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The Magus Era - Chapter 139


Chapter 139: The Trade Caravan

’’Amma, I'm leaving! Please take care of Abba for me!’’ said Ji Hao while kneeling on the ground and kowtowing hard in front of Qing Fu.

Qing Fu didn't say anything, only smiled gently, tidying Ji Hao's shining long hair over and over again. Her red lips were now a bit whitened - obviously, she was not as relaxed as she pretended to be.

’’You stay with Abba, and you must obey every order of Abba.’’ Ji Hao turned around and said harshly to the group of his personal slaves, ’’If you serve Abba well while I'm not at home, I can probably make you clansmen of the Gold Crow Clan, but if you make any mistake...’’

’’If they ever dare to make any mistake, I'll chop their heads off myself!’’ Ji Xia laughed and said, while slapping on Ji Hao's shoulder.

Ji Xia then shook Ji Hao's shoulder and yelled at Ji Hao, ’’Kid, Go! Don't worry about our clan! Now everything in the clan is perfectly fine, all you need to do now is go to Pu Ban City, and discover the real world! I hope that when you return, you will be at least a Senior Magus!’’

Si Wen Ming stood beside Ji Hao, remained silent and smiled.

With all those resources in Pu Ban City, if Ji Hao could build a network over there and find enough resources to cultivate himself, then at the time of his return he would be far greater than a Senior Magus, maybe he would even have become a powerful Magus King.

Pu Ban City was the capital of the entire human world, where the King of the humankind lived, and was the permanent holy land in the hearts of every human being!

’’Alala! Enough talk, let's just go!’’ yelled Man Man impatiently, while leaping around;the pair of mountain-crushing hammers, which were embossed with countless flame-shaped patterns, were being carried on her shoulders. ’’It's nothing but a long journey! You can come back when you want to, what's the big deal?! Come on, come on! I have activated my bloodline power, I'm going to find my Abba and ask for a reward!’’

The pair of the mountain-crushing hammers were abnormally heavy. Each time that Man Man bounced, a pair of three-inches-deep footprints would be imprinted on the newly paved floor, which was paved with a mix of metal liquid and lava, and at the same time it would cause the ground to shake violently. Everyone was staring at Man Man with a weird expression - this little girl was more like a human-shaped dinosaur!

’’Man Man is right, we should seize the day!’’

Ji Hao kowtowed hard in front of the few elders and Maguspriests of the Gold Crow Clan, then leaped high into the air. Mr Crow, who had been standing on Ji Hao's shoulder, abruptly let out a resonant caw, then nodded towards the Gold Black Mountain, and stretched his wings and suddenly expanded his body to over a hundred zhang length. Ji Hao, Man Man and Si Wen Ming hopped onto Mr Crow's back simultaneously.

A beam of fiery light flashed across the air, following which, Mr Crow transformed into a streak of flame and instantly rose into the air, darting towards the Northwest.

Ji Kui, Ji Tu, Ji Zhuo, and other elders of the Gold Crow Clan silently gazed at where Mr Crow had disappeared for quite a while, then simultaneously let out sighs of longing. Except Ji Zhuo, none of the others had been brave enough to leave the Southern Wasteland when they were young;now they had grown old, and were holding important positions in the clan, therefore, they were unable to leave.

Ji Xia clenched his own fists.

He wanted to go to Pu Ban City as well!

In fact, he truly wanted to go to Pu Ban City, since he had been young and hadn't even met Qing Fu. However, he had never gotten the chance to leave the clan. After his father, uncles and brothers had all been killed in battles against the Black Water Serpent Clan, one after another, he had been tasked with the responsibility of being the leader of the warriors, and to do everything he could to fight against the enemy. Jia Xia was aware that he probably would never be able to go to Pu Ban City during the remainder of his life.

’’I can't go to the Pu Ban City...but I have a marvelous son!’’ Ji Xia comforted himself with the forthrightness that was possessed by only the Southern Wasteland men, while he held his arm around Qing Fu's shoulders.

’’In the future, I will have many more marvelous sons!’’ Ji Xia then laughed out loud and said.

Guided by Si Wen Ming, Mr Crow had flown twenty miles towards the southwest, then turned west and had flown for a whole three days. With Mr Crow's highest speed, they had at least flown over a hundred miles towards the west. Finally, Si Wen Ming directed Mr Crow to land in the jungle.

The area was surrounded by torrential rivers and primitive mountains, and dense miasma had been rolling in the air;countless poisonous snakes and bugs had been devouring each other in the jungle.

The Southern Wasteland was a primitive land, but, where Si Wen Ming had guided Ji Hao and Man Man into, was a deadly area within this primitive Southern Wasteland. None of the ordinary Southern Wasteland men, including Senior Magi, would hang out in places like this unless it was necessary.

Ji Hao curiously looked around, and found nothing but craggy and gigantic rocks. The bold cliff in front of them didn't have even a single grass on it;the surrounding mountains were all shaped oddly. The poisonous snakes and bugs, which were so many that they even had covered up the ground, had smelled living people and started crawling towards Ji Hao and the other two;Man Man, however, let out a loud laughter, after which she released a stream of flame from under her feet, and instantly burnt large amounts of poisonous snakes and bugs into smoke.

’’Uncle Wen Ming, what is this place?’’ Ji Hao asked Si Wen Ming confused.

Si Wen Ming scratched his own head, took the fat pigeon out from his sleeve and threw a couple of rice into its beaks, then said, ’’Hm, since I have you two with me, I have to make sure that I can send you guys to Pu Ban City safely. This journey will be filled with all kinds of dangers, therefore, we have to take a ride.’’

Ji Hao couldn't help but be silently shocked. Even Si Wen Ming wasn't confident of keeping them safe during the journey from the Southern Wasteland to the Pu Ban City. How dangerous would this journey exactly be?

Unlike Ji Hao, Man Man carelessly swung her gigantic hammers towards a cliff aside. Along with a thunderous boom, the hundreds of zhang high cliff, was shattered into pieces. Man Man raised her head and happily laughed out aloud towards the sky.

’’Hahaha! Relax uncle Wen Ming! As long as I, Man Man, am here, no one can ever hurt you! Man Man is now the best! I'll smash everyone who dares to provoke us, with my hammers!’’

After Man Man had activated her Fire God's bloodline power, she seemed to have become even more violent. Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming took a glance at each other, and sighed simultaneously.

They had waited for seven days in this waste area.

At the present day, Ji Hao had been facing the rising sun and absorbing the wisp of purple smoke, which contained the purest life-force energy. Large groups of birds suddenly darted across the air, seemingly frightened.

The muffled sounds of rocks cracking and trees fallings came from out a long distance, and the ground began to shake slightly and rhythmically. Si Wen Ming nodded, took a triangle-shaped tablet that was made from bronze, out from his sleeve;he then slightly flicked it, followed by his move, a circle of green light had been released from the tablet.

The ground was shaking continuously, and Ji Hao clearly sensed that what was causing the ground to shake, was moving towards him. The ground was shaking more and more violently, and at last, the mountain peaks near Ji Hao had even started shaking and making a thunderous clashing sounds;countless cracks appeared on those mountains, one after another.

After a long half an hour, Ji Hao could finally clearly see what had been causing the earth to shake!

It was a gigantic turtle, which had a shell that was as huge as it had a radius of thirty to fifty miles! Its head was raised high, and was even about to directly reach into the clouds!

The shining, black, gigantic turtle slowly walked over, step by step. With his good eyesight, Ji Hao was able to see that on the back of this turtle there was a city! The city had been built on the gigantic turtle's shell, was also black, and had a cold metal-like luster.

On the highest tower, a middle-aged man, who was wearing black clothes, was smilingly waving towards Ji Hao, Man Man, and Si Wen Ming.

’’My honored guest, do you need a ride back to the Midland? Hm, we are the Spirit Turtle Trade Caravan, our price is very reasonable, a hundred jade coins for each person, no bargaining please!’’

Even Man Man, who had been born in a noble family, and had seen so many weird things, was stunned by the gigantic turtle.

’’Such a big turtle...If we were to cook it into a soup, how long would we need to finish it?’’


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