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The Magus Era - Chapter 131


Chapter 131: Rush ahead

On the Black Dragon Pool, there was a tens of miles round island, which was covered in soft, fine white sand.

Three thousand young warriors, wearing tight snake leather armors, were slowly forwarding on the island. Their entire bodies, including their faces, were all covered with soft yet firm armors, only a pair of black eye sockets could be seen on the face of each of them. Every single one of them was tall and slim, and remained completely silent when they were moving;none of them were leaving any trail on the white sand.

If one would look down from the sky, the fighting formation, which these young warrriors from the Black Water Serpent Clan had made, one would see that it looked just like a multi headed serpent that was slowly stretching its body while aproaching Ji Hao, who was standing miles away.

All the Maguspriests and elders started pointing their fingers at Ji Hao and mocking him with joyful looks.

’’This is the Black Underworld Snake Army! We have spent all of our efforts and used every single piece of rare magical medicine that we have saved during the past one thousand years to raise and train this army!’’

’’These thousand kids...although they're still young, every single one of them is an elite Junior Magus! This is a very unique Black Underworld Snake Army!’’

’’The armors worn by them, are made from our ancestor's slough, which only comes off every ten years. Although the power contained in those sloughs had been retrieved by our ancestor, the sloughs are incomparably firm, making it so that only Senior Magi can possibly break them! Only Senior Magi!’’

’’This proud little kid, his name is Ji Hao, right? He is so dead, and the Magus King's bloodline, which is inherited by Ji Xia and his son, is about to end as well!’’

’’Such a shame. I was hoping that the Fire Crow Clan would send three-thousand elite young warriors to join the fight so that our kids could have tasted as much blood as they would have wanted. Shame, shame, such a shame, today they only get to kill one.’’

These Maguspriests and elders intentionally used their power to make their voices sound louder. Countless Black Water Serpent Clan's clansmen started shouting and cheering, and couldn't stop praising their Black Underworld Snake Army. Among these clansmen, there were some who were parents of the kids within the Black Underworld Snake Army, and they too started yelling how good their kids were.

The Water Ape and the Black Flood Dragon proudly looked at Zhu Rong Tonggong, their eyes filled with defiance. The Water Ape sniffed and said, ’’The Black Underworld Snake Army was modeled after one of Gong Gong country's army that was the elite army of their God. In order to make them powerful enough, all these kids have been practicing their powers and improving their bodies near the Black Underworld Spring, since they had been very young. I assume that our noble Zhu Rong Prince must have heard about the Black Underworld Power.’’

No matter what these people said, Ji Xia, Ji Zhuo and Zhu Rong Tonggong kept smiling, without responding. They had a lot of confidence in Ji Hao.

Ji Hao had successfully survived the hunt of Blood Fang, killed a lot of senior-level Jia Clan's warriors, and could take hundreds of heavy punches of the Jia Clan's warriors. Although Ji Hao was just a Junior Magus, his definitely power was at the same level as a senior-level magus.

In front of Ji Hao, a weird genius who probably was the only one in the entire Southern Wasteland seen in the past ten-thousand years, what kind of harm could that troop of three-thousand immature young warriors do?

Ji Zhuo laughed out aloud and said, ’’Hao, little kid, do not show any mercy! Smash these little bastards! These Black Water Serpent Clan kids are all the same, looking so cold and creepy, I bet they'll look more delightful, only after you have blown their heads off!’’

Ji Hao laughed aloud as well. At the same time, he stamped his feet hard against the ground, instantly bringing up waves of gales and clouds. A fierce swirl wind started from under his feet, rolled up large amounts of white sand and shrouded the surrounding area for miles round. Ji Hao's body quickly merged into the clouds of white sand, seemingly disappearing, after which, no one could find a trail of him with their naked eyes.

Almost every Southern Wasteland Warrior, who had never practiced his soul and spirit power, were completely dependent on their five basic senses during fights. Ji Hao raised the sands and instantly blocked the eyesights of all those three-thousand young warriors, thus, the army which had been moving forward orderly suddenly fell into chaos.

Especially those young warriors who had been moving at the front of the army, and holding shining sharp swords, which were obviously enchanted with powerful spell symbols, had now stopped and didn't know what to do. These group of warriors were the head of the entire army, after they had stopped, the entire army had stopped, quite similar to a snake that had lost its head.

’’Good job!’’ yelled Zhu Rong Tonggong while clapping his hands.

The Water Ape couldn't help but shout in anger, ’’Shameless you! Fire Crow Clan's kid, fight like a real warrior! Don't hide and don't dodge! Do not humiliate your ancestors!’’

The Water Ape's voice was resonating like the thunder, followed by which, all the clansmen of Black Water Serpent Clan began yelling as well.

’’Fight like a real warrior! Fight face to face!’’

While these people were shouting, Ji Hao suddenly darted out from the cloud of sand like lightning bolt, with a pair of fiery wings flashing behind his back. He roared towards the sky while his eyes shone with piercing fiery lights. A faint white light spurted out from his right fist, after which he threw a heavy punch at the nearest standing young warrior.

Ji Hao had used all of his strength when he launched this punch - After he had eaten an entire Magus-King-level Flood Dragon at Man Man's palace, his physical strength was now as great as that of any new Senior Magi.

Besides the senior-level strength, Ji Hao had injected his own bloodline power, the internal power of the Golden Dan, and the power of the white pearl, which had merged with his right hand earlier, into that punch.

Especially that white pearl;the amount of power that was contained in it, was definitely beyond the power of any Senior Magus;Ji Hao wasn't strong enough to release all of its power yet, however, after the white pearl had merged with his right hand, his fist had become as hard as steel, and as heavy as a mountain.

These couple of different powers were mixed together in that punch, and Ji Hao felt as if he could even split the sky with it.

His punch shocked the air and brought up large amounts of fiery sparkles. The Black Water Serpent Clan's young warrior, who was being aimed by Ji Hao, didn't have enough time to react, and the punch accurately smashed onto his chest. In the next few seconds, everyone heard a thunderous boom, after which, this young warrior of the Black Water Serpent Clan had disappeared.

This punch of Ji Hao was way too powerful. The power that was contained in this punch had attacked onto the young warrior's body, exploding him up into a sphere of blood mist;every single hair on his body had exploded, after which this poor young man was completely gone.

Even the leather armor that was worn by him, which was supposed to be so firm that even Senior Magi couldn't possibly break it, had been shattered into pieces by this punch. Only the sharp sword that was held in the young warrior's hands, was sent darting away;after it rose into the air, Ji Hao grabbed the sword and swung it backwards, leaving a series of flower-shaped trails of lights.

The Southern Wasteland warriors' sword manipulating skills were either doughty and fierce, or soft and vicious, but all simple and straightforward. Everyone was pursuing the strongest killing ability of their skills, no one would spend any time to make their moves look better.

However, those light spots that Ji Hao had created in the air by swinging the sword just now, looked just like flying pear blossoms, which were dancing in the air along with the wind;countless petals fell slowly onto the ground while swirling and rotating, reflecting the sunrays into shining and piercing light beams. All of those young warriors felt pain and sour coming from their eyes and subconsciously closed they eyes.

Soon after, over thirty of them were unable to open their eyes ever again.

The sharp light beam had deeply pierced into their brain through their eye sockets, and had taken their lives.

Ji Hao's first punch had been powerful and potent, directly and frontally destroying the enemy, with pure power.

And his second attack with the sword was breathtakingly beautiful, cruelly taking the lives of his enemies while performing an amazing visual show.

Zhu Rong Tonggong was enjoying the show so much that he couldn't even stop praising Ji Hao;those Zhu Rong Country's warriors too began to cheer for Ji Hao.

The Water Ape went furious, leaped up and yelled, ’’What is wrong with you! The Black Underworld Snake Formation! Kill! Kill!’’


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