. The tiny black monkey was glaring viscously at Ji Hao. Seeing that Ji Hao had turned around, this tiny monkey grabbed a tiny fruit and suddenly crushed it in its hand.

The tiny monkey then opened its mouth, and showed its teeth, while giving Ji Hao a threatening look.

Mr. Crow was gulping booze;he suddenly raised its head from a large bowl of booze, which its head was nearly soaked in, and fixed its blood-red eyes on the tiny monkey.

The two baby Magic Fire snakes, which had been hanging on Ji Hao's earlobes and were playing with each other, loosened their jaws together and dropped themselves on Ji Hao's shoulder, while staring at the tiny monkey with their small beady eyes.

The three-eyes tiny monkey let out a greedy laughter when it saw Mr. Crow and the two Fire snakes, at the same time, a stream of saliva gushed out of its mouth through the corner of its mouth. Apparently, this monkey was seeing Mr. Crow and the two Fire snakes as its potential food.

Beasts were able to devour each other's spirit blood to greatly improve their own powers and body conditions, in order to lay a better foundation for their cultivation later on. Ji Hao frowned, he thought that this tiny aggressive monkey was coveting the spirit blood of Mr. Crow and the two Fire snakes.

’’Please keep an eye on your own pet,’’ Ji Hao put down the vat of booze and said in a freezing tone, ’’Do not cause yourselves any trouble.’’

At the same time, the 'Gold Crow Shell', which had merged with Ji Hao's front chest, suddenly buzzed, and the pair of 'Fire Feather Boots' instantly shook;the long spear that was hidden in his right arm was beating intensely as well, and letting out a great strand of fire power, which made Ji Hao's entire right arm seem to be shining with a piercing red light.

The bald man who had the tiny monkey on his shoulder laughed with a weird voice, then yelled coldly at Ji Hao, ’’What? Why? What's wrong with my pet taking a glance at yours? Who do you think you are?’’

Ji Hao jerked himself up from his seat, but before he could say anything, Si Wen Ming had already leaped into the air and darted up to the bald man, and threw a heavy slap on his face.

Ji Hao failed to measure how much strength Si Wen Ming had used, but he could clearly see that a big half of this man's face was completely smashed and hollowed;this man was then sent flying rotationally backwards, over a distance of tens of zhangs far, while spurting a mouthful of broken teeth out of his mouth.

Si Wen Ming had always been gentle and generous, similar to like a steady mountain. However, he was now like a mad dragon, while his body emitted an invisible sense of power, as strong as an eye-piercing light, which nobody dared to directly look at.

Si Wen Ming then slightly bowed his waist, lowered his body, made a gesture, which seemed to be meaning that he would dart out and launch an attack again anytime soon, then shouted out harshly.

’’Who do you think you are?! Traveling out here, away from home, you should seriously think more about your parents, who are old and need your care, and your wives and kids, who have been expecting your safe return. Do not cause yourself any trouble, will die because of that!’’

Ji Hao and Man Man were both completely shocked by Si Wen Ming at first, but then both abruptly began clapping their hands and yelling loudly.

’’Uncle! So cool!’’


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