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The Magus Era - Chapter 138


Chapter 138: Invitation

Waves of cries and shouts came out of the Gold Black Mountain, and almost everyone was thrilled.

Man Man had come with Si Wen Ming;more importantly, Man Man had brought all of the Gold Crow skeletons, which had been kept in Zhu Rong Country's storage palace, and was promised to Ji Hao by Zhu Rong Tonggong.

A whole six-hundred Gold Crow skeletons, and even the weakest one amongst them was at the Magus-King-level. Because of the return of these Gold Crow skeletons, the secret space in the mulberry woods had automatically expanded for thousands of miles round, and become a small world.

All of the Maguspriests and elders of the Gold Black Mountain, and others who heard the news and had come from all branch clans, were now bowing deeply in front of those skeletons. Sooner or later, they had started arguing about how they should position these Gold Crow skeletons, in order to make the most out of them and maximize the benefits for their clansmen.

At the same time, they were also arguing about the qualifications their clansmen should have in order to get into the secret space in the mulberry woods to cultivate themselves;such as the percentage of people from each clan that should be allowed into the secret space, and how long each person could stay in the secret space at one time. There were so many things to be discussed and settled.

Ji Hao had been sitting in the meeting room with a long face, while listening to those people arguing outside, and couldn't help but complain in his head.

’’Those were only six-hundred skeletons, which had been placed in the storage of the Zhu Rong Country, and probably were backup materials for making weapons. You people worship them like gods...well, never mind, as long as they benefit the clan, it's fine if you worship them like real gods.’’

Ji Hao didn't believe that the people of Zhu Rong had held this many Gold Crow skeletons in their storage because they had always respected the Gold Crow kind. Obviously, these skeletons were part of their backup resources, and Zhu Rong Tonggong sent them here only because he valued the potential of the Gold Crow Clan and Ji Hao, and wanted to pull the Gold Crow Clan closer to him.

Whatever, as long as those clansmen were happy! Besides, the golden lights that were being released by these Gold Crow skeletons were indeed able to bring the clan benefits;this was more than enough to Ji Hao.

Gnashing his teeth, Ji Hao carefully rubbed his face where there was a large bruise, while glaring at Man Man, but Man Man was laughing happily. She sat on the ground, but was unable to calm down. She was swaying her body as if she had thorns under her butt, while curiously looking around the Gold Crow Clan's meeting room.

Once she had seen Ji Hao, she had thrown one of her new weapons, the mountain-crushing hammer, towards Ji Hao, because she was so eager to show them off to Ji Hao. Ji Hao had completely underestimated the weight of this hammer, which caused him and Mr Crow, to be smashed directly by the hammer and fall on the ground from a thousand feet high cliff, nearly breaking his legs.

Man Man, terrifying!

The mace she had previously, had been heavy enough;back then, Ji Hao was barely able to carry it. But now, Man Man's strength seemed to have improved by a couple of times, because Ji Hao couldn't even catch one of her two hammers with his strength, which was already as great as that of a newly broken-through Senior Magus.

Looking at Man Man, who was filled with energy and couldn't even sit still for a single moment, just like a gorilla that was filled with bananas[1], Ji Hao couldn't help but show the whites of his eyes. Fortunately, he had the tight armor to protect him, and Mr. Crow was strong enough, otherwise, the two of them would have been killed by the hammer long ago.

’’Ahyaya, your meeting room is so small! Such a small room can only fit a few people!’’ Man Man abruptly yelled out, she was very innocent and had absolutely no idea how to control her language.

’’Hm, Ji Hao, Man Man has many empty palaces at home, and no one is using them. Why don't you come to my home and carry a few palaces over, when you're free. I mean, your meeting room is crap!’’

Ji Kui, Ji Tum, Ji Zhuo, and the other elders stopped talking, embarrassedly held their bowls of wine, with their faces blushing.

She was a princess from the Zhu Rong Country.

Si Wen Ming had been sitting calmly next to Man Man. He smilingly patted Man Man's head and said very gently, ’’Hao, Man Man's strength has improved by several times, which was thanks to your help. You have saved her life from deadly dangers quite a few times, this stimulated her Fire God's bloodline and activated it. Not only has her strength been improved, the Fire God's bloodline power contained in her body, has finally been awakening.’’

Man Man hurriedly nodded and raised her pair of small fists while grinning towards Ji Hao, and said, ’’Yes! Hao! I heard that my seventh brother has been giving you trouble, so I went to his place and beat all of his favorite women! Hahaha!’’

Man Man seemed incomparably proud of what she had done, and Ji Hao stared at her stunned, silently feeling sad for those few unlucky women.

Beaten by her and staying alive, those must be a few strong women!

Si Wen Ming looked at Ji Hao smilingly while his pupils shined with a bright light, he then said, ’’Man Man misses her father, and the Pu Ban City is just in need of young people like her. Hao, this time when I came to the Southern Wasteland, firstly I discovered Man Man, then you.’’

’’Go to the Pu Ban City with me. Your talent shouldn't be limited by this Southern Wasteland!’’ said Si Wen Ming straightforwardly, ’’If you stay in this Southern Wasteland, even if you become the most powerful Magus King, you would be no better than a monkey that has been trapped in a mountain, unable to ever see the real world.’’

’’Go to the Pu Ban City, you will know how big this world can be, and how many things in the world you would like to pursue and protect,’’ continued Si Wen Ming seriously, ’’To be honest, while going to the Pu Ban City, you may encounter even greater dangers than you would ever encounter here, but your life will become so much more interesting!’’

Ji Kui and Ji Zhuo remained silent, only looking respectfully at Si Wen Ming.

He worked for the King of the humankind. This status greatly stunned Ji Kui and the other elders of the Gold Crow Clan, making them unable to even let out a word. Although they had been living in the Southern Wasteland, which was extremely far away from the Midland, these Southern Wasteland people had always remembered that they were a part of the humankind, and the King of the humankind was in the Pu Ban City.

Ji Xia rubbed his own hands, looked at Ji Hao and said smilingly, ’’Kid, if you want to go out and take a look, just go! I, your abba, can't leave the Gold Black Mountain. We are the only two men left in our entire family, I have to make you a few more brothers and sisters with your amma! Haha! I want to see the outside world with my own eyes as well, but you will have to do it for me!’’

Ji Hao's heart flipped, and looked at Qing Fu.

Qing Fu gently smiled and said, ’’Hao, there're many good girls outside the Southern Wasteland, I hope that next time, when you return, you will bring your beloved girlfriend with you, or even better, with your children as well. If it's possible, bring back a couple of girls more, our Gold Crow Clan can certainly afford a couple of girls.’’

Si Wen Ming laughed out loud, then said loudly while looking at Ji Hao, ’’With Ji Hao's talent and power, if he goes to the Pu Ban City, there must be a bunch of girls falling in love with him!’’

Ji Hao stayed silent for a while, countless thoughts flashed across his mind. A while later, he smiled and slightly nodded.

’’Then, let's go to the Pu Ban City, right now!’’

’’But, Abba, I have to leave a letter for Po, if he comes back for me, you tell him that I said to please go find me in the Pu Ban city.’’


[1] SR note: I don't get this reference, but find it very amusing and fitting to the situation (and the person) :p

Usually I try to avoid making footnotes with personal thoughts, but this time I am making an exception to utter my admiration for the most menacing girl in xianxia (in my opinion). She nearly killed the MC and his pet, beat up the wives of her brother, and called the meeting room ’’crap’’ in the presence of all clan elders. She is by far my most favorite girl in webnovels.

TL note: Mine too!


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