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The Magus Era - Chapter 132


Chapter 132: Breaking the formation

The army moved.

All young warriors of the Black Water Serpent Clan simultaneously spew out a mouthful of black mist. This dense and sticky black mist quickly merged into one and wrapped around the bodies of these young warriors. Soon, the black smoke shrouded the entire Black Underworld Snake Formation, making the formation look like a real, gigantic serpent.

Ji Hao suddenly felt that the surrounding air pressure had increased by tens of times. Earlier, he could move flexible, just like a fish freely swimming in water, however, once the black mist had appeared, he felt as if even the air had turned sticky, and an invisible power had bound his body, greatly reducing his speed.

Before having spewed the black mist, those young warriors of the Black Water Serpent Clan were unable to even clearly see Ji Hao move, all they could see was shadows and afterimages flashing across their eyes, and from time to time, tens of their fellow warriors, who had been standing at the front, would be killed by Ji Hao.

But now, Ji Hao had slowed down, and everyone had their eyes fixed on him.

’’Kill him!’’ shouted one of those young warriors hoarsely while raising his long, sharp sword, creating an extremely piercing beam of light in the air, and stabbing towards Ji Hao's body.

The gigantic Black Underworld Snake Formation began to rotate like a swirling wind. Those young warriors of the Black Water Serpent Clan started walking at strange paces, along with strange and mysterious routes and sweeping past Ji Hao like a fierce wind. Each one of them would swing their long sword and throw an attack at Ji Hao with all of their powers, when they would walk pass Ji Hao.

Ji Hao sniffed scornfully, after which he released all of his tight armor's power. Streams of clear light instantly wrapped his body up, and began rotating around him;thousands of beams of fierce sword lights, which were let out by those young warriors, flashed across the air and hit onto the clear light, creating countless ripples, but all failing to even touch Ji Hao's body.

Accompanied with a light caw, a bright fiery light darted out of Ji Hao's body, and condensed into a feather-shaped spell symbols - the |Gold Crow Armour| had been activated.

These feather-shaped spell symbols had instantly taken away all of the powers that was contained in those sword lights. Ji Hao stood perfectly still, making it seem like those sword lights had all turned soft, and unable to do any harm to him.

Those young warriors of the Black Water Serpent Clan tried everything they could and were darting fast, following the changes of the formation;their bodies were leaving a series of afterimages in the air. Gradually, they seemed to have lost control over their own bodies, and that the power of the formation had taken over. Each and every single slight movement of these young warriors was being controlled by the huge and mysterious power that was being produced by the formation,

A silhouette of a hazy, black serpent emerged in the air above the formation - The power sense of all these young warriors had merged into becoming one, through the strange black mist, and formed a visible silhouette of a serpent.

The facial expression of Ji Xia and Ji Zhuo's turned gradually extremely serious. This Black Underworld Snake Formation was mysterious and unpredictable;fortunately, the Black Water Serpent Clan decided to use this formation to fight against Ji Hao today, while all those warriors were still kids;otherwise, when the formation was well practiced and certain amount of Senior Magi had emerged from out of those young warriors, this formation would definitely have become a disaster for the Gold Crow Clan.

Ji Xia and Ji Zhuo even felt relieved because currently, Ji Hao was the only one who had been trapped inside the formation. If they had done exactly what the Water Ape had required, and send three-thousand elite Gold Crow Clan's young warriors into that formation, all of kids from the Gold Crow Clan would have been kill already.

How could those kids, who had never learned anything about formations, have fought against such a vicious one?

’’These stinking snakes have good tricks...How did they invent such a weird formation? Snake formation? Grandpa Ji Zhuo, we, the Gold Crow Clan, have to invent a few formations like this as well, or how are we suppose to fight against them after a hundred years?’’ murmured Ji Xia.

Ji Zhuo scratched his scalp annoyed, opened his mouth but couldn't say a word.

The warriors of the Gold Crow Clan were the best at fighting and killing, none of them were afraid of death. However, speaking of formations, even Ji Kui, the master Maguspriest, didn't know much about those, not to mention warriors like Ji Zhuo and Ji Xia.

’’This...we'll find our way,’’ mumbled Ji Zhuo while cold sweat gushed out of his forehead.

Inside the formation, Ji Hao had been attacked for tens of thousands of times, within only a moment. The huge power of the formation had disabled him from moving, and countless beams of sword lights had been madly darting towards him. The more intensive the sword lights were, the more powerful they became, the faster the formation rotated, the greater the power of those young warriors grew and the more fleeting their movements became.

’’This formation is quite interesting!’’ murmured Ji Hao while taking a breath with difficulty. He slowly raised the sharp sword, which he just now had seized from the hands of a young warrior, while his eyes were shining with golden-red fiery light, he lightly drew an arc in the air.

Followed by a cracking sound, the bones of Ji Hao's arm slightly cracked, and the long sword slantingly pierced into the black mist, which surrounded him.

With the [Sky-Opening], which he had learned from the mysterious man, Ji Hao had discovered tens of weaknesses in this formation, and had picked the most vulnerable one, which was also the closest one for him, then pierced the long sword into that spot.

Right after he had done that, large amounts of blood sprayed out from the black mist, while at the same time, hundreds of broken limbs were sent flying high into the sky along with waves of shrilling screams and cries, which instantly resounded across the entire area. The Black Underworld Snake Formation had suddenly been broken, within which, hundreds of young warriors of Black Water Serpent Clan were howling and rolling over the ground, while their bodies were completely covered in blood. Each of them had either broken limbs or an extremely horrible and deep slash-cut in their chest, which almost had split their bodies into two.

What Ji Hao did was simple. The formation was like a madly rushing horse, and Ji Hao had just placed a sharp sword right in front of it.

The horse kept rushing and hit into the sword, one could easily figure out how badly the horse got hurt, even with hooves. As for Ji Hao, he didn't even spend too much of an effort on this.

Blood splashed everywhere, and the broken formation fell apart. Over two thousand young warriors were staring shocked towards their companions, who were lying on the ground, crying and wailing;sweat was pouring down from their foreheads in streams, none of them knew how to react.

This was the very first time that they had performed this formation in a real battle, and it was also their first death-match. They hadn't even thought in their dreams that Ji Hao would break their formation with such a strange strategy. They had been working very hard to build and practice that formation, ever since they had been little kids.

The Water Ape was stunned, as was the Black Flood Dragon, and those clansmen of the Black Water Serpent Clan, who had been cheering and showing off all this time.

No one could say a word. Those secretly raised elite young warriors, and the formation, the great Black Underworld Snake Army, which was supposed to dominate the entire Southern Wasteland jungle on behalf of the Black Water Serpent Clan;how could they have become so vulnerable in front of Ji Hao? How on earth did Ji Hao find the weakness of the formation? How did he destroy the entire formation with such a careless move - a simple thrust of the sword into the black mist?!

’’Since you have already lost, then die,’’ yelled Ji Hao in a cold tone, while his pupils were shining with bright fiery lights.

In the Southern Wasteland, there was no place for mercy. The only thing that awaited hostile clans was death. Any kind of mercy would only bring your own clan endless dangers!

Ji Hao had lived in this world for over ten years, he was clearly aware of the rules of this Southern Wasteland jungle!

He raised his long sword high and rushed towards those young warriors, who were frightened and stunned, and couldn't even move.

Sword lights were darting down from the sky like a heavy rain, and blood drops spurted out from the eye sockets of those young warriors. One after another, all of them quickly fell on the white and soft beach.

The Water Ape growled towards the sky in rage;however, it had made only a step forward before Zhu Rong Tonggong sent the natural Southern Spirit Cauldron flying towards it, which then released an inexhaustible firepower and blocked the Water Ape's way.

The Black Flood Dragon let out a great howl as well, and was attempting to save those young warriors on that small island, but the Lava Giant moved even faster than it, threw a heavy punch towards it and disabled the Black Flood Dragon from moving.

A quarter of an hour later, the small island had completely quietened down.

Ji Hao raised the long sword, which had been dyed into a scarlet color due to the blood, and resonantly shouted at those clansmen of the Black Water Serpent Clan.

’’Get out of my ancestor's land! None of you are allowed to take a single step in, within the next hundred years!’’

’’After a hundred years, if you dare to come again, I, Ji Hao, swear on the name of my ancestors, I will kill every single one of you! From old people to infants, from teenagers to women! Every single one of you!’’


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