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The Magus Era - Chapter 133


Chapter 133: Going Home

Three hundred gigantic Fire Crows were flying orderly with their bodies wrapped in bright fiery lights which were even evaporating the clouds in the sky. They were cawing excitedly, and they were flying towards the Gold Black Mountain, while having surrounded the skeletons of the three three-legged Gold Crows.

The gigantic Fire Crows were trying their best to lower their speed at which they were flying at. Behind these magnificent flock of Fire Crows, were large groups of mounted birds, which were carrying the clansmen of the Gold Fire Crows on their backs. Eagles, rocs, vultures, and all kinds of large-scale birds stretched their wings and had built a square-flying-phalanx and were closely following these Fire Crows.

The skeletons of the Gold Crows were releasing inexhaustible lights, similar to three small suns, while being pulled by the Fire Crows and floating in the sky.

The golden light spread onto the bodies of the Gold Crow Clan warriors;each of them could feel strands of extremely pure and dense power ceaselessly gushing into their bodies through their pores. Many warriors started shaking slightly, while black and gray filth oozed out of their skin.

The bodies of some of these warriors quivered now and then, while blood was slowly gushing out from the corners of their mouths;every now and then, a dim meridian inside the bodies of each of them would lit up, after which, their powers would have become slightly greater.

Countless spell symbols started emerging from the skeletons of the three-legged Gold Crows. These golden spell symbols represented the natural power of the sun, and contained unmeasurable, mysterious fire power, which was connected with the bloodline powers contained in the bodies of warriors of the Gold Crow Clan. Stimulated by the sense of the sun power, which was being released by those golden spell symbols, all the warriors of the Gold Crow Clan, who had been in the square-like phalanx, had their powers greatly improved.

Especially Ji Hao, who was sitting on the back of Mr Crow, and was closest to the three skeletons of the three-legged Gold Crows;his entire body was currently covered in perspiration and shrouded by hot steam;raging flames wrapped his body up and made him look like a fiery man. Inside his body, meridians were lighting up one after another;although the troops had only flown for tens of thousands miles, his internal power had already been improved by a few times, and was currently quickly approaching Mid-Junior Level.

A few tattoos had been added on Ji Hao's body.

An exquisite Gold-Crow-shaped tattoo in the middle of his chest was an inherited magic treasure 'Gold Crow Shell', which was left by one of Ji Hao's direct ancestors.

This 'Gold Crow Shell' was very special;it had been made by one of the Magus Kings of the first generation, with whom Ji Hao shared his bloodline with, and had been made with the most precious spirit feathers of his contracted Gold Crow, mixed with tens kinds of rare metals, and forged in pure essence fire, which contained the power of the sun;this treasure had amazingly great defensive power.

On each of Ji Hao's shanks, a feather-shaped taboo was shining brightly;these were a pair of auxiliary inherited magic treasures - the 'Fire Feather Boots'.

The 'Fire Feather Boots' were also made by one of Ji Hao's direct ancestors, a powerful Magus King himself. This pair of boots would enable its owner to tread on the air and fly at lightning speed;additionally, this pair of boots could pair with Ji Hao's special ability, the fiery wings;with the help of this pair of boots, Ji Hao could improve his speed with the fiery wings by tens of times.

On Ji Hao's right arm, an ancient style long-spear-shaped tattoo started from the tip of his middle finger and ended on his shoulder. Although it had already merged with Ji Hao's body, wisps of fiery lights and great heat were still continuously being emitted from it.

This piece of inherited magic treasure was called the 'Yi Spear', which was even more powerful than Ji Zhuo's mulberry wood spear!

This spear didn't have too many specialties;the most horrifying power of it was the terrifyingly great heat, which was capable of literally burning anything in the world;even those magical and powerful weapons that were made with scales or claws of real dragons would be burned into ashes within the flame of the 'Yi Spear'.

These three inherited magic treasures were all left by Ji Hao's direct ancestors. Ji Hao had earned them by beating the Black Underworld Snake army and winning the bet.

By now, Ji Hao and his father, Ji Xia, were the only two who shared the same bloodline that had been passed down from one of the Magus Kings of the first generation. However, among those inherited magic treasures that he had won back from the Black Water Serpent Clan, over twenty of them were left by his direct ancestors and relatives;Ji Hao had picked the most powerful three out of them, and merged the three magic treasures with his own body, by means of some special sorcery.

These three magic treasure were way too powerful. They were so powerful that Ji Hao couldn't even use any of them at his current power level. According to Zhu Rong Tonggong's estimation, Ji Hao could only freely manipulate these three magic treasures when he had reached the level of a Magus King. If Ji Hao used all his current power, he might get lucky and accidentally activate one of these three magic treasures for a moment.

Nevertheless, the best thing about inherited magic treasures were that, once they had been merged with their owners' bodies, they would bring endless benefits to their owners. This was why in those big-scale Southern Wasteland clans, many kids had powerful inherited magic treasures merged with their bodies since they had been newborns;these inherited magic treasures would lay a firm foundation for their future training.

In the past Ji Hao didn't have any inherited treasure, but now since he had won all those inherited magic treasures back, which originally had belonged to his family, he had no reason for not taking any advantage of it.

The only thing that annoyed Ji Hao a little bit was that these three inherited magic treasures were too overbearing;the three flying knives, a pair of flying swords and the white pearl, which he had merged with his hands before, were all kicked out by the three inherited magic treasure;now he could only keep the swords, knives and white pearl in his space bag.

While sitting on the back of Mr Crow with his legs crossed, Ji Hao was trying to absorb the great fire power, which was being released by the skeletons of the three three-legged Gold Crows, as much as he could.

His three inherited magic treasures were continuously echoing the power of the Gold Crows' skeletons, while releasing strands of scorching hot power to purify Ji Hao's body. Similar to the other warriors, gray-coloured filth was being excreted through his pores as well, but were quickly being burnt into smoke by the great heat that was being emitted from the Gold Crows' skeletons.

The formidable flock flew across the Southern Wasteland jungle, and every time they flew past a branch clan or dependency clan of the Gold Crow Clan, countless clansmen would let out cheers and shouts, saluting the skeletons of the Gold Crows simultaneously, and would certainly send warriors, riding on all kinds of large-scale birds, to join the square-formed phalanx behind the flock of Fire Crows.

It had been too many years. The Gold Crow Clan and the Black Water Serpent Clan had been fighting against each other for countless years;because of this powerful enemy, the Gold Crow Clan, which had already started to decline, became weaker and weaker. It had been thousands of years since the last Magus King had emerged from the Gold Crow Clan!

But now, the three skeletons of the Gold Crows, which had been lost for the past thousands of years, had returned;these skeletons were not only the totems and belief of the clan, but also a valuable resource of power. If a clansmen of the Gold Crow Clan would cultivate their powers within the light that was being released from the skeletons of these Gold Crows, the average speed with which they upgraded would improve by at least ten times!

One skeleton of a Gold Crow could only improve the cultivating speed of hundreds of clansmen simultaneously;however, with these three skeletons of the Gold Crow, which were now returning to the clan, this number would be raised to two or three thousand!

Amongst these two or three thousand people, Magus Kings would certainly emerge! The Gold Crow Clan was meant to revive and rise again in the Southern Wasteland!

Along with the thunderous drums and cheering sounds, the great flock of Fire Crows and the square-formed phalanx behind it, which had been increasing in number all the way, were slowly approaching the Gold Black Mountain. From a long distance, countless caws were coming from the mountain. The caws of a hundred crows combined together could drive a man crazy, but now, more than hundreds of thousands crows were excitedly cawing on the Gold Black Mountain!

The cawing sounds were even shaking the earth and reverberating the sky. All the crows living in Gold Black Mountain's mulberry woods, rose into the air, and began hovering around the Gold Black Mountain under the lead of gigantic Fire Crows. They flapped their wings and sent off their black feathers, which made the entire Gold Black Mountain look as if it was shrouded by a black snowstorm.

Hundreds of beams of fiery light darted towards the square-formed phalanx. Ji Kui, Ji Tu and other Maguspriests and elders were riding on their contracted Fire Crows and coming over towards Ji Hao.

Everyone was laughing from ear to ear, with their eyes narrowed and mouths that couldn't even close.

The skeletons of the Gold Crows and the inherited magic treasures, which were lost for the past tens of thousands of years, were all coming home.

So did Ji Xia and Ji Hao. They had finally returned to the Gold Black Mountain, in a dignified and imposing way.


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